Best Shotgun in Valorant- Shorty, Bucky, or Judge?

Valorant gives you 3 shotguns to choose from. Each shotgun has unique abilities and different prices and sometimes it can be hard to choose between them. Here is a quick guide on which is the best shotgun in Valorant, Shorty, Bucky, or Judge.


The Shorty is great for saving round and Agents that have quick moving utilities such as Jett and Raze. It excels in short-range but is ineffective medium to long ranges. The Shorty is great for one-on-one exchanges but you are screwed in a firefight with multiple enemies due to the frequent need to reload.


  • Creds
    • 200
  • Magazine
    • 2
  • Wall Penetration
    • Low
  • Mode
    • Semi-Automatic
  • Fire Rate
    • 3.3 rounds/sec
  • Damage (Per Pellet)
    • 0-9m
      • Head – 36
      • Body – 12
      • Leg – 10
    • 9-15
      • Head – 24
      • Body – 8
      • Leg – 6
Valorant Best Shotgun- Shorty

Valorant Shorty Spray 5 Meters


The Bucky holds 5 rounds and is very effective at close range. This spray is very effective close range while holding tight angles or small rooms such as the garage in Haven. It takes two shots to the body or one shot in the head to eliminate your target.


  • Creds
    • 900
  • Magazine
    • 5
  • Wall Penetration
    • Low
  • Mode
    • Semi-automatic (pump action)
  • Fire Rate
    • 1.1 rounds/sec
  • Damage (Per Pellet 15 total in one shot)
    • 0-8m
      • Head – 44
      • Body -22
      • Leg- 19
    • 8-12m
      • Head – 34
      • Body – 17
      • Leg – 14
    • 12-50m
      • Head -18
      • Body- 9
      • Leg – 8

The sprays below shows super close range (left) and close range (right).

Valorant Best Shotgun Bucky

Valorant Bucky Spray Left Click

The Bucky is also useful at medium distances. Your right click creates a compact spray but is ONLY effective at medium range and does very little damage in close range. It is a one shot headshot. An example of this spray is pictured below. Right click from close range (left) and right click from medium range 6-7m (right). 

Valorant Best Shotgun- Bucky

Valorant Bucky Spray Right Click


The Judge is the most expensive shotgun in the game. In very close range you can eliminate the opponent with one tap to the head and two to the body. The Judge has more recoil in addition to the natural shotgun bullet spread. Within 10 meters the judge is very reliable. It has a shorter reload time and is great for absolutely melting down multiple targets that are running toward you.


  • Cred
    • 1,600
  • Magazine
    • 7
  • Wall Penetration
    • Medium
  • Mode 
    • Full-automatic
  • Fire Rate
    • 3.5 rounds/sec
  • Damage (Per Pellet 12 in one shot)
    • 0-10m
      • Head – 34
      • Body – 17
      • Leg – 14
    • 10-15m
      • Head – 26
      • Body – 13
      • Leg – 11
    • 15 – 20m
      • Head – 20
      • Body – 10
      • Leg – 9

 Below is pictured is the spray of the Judge more than 10m away (left) and less then 10m away (right).

Valorant Best Shotgun Judge

Valorant Judge Spray


Many people argue on which is the best shotgun in Valorant. Shorty is great for saving being only 200 credits but is very situational based being completely useless in medium ranges. The Judge is great in short ranges but is almost more situational based needed to be in a small space such as Garage or Sewers in A Haven. The Bucky has a great plus being useful at medium range with the alternative shooting mode (Right mouse button). Work with the different shotguns in the range and deathmatch to get a feel for which is the best option for you. Personally I think the Bucky out performs all shotguns due to the alternate firing mode and cheaper price and is the best shotgun in Valorant.

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