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Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Songs

The Kingdom Hearts series as always had fantastic music especially from the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack.

No matter the title, platform, year, or story, every time you pick up a KH game you are going to hear some excellent music.

We can thank Yoko Shimomura for that as she is the lead composer for just about every Kingdom Hearts title.

Of course, we cannot forget Utada Hikaru, who made original tracks for the openings of each ‘main series’ KH title (1, 2 & 3).

Before we get into the list, I should say there is not a single bad song in any of these games.

The contents of this list reflect only my personal preferences and tastes.

Check out my top 10 favorite songs from the Kingdom Hearts sound track.

Now let us jump in!

Check out our list of all the KH games ranked!

  • Dearly Beloved

There was no way I could make a top ten list and exclude Dearly Beloved. This song appears in every single KH game.

Dearly Beloved is not my personal favorite. But it is stamped into the identity of Kingdom Hearts as the title itself.

When you hear this song on the title screen, you know you are about to being a great quest to save the worlds.

And, as a bonus, each game has its own version of Dearly Beloved.

If I had to choose, I would personally say Union Cross’ version is my favorite but all of them are great.

  • Spooks of Halloween Town

I knew I wanted to put a track specific to a Disney world on this list and as Halloween Town is my favorite Disney world throughout the series, Spooks of Halloween Town was an easy pick.

Shimomura did an excellent job dissecting the mood of the original The Nightmare Before Christmas. Spooks of Halloween Town throws you right into the thick of it.

Had you never seen the movie, I am still sure that this song would place you in the Halloween mood.

  • Simple and Clean

Simple and Clean is our first Utada Hikaru song on the list.

It is also the opening song for the original Kingdom Hearts.

True fans of the series can sing the entire thing by heart and have no qualms doing so, as it is truly a bop.

I have fond memories of watching the opening movie every time I booted the game. And I would be singing and dancing along to Simple and Clean.

Sometimes I did not even intend on playing the game that day, I just loved the song.

But this is not my favorite of the Utada opening songs, hence its lower spot on the list.

  • Forze De Male

Forze Del Male is one of the more intense boss/battle themes in the first KH game.

Believe me when I say that Forze Del Male is a scary track.

When Forze Del Male plays, you’re suddenly knuckling your controller. You’re double checking you equipped the right items. And looking for around for where the next big bad beats is about to strike from.

Many tracks on the Kingdom Hearts OST are excellent at changing the tone to a much darker one.

When you consider that you are most often fighting alongside Donald Duck and Goofy, is very impressive.

  • Vector to the Heavens (KH3 Version)

This track is so powerful.

Not only is Vector to the Heavens attached to one of the most tragic and sympathetic characters in the game (Xion).

But it is able to give you a complete narrative set of emotions that links you closer to the character.

Vector to the Heavens first appearance was in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

But I have chosen the KH3 version of the track which (SPOILER ALERT) plays during the data battle with Xion.

This version adds in some slick electric guitar and really doubles down on the rage and frustration built up inside of Xion’s heart.

  • Lord of the Castle

I may be one of the 12 people who really like Chain of Memories, but this song transcends that game, and deserves a spot as one of the best songs on the KH OST.

I don’t even care of play CoM, but please listen to this track.

This song has the sickest baseline in the entire series because the queen of slaying Marluxia (the aforementioned lord of the castle) already wasn’t cool enough.

Personally, as far as themes of individual characters go, I feel this song does the best as portraying who a character is in the most succinct way.

The reason it is number five is because I think it could use a little more hard-rock guitar.

Check out Garik Wheeler’s cover and you will see what I mean.

  • Lazy Afternoon Streets

If scientist could distill the feeling of pure relaxation into data, and then upload data into a computer composing program, this song is what would come out.

Lazy Afternoon Streets really sets the mood for the homey world of Twilight Town.

It also produces a very authentic summer vacation feeling, allowing for an easier connection with the Twilight Town crew of characters.

In my opinion, Lazy Afternoon Streets is a big part of building up Roxas’ early character motivations, as nearly every kid can relate to the idea of never wanting summer to end.

To this day, when I need to unwind after a stressful week I put on this track.

Lazy Afternoon Streets will always be one of my top favorites from the Kingdom Hearts OST.

  • Rage Awakened

As I have touched on throughout the list, KH tracks excel in creating and manipulating emotion.

Rage Awakened does this best.

Terra, one of the main characters of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is commonly described as hard to relate to.

But in his final fight he realizes he has been nothing more than a puppet manipulated by someone he had put so much trust in.

And Rage Awakened song does the perfect job of encapsulating that emotion, that rage.

It may be a controversial pick for top three, but I absolutely love it.

  • Sanctuary

Many of you may have seen this coming and are wondering why Sanctuary is not number one.

Well, I will be first to admit, this song is absolute heater.

Utada Hikaru knocked it out of the park with this one.

Sanctuary ties up the ends of CoM, which many had not played before KH2.

It also generates a level of hype compatible with the release of the best game in franchise.

Sanctuary even has bonus secrets if you play it backwards.

And before you ask, that is no myth.

Sanctuary has lines recorded backwards in order to play into the duality of both KH2 and CoM.

Which is not only really clever, but also really awesome.

However, as much as the rabid Kingdom Hearts fanbase and I love this song, I think there is a track that beats it.

  • Night of Fate

Night of Fate is my favorite song in the entire series.

Ever since its original appearance in the very first Kingdom Hearts I have not heard a track that makes me feel what Night of Fate does.

For those who may not remember, this is the track that plays when Sora first receives the Keyblade and loses the only home he has ever known.

This track in my opinion, for all intents and purposes, is when Kingdom Hearts as a series truly starts and for me, that deserves the number one spot.

Again, this list represents my personal opinions.

The music has always been the KH series’ strongest and most consistent aspect.

If you haven’t already, I really recommend you listen to the entire Kingdom Hearts OST.

If you love music, the Kingdom Hearts games will be a great pick for you and I hope this list gave you a solid place to start.

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