Hardest Weapons to Use in Valorant

Valorant offers a range of weapons for almost every unique play style. A few weapons require a little more skill than others. We have come to the conclusion that the Sheriff and Marshal are the two hardest weapons to use in Valorant and tips on how to master them.


The most expensive pistol in Valorant. It’s great for save rounds, but a little risky for pistol rounds. The Sheriff has crazy recoil and requires good precision in your aim. Trigger discipline is a must when using this weapon. A player must be confident on their shot and know when to spray or shoot single shots. In many cases not getting a headshot with this weapon can cost you a gun fight.


  • Creds
    • 800
  • Magazine
    • 6
  • Wall Penetration
    • High
  • Mode 
    • Semi-Automatic
  • Fire Rate
    • 4 Rounds/sec
  • Damage
    • 0-30m
      • Head- 160
      • Body- 55
      • Leg- 47
    • 30-50m
      • Head- 145
      • Body- 55
      • Leg- 43

Below is a clip of spamming the trigger. You can tell that it is severely inaccurate and very hard to control.

Sheriff Recoil Valorant

Sheriff Recoil


Versus the gif below which shows controlled shots, giving the player enough time to recover from the recoil before shooting their next shot. The accuracy with these timed shots is head splitting. 

Sheriff control recoil Valorant

Sheriff Controlled Recoil

Of course, standing in place and shooting every second isn’t the best idea with the fast paced gunfights in Valorant, especially when the other team is equipped with full armor and rifles. Many pro Valorant players will take advantage of the recoil recovery to move side to side stopping right when they shoot their next shot. This is what makes this gun deadly in the right hands.

Sheriff Strafing Valorant

Sheriff Strafing


To really max out this Sheriff’s full potential take some time in the range to practice flick shots, tracking, strafing (walking side to side and stopping at each shot) and getting used to the time of the recoil. Then hop into deathmatch or unrated to get more practice in some fast paced gun fights. 


The Marshal is the cheaper counterpart to the Operator. Being only 1,000 after the new patch. It’s great for force buying or saving rounds. This weapon is very fast paced with a quick scope animation, a greater no-scope accuracy and overall faster movement speed. 


  • Creds
    • 1,000 Creds
  • Magazine
    • 5
  • Wall Penetration
    • Medium
  • Primary Fire
    • Lever Action
    • Fire rate: 1.5 rounds/sec
  • Alternative Fire
    • Zoom Mode 3.5x
    • Fire Rate 1.2 rounds/sec
  • Damage
    • 0-50m
      • Head- 202
      • Body -101
      • Leg- 85


Marshal Recoil Valorant BEFORE Patch 2.03

Marshal Recoil BEFORE Patch 2.03

After the most recent patch, they buffed the Marshal to match the agile, hit and run play style. They increased unzoomed movement to 90% (before it was 76%) and made it 100 creds cheaper.

Valorant Marshal Recoil AFTER 2.03

Marshal Recoil AFTER Patch 2.03

The Marshal is rated one of the hardest weapons to use in the game because of the needed skill of great accuracy and quick peaking. Jett’s dashes and Reyna’s dismiss ability make great combos with the marshal. If you get caught out with the marshal against a faster shooting weapon you might be out of luck. It’s important to move to cover right after each shot because of the lever action animation. 

Reyna 4K with Marshal (Video Credit Choke Artist)

Marshal requires quick reaction speed and headshots to get full potential out of it. Take some time to practice timing between shots, strafing, and quick scopes. Once mastering this weapon you are bound to get some sick clips that will make your friend jealous.

There we have it! The two hardest weapons to use in Valorant and how to work your way to mastering them. Happy Gaming!

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