10 Best Fallout 4 perks

fallout 4 best perks

You can build your dream character using Fallout 4 best perks. These statistics are based on uniqueness and fun while using the perk. This perks give you more freedom and can be useful in leveling up in the game much faster. To make your character much stronger, check out the best Fallout 4 perks to use below.

  1. Chemistfallout 4 best perks

One of the coolest perks in Fallout 4. In the final rank, this perk gives you 200% more duration to all your chemicals. For Instance, when using Jet, it slows down time for about 10 seconds, but a combination with Chemist adds 20 extra more seconds. Similarly, Ultra Jet lasts for an incredible 45 seconds. Certainly, this is more than enough time for cleaning up your enemies with ease.

  1. Locksmithfallout 4 best perks

Provides cutting edge technology encryption that allows the player to hack advanced terminals. This perk allows the player to take certain shortcuts to achieve a specific goal. In addition, they give the player access to certain restricted areas.

  1. Concentrated Fire

Concetrated Fire is a perk that at the final rank gives the player 20% more accuracy and damage for every attack on the same body part. This perk works best when used with low AP cost weapons. Each consecutive hit on your target gives you more damage as long as you keep hitting the same body part. It works best with low AP weapons compared to high AP weapons. This is the best perk to use when you’re involved in combat with live fire. You can utilize this perk on weapons such as rifles, sniper guns and pistols to achieve maximum output. This a direct damage boost perk for any character build.

  1. Better Criticals

It saves you 2 critical hits that can be used in V.A.T.S when you need them most. The purpose of this perk is to refill your critical meter before it runs out. All critical perks are super amazing, especially when you combine them, they form a perfect synergy. Combined with Four leaf clover can make every hidden V.A.T refill your critical meter. Coupled with critical banker, it will be storing all criticals that you come across to use against your opponent. This perk is exceptional for low AP cost weapons. This is because, with low AP weapons, you can have more hits. This will, in turn, give you more time to refill your critical bars.

  1. Armorer

Armorer is a sensational perk that helps in protecting the player from the dangers of the Wasteland. Thereafter, giving you access to base level with a Rank 1 armor. You’ll only need 3 ranks to acquire this perk so making it an easy perk to achieve for any player. It is mainly used when levelling up and upgrading your weaponry. By doing a few quests for the Rail road, you’ll get a ballistic upgrade of your clothing. From the headwear down to the chest gear, this perk makes your armor more powerful than the standard armor. By achieving 4th Rank of this awesome perk, you’ll receive an upgrade of the Battered Fedora. The Fedora offers 110 damage resistance and 110 energy resistance.

  1. Sneak

This is the best perk for carrying out sneak attacks when you don’t want to be seen. For sneak based characters, this is the best perk to combine it with. This perk guarantees you’ll receive sneak criticals which you can amplify using Ninja. This combo allows you to launch ranged sneak attacks that will cause 3 times more normal damage for normal attacks. On the other hand, when used for melee attacks, it will guarantee 5 times more normal damage. This can be further be advanced in rank 3 whereby melee attacks guarantee 10 times more normal damage.

  1. Bloody mess

This is another very low investment perk that you can acquire with any character of your choice. It comes with a 15% damage boost in combat and sometimes causes your enemies to explode into Gory red paste. With a 3rd rank, this perk will give you a 15% flat boost to all the damage you can incur during combat. Using a gun built with demolition expert forms a perfect combo with this perk. You can combine it with the Critical Banker perk to be more effective. In its final rank, it allows the player to unleash up to 4 criticals at once. With no much consideration of the accuracy because without a doubt you’ll hit your target. You can blow up to 4 of your enemies simultaneously without missing a shot.

  1. Lone Wanderer

This is one of the cheapest perks to acquire in Fallout 4. You don’t need a lot of Charisma for any character of your choice. It reduces your battle damage and boosts damage caused  to the opponent by 25%. You can make this perk more powerful by taking Dogmeat with you in adventures. At the final rank of Lone Wanderer, you get 100 extra carrier weight plus up to 30% less damage. The only condition that comes with using this perk is that you can’t have any companions with you.

  1. Ninja Perkfallout 4 best perks

In its final rank, the player deals 3.5 damage with ranged sneak attacks. Additionally, it offers 10 times more sneak attack damage on melee weapons. This perk achieves the perfect combo when used with Blitz. It comes with the ability to instant kill every opponent wielding a knife in combat. The ultimate perk for all melee characters. It allows for long range attacks on enemies in V.A.Ts by use of a teleport. You can combine it with Blitz attacks on enemies in long distances work on the principle of the longer the distance, the greater the attacking force. Using this perk in stealth mode in combination with the Ninja perk makes your character a lethal force to reckon with.

  1. Idiot Savantfallout 4 best perks

It gives you 5 times more XP from any action you carry out which may trigger 3 times XP for all kills. This perk works by the principle of the lower the intelligence, the greater the chance of receiving the XP bonus and levelling up quickly. At the second rank, it gives you a chance to earn 5 times more experience than your previous experience. This chance increases based on your intelligence attributes. This perk is also beneficial to high intelligence characters, especially if they’re engaged in a quest. Consequently, the players will gain 3 to 4 levels

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