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8 Best Skill Tree Games on Switch

Skill tree games are games that mean endless hours of character customization.

For those of us who love to build, constantly improve, and come up with our own creations, these games are the pinnacle of gaming fun.

Luckily, Nintendo Switch has a really nice collection of skill tree video games. Below is a list of the absolute best. Check it out.

  1. Dragon Quest XI

  2. Many big time fans of Dragon Quest argue that Dragon Quest XI is one of the best games in the entire series.

    Combine that with the fact that you can play it, handheld, on your switch?

    You’re in for hours and hours of endless customization and fun.

    Each character in Dragon Quest XI has their own skill tree that you can work through, and different parts of the story will sometimes unlock new skills.

    After you’re a few hours into the game, you have the ability to reset your tree at any time, so you have the freedom to experiment with the builds that work best for you.

    If you like story-based RPGs with a skill tree and character customization, then check out Dragon Quest XI!

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  3. Torchlight 2

  4. Torchlight 2 was launched on PC back in 2012 – but don’t think that makes this an outdated game.

    Originally launched as a dungeon crawler to compete with Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 came out on Switch in 2019.

    Torchlight 2 has 4 classes. Each class has 3 skill categories, and within those three skill categories are 7 active and 3 passive skills to choose from.

    In addition to all of those skills you have stat points that you can use to boost your attributes as well.

    If you love loot-centric dungeon crawlers like Diablo, you will love Torchlight 2!

    Get Torchlight 2

  5. Diablo 3

  6. The Diablo franchise is the granddaddy of skill tree games.

    I won’t say it was the FIRST game with a skill tree, but the Diablo series was one of the first games that made endless customization = endless fun.

    Diablo 3 had a rough launch, which unfortunately alienated a lot of the games biggest fans.

    But make no mistake – this game is a TON of fun. On the Switch, the graphics aren’t anything special, but the gameplay is what you came for and Diablo 3 on Switch delivers.

    If you like brewing up your own crazy builds, mixing and matching different armor sets and skill types, and seeing the huge payoff of your hard work with thousands of exploding evil baddies, this game is an absolute must play.

    Buy Diablo 3!

  7. Divinity Original Sin: 2


    OK so DOS:2 isn’t a skill tree game technically.

    BUT, before you have a fit, hear me out: this game has all the elements that you will want and love in a skill tree game.

    You get a party of 4 heroes. You can choose from a variety of classes to start, you get talents to use as well as attribute points.

    And of course, GEAR.

    This is a game with nearly endless customization. After you play it once (for ~100 hours) you will be coming right back for a second playthrough with all different builds.

    And playing it on Switch is really a treat. As with most of the games, the graphics aren’t high quality, but the hand-held convenience makes up for it.

    Buy DOS:2!

  9. Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

  10. Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is the kind of RPG where you can easily spend more time tinkering with all of your character builds than doing anything else if you want!

    If you are a lover of Final Fantasy: Tactics, this game is HEAVILY inspired by FF:T, in a very good way. It has turn-based grid combat, where you will spend much of your time agonizing over the perfect moves.

    There are 36 classes you can play, and each class has a skill tree you can build out for each class.

    You unlock more classes as you level up the classes you have, and new classes are combinations of the old classes.

    In Fell Seal, you can use the skills from your primary class, and you can also use the skills from one of the other classes you have leveled up at the same time.

    Sound complicated? It really isn’t, but it is a customizer’s dream come true. What’s more, the story is unique, fun, and will have you sucked in from the start.

    I HIGHLY recommend checking out Fell Seal for Switch.

    Check out Fell Seal!

  11. Witcher 3

  12. Ahh, The Witcher. Just thinking of the game now gets the pesky theme song from the Netflix show stuck in my head..

    The Witcher 3 is one of the best skill tree games ever made.

    The fact that you can play it on your Switch is just so dang cool.

    This game is literally hundreds of hours of gameplay, insane amounts of gear and, yes, skill customization.

    Buy this game, charge up a doomsday supply of power banks, and lock yourself in a hole with a Switch and the Witcher 3 for a few weeks. You won’t be sorry.

    Buy the Witcher 3!

  13. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

  14. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is an insanely immersive skill tree game that you could easily lose hundreds of hours in.

    This is a remaster of the 2010 original Xenoblade Chronicles game with overhauled graphics, music, and controls.

    In the game, you control a party of 3. Each character has a unique skill tree for you to customize with various paths to take.

    As in an MMO, your characters take on roles (tank, DPS, healer), so the skill trees for different characters will fit one of these roles.

    If you like MMOs, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for Switch is a great choice for you. The gameplay, open world, combat system, crafting, and more is heavily inspired by MMORPG style gameplay.

    Buy Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition on Amazon!

  15. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

  16. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a super fun skill tree game.

    Nintendo teamed up with Ubisoft for this turn based, grid style action RPG.

    The gameplay is fresh and unique. You collect various characters as you go along, and you get to customize each one via a skill tree and item upgrades.

    If you have never played a turn based tactical RPG game like this, but always wanted to, this is a great entry into the genre.

    There is a really quick, informative, and immersive tutorial to start the game. It very quickly scales up to be quite challenging, but Mario + Rabbids does it so well you will know exactly what to do.

    This game is a must play for gamers of all ages. It can be 2 player so it is great for couch co-op play as well.

    Buy Mario + Rabbids!

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