How to throw grenades in fallout 4

How to throw grenades in fallout 4

Once Majority of players simply don’t know how to throw grenades in Fallout 4. This is because, in action-oriented tutorials, they often fail to guide players on how to toss grenades or any other explosives in that case. Also, the mechanics of the game are a bit different compared to the other installments of the game. Hence it takes quite some time to try and figure out how to throw grenades in fallout 4 using the trial and error method. Grenades are best used to deal damage and take out a group of enemies. Nevertheless, I’m here to guide you on how to throw grenades in Fallout 4 effortlessly step by step.


-First of all, head into your weapon inventory. This is assuming that as you were traversing across the commonwealth, you acquired a number of weapons and armor pieces, including grenades. Thus, there should be a bunch of grenades just sitting in your inventory ready to be deployed.

-Equip one of the grenades in your weapon inventory just like you do with any other Fallout 4 weapon and then exit. Don’t worry as this won’t affect the already equipped weapons in the game.

-After equipping the grenade, there should be a little tip on the screen. This means that the grenade is equipped and ready to be thrown. That is the first hint that shows that the grenade is equipped correctly. However, this doesn’t happen all the time; the little tip that appears on the screen may fail to appear.  If this happens, you’ll have to go back and repeat the equipping process once again till you see the tip at the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You can go ahead and even make the grenade your favorite weapon if you like.

-Since the first clue (a tip at the upper left-hand corner of the screen) may fail to appear or may not be so obvious, you can check the Help section under grenades. This is to avoid repeating the grenade equipping process over and over again. Close the menu once the grenade is properly equipped.

Throwing the Grenade

-Assuming you followed all the steps correctly and you’re ready to deploy the grenade, simply take your Pip-boy and hold down the right bumper. Hold the right bumper or the melee button once you’ve aimed at your target and ready to shoot. Continue holding the right bumper for as long as you can until you’re ready to release the grenade. The default melee button depends on what machine you’re using to play Fallout 4.

  • PS4: R1
  • Xbox: RB
  • PC: Alt

-In the meantime, you’ll hear a ticking sound that’ll mean that the grenade is ready to be launched. Don’t confuse the ticking sound for a timer. The explosion timer will only start once you let go of the melee button. Once you let go of the right bumper/plunger, the grenade is tossed and will blow up any second. Just make sure you threw it a safe distance from you, and you’re away from the explosion. You can create an arc before releasing the grenade. Do this by looking up or over, and this will determine the distance the grenade will travel before exploding. This is much easier if you unlock a Fallout 4 perk to help you determine the trajectory of your grenade. The best perk, in this case, is the Demolition Expert perk that gives you an incredible throwing arc.

Closing Statement

Make sure you have grenades in your weapon inventory since if you run out grenades, you’ll just end up doing a melee attack instead. Also marking grenades as favorites makes it much easier to equip and deploy them. Unlike the previous installments, it is not possible to use VATS and grenades simultaneously in Fallout 4. Even so, you can still launch grenades, then switch to VATS and light them up. New players should understand that you can go several levels in the game without having a clue on how to throw grenades in Fallout 4 even if you’re a pro player.

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