How to get more settlers fallout 4

How to get more settlers fallout 4

If you learn the basics and tricks of how to get more settlers in Fallout 4, you can increase your population in a very short period. After scrapping junk and building a settlement, your settlement is bound to thrive. That’s if you have enough settlers that can do all the other necessary work. Hence, you …

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How to scrap junk in fallout 4

how to scrap junk in Fallout 4

Getting all useful components from junk requires you to have proper knowledge on how to scrap junk in Fallout 4. Junk items are scattered all over the Commonwealth, ­the clutter is in form of toys, garbage, and housewares. You can find the junk items in their own inventory section in your Pip-Boy. You can salvage …

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How to throw grenades in fallout 4

How to throw grenades in fallout 4

Once Majority of players simply don’t know how to throw grenades in Fallout 4. This is because, in action-oriented tutorials, they often fail to guide players on how to toss grenades or any other explosives in that case. Also, the mechanics of the game are a bit different compared to the other installments of the …

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Top 10 Most Fun Top Laners – League of Legends

fun top laners

Unless you’re playing with real fun top laners, the top lane in League of Legends can seem a bit boring or exhausting. There’s nothing much to do in the top lane, but fun champions can be extremely powerful and fun to play. The champions’ current skill ranking and strength based on metas was considered when …

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10 Best Heroes in Battlefront 2

Battlefront 2 best hero

If you’re chosen to represent your team in selecting a hero, you have to choose a Battlefront 2 best hero to win battles for your team. Battlefront 2 is more polarized than even Star Wars Kinect. Heroes are often associated with the Light Side characters in the Star Wars universe. However, dark side villains can …

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10 best pistols in fallout 4

Best pistols in Fallout 4

Best pistols in Fallout 4 give you an advantage and improve your survival chances in the game. Fallout 4 has an array of pistols; some are powerful, and others not quite powerful. The wastelands have hundreds of weapons, and finding a good one can be quite difficult. Here are some of the best pistols in …

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10 Minecraft best potions

Minecraft best potions

Minecraft best potions are complex to craft, and they require a lot of time and resources. However, they are worth the effort as they make difficult tasks much easier to accomplish. Portions are drinkable; hence you need a dedicated brewing area to make it. Other items you need are a Brewing Stand and Blaze Powder. …

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Top 10 Best Circlets in Skyrim

Skyrim circlet

A Skyrim circlet is a crown-like item worn by characters in the game. Circlets are usually worn on the head as ornaments; hence they cannot be worn with any other type of headgear such as helmets. There’s a big difference between a circlet and other jewelry like rings and amulets. Players cannot make circlets at …

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Top 10 Best Rings in Skyrim

Skyrim rings

Skyrim rings have powerful effects that can give you an upper hand in battle. Rings in Skyrim have different effects and values; some rings are more powerful than others. Players can only equip one ring at a time in the game. Also, rings in Skyrim can be enchanted the same way weapons and armor is …

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Guide on How To Play Google Play Movies & TV Content On PS4

How To Play Google Play Movies

You can do more with your PlayStation than just play games. Nowadays, you can use it as a media box to play movies and watch TV content. The majority of PlayStation users know how to stream content from the PlayStation Store but have no idea that they can stream Google Play movies too. Follow this …

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Top 10 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

Yugioh draw cards

There comes a time in a duel when the only thing that can save you is a Yugioh draw card. These cards are helpful when you’re in a desperate situation or under attack, and cards in your hand can’t save you. Draw cards help you draw more cards. Having more cards at hand gives you …

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10 Skyrim standing stones

Skyrim standing stones

Skyrim standing stones boost various abilities and attributes of your character. Each stone has special effects that work on your character upon activation. However, only one stone’s effect can be activated at a given time. These stones are usually found in the wilderness on your way to Riverwood, and there’s a total of 13 standing …

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10 least played champions

least played champions

The least played champions in the league of legends often have a pick rate lower than 2%. There are over 100 champions in League of Legends, and a single match can have a total of 10 champions selected to play. However, some champions don’t get playtime at all. Most of the least played champions are …

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10 best synchro monsters

best synchro monsters

The best synchro monsters are insanely powerful and are a must-have in your extra deck. Ever since they were introduced, they have gained their fair share of criticism, especially by long time players. They forever changed the game by speeding it up and led to the introduction of new archetypes. Here are some of the …

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10 Best Food Items in Minecraft

best food in Minecraft

Minecraft players have to eat frequently, the best food in Minecraft often consists of milk, honey bottles etc. Players who fail to eat regularly lose their health and eventually die of starvation. Eating food is essential to a Minecraft player’s survival unless he’s playing in peaceful mode. The mode does not require the player to …

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10 best video game ringtones

best video game ringtones

Most of us have gradually become fond of listening to the best video game ringtones. Think of it: Most gaming fans have assumed unique personalities that inspire them to embrace new obsessions. The adornment of a game characterizes obsessions such as inspired t-shirts and other game nostalgics. Video game ringtones are amazing and unique notification …

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10 best bomberman games

best bomberman games

As a classic games’ lover, I took time to analyze the best bomberman games from the first game released in 1985 till now. Bomberman games are mainly centred around the use of bombs to destroy obstacles and monsters. There are many bomberman games worth checking out, but I’ll only discuss 10 games. Without further ado, check …

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10 best harvest moon games

best harvest moon game

The ‘Bokujo Monogatari’ one of the best harvest moon game was first released in Japan in 1996. It was the first-ever game to be released in the popular Harvest moon series. It came into the market and had to compete with the many adventure games that were already quite popular. Remarkably, the series did so …

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10 best japanese ps1 games

best japanese ps1 games

In this article, we’re going to find out the best Japanese PS1 games that never made it to the US and the rest of the world. Best believe it there are tons of good PS1 games that were only released in Japan. After doing a little research, I realized there are many titles that appeared …

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10 best dragon age origins mods

best dragon age origins mods

Any player who wants to experience a better playthrough has to have the best dragon age origins mods. Keeping in mind the fact that when the Dragon Age game first came out, it had a lot of shortcomings, and a lot of mods were not available back then. However, with a few patches Dragon Age: …

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