10 Reasons Why Fortnite is Good

Do you think Fortnite is good? I can’t mention all the reasons why Fortnite is good in one blog because of just how amazing this game is. I believe the majority of Fortnite players can agree. Check out the top 10 reasons why Fortnite is good.


  1. Won Game of the Year

 Best on going game. That’s a big reward and it obviously got it because a lot of people think highly of it. This game has been popular for many years and that’s impressive. This of course is taking Minecraft out of the equation because Minecraft has been popular for 10+ years and doesn’t deserve to be compared to any other game because of how brilliant it is. With that being said, Fortnite is a game that has been around for a while and makes a lot of people happy. I feel that this is a great reason why Fortnite doesn’t suck.

Fortnite map

  1. Cartoon Graphics

The graphics in Fornite are different from most games. The cartoony and goofy style makes it fun to play. The skins add cometic value. Nothing like playing a humanoid fish or a blob and running around shooting people. This also means many computers can run the game unlike the new Call of Duties that require a Nasa grade computer to run the graphics on low. That’s if the updates ever come to an end. 


  1. Different skill levels

It’s a challenge and there is always room to improve. From aiming, tracking, to building, Fortnite always brings a new challenge to the table. This can be really rewarding to people who take the time to learn how to play this game. Someone shot you? Build an Ikea tower within seconds and win the fight. The building in the game gives people who have poor aim or are in an open area a chance to fight back and not get mowed down. 


  1. It’s free, no pay to win

There is no pay to win which is amazing for a free to play game. Skins and the battle pass are the only paid things. The battle pass is great because after buying it once and saving up your Vbucks you can get future battle passes without spending another dollar. Which means 10 bucks can get you years worth of skins and other accessories.



  1. Ever Game is Unique

Although the concept is the same, you will be constantly put into new situations. Each player will have their own building styles and use different weapons which makes each battle unique and challenging. Screw playing chess. If it’s as good as people claim, why is there no Chess 2 after it being around for 1,500 years? If you want to stimulate your brain, play some Fortnite. The game can’t get boring. Grab some friends and troll in squads or hop into creative mode. On creative you can play maps/game modes that other players have created.


  1. It’s Appropriate for people of all ages

Five year olds to eighty year olds, this game is good for all ages. It’s child friendly so if your little cousin is ever bothering you to play an adult game like Pokemon Sword you can just let them play Fortnite to get them off your back. The children are surprisingly really good at this game which sometimes makes me worry about the future of gaming. Anyway, it has no blood and goofy graphics so it’s perfect to get the whole family squading up. 

  1. It is Addictive

The D.A.R.E program always warns you about drugs being addictive. Well it’s time for them to update their program and put Fortnite in there. You can easily get addicted to Fornite because of just how good the game is. The wacky characters, the endless possibilities for battles, and squading up with friends is just a few reasons why this game is addictive. Nothing like a free game that always stays interesting. Never be bored during your free time. Remember kids, don’t do drugs, play Fortnite instead. Either way your parents will be disappointed, but at least Fornite can possibly land you a scholarship to college.


  1. Original game

Many people say it copies PubG but real OG’s know that every battle royal game that came out really copied Minecraft Hunger Games and there is not a single soul that can convince me otherwise. At least Fornite didn’t copy it exactly like PubG did. Fornite added building which was never seen before in any battle royal game and still not many games recreated it besides mobile knockoffs.


fortnite is good

  1. Very Fun

About 350 million play Fortnite. That’s 350 million people that think the game is fun. All 350 million people can’t be wrong. Fortnite is good and very fun confirmed.

Fortnite is good

  1. Collabs

One of the most unique features of Fortnite is the collabs they have with popular movies, video games, and so on. Being able to play Iron Man or Master Chief is a lot of fun. Fighting actual bosses from the Marvel films and comics is really cool as well. The themes they create are usually exciting and they do a great job keeping the game fresh after it being around for so many years.

Let me know in the comments if you agree. If you don’t agree check out the article OMEGA wrote on 10 reasons why Fortnite sucks.


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