10 Games with Skill trees

games with Skill trees

Many modern games with skill trees don’t always live up to their billing. Rather than make the gameplay have a twisted and thrilling storyline, for instance, they often feature drab and uninspiring plot-lines. This does not mean that gaming fans cannot enjoy some fascinating games with skill trees. On the contrary, they can always enjoy themselves and do so thoroughly. Let us dive in and talk about a few such impressive games with skill trees.

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10. The Witcher 3games with Skill trees

The Witcher 3 may not rank among the best games with skill trees in the market. Nevertheless, the game has its own unique merits. The Nintendo Switch version of The Witcher 3 came out in October 2019. The game was well-received, getting much praise for its skill tree, narrative, gameplay, combat, visuals, and world design. Notably, it has even been praised as ranking among the best video games that ever came into the market. Some players feel like it has one of the worst skill trees. Maybe it is because the skill tree seems a bit complex, or the crafting features are just pointless. 

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9. Final Fantasy XVgames with Skill trees

The Final Fantasy XV is an exciting role-playing game that has plenty of action. It features a small and simple ascension grid with a battle system full of action in an open-world environment. The skill system is characterized by elemental magic, camping, vehicle travel, and weapon-switching. It has several options for gameplay, including multiplayer and playable characters. The final Fantasy XV skill tree has been described as disappointingly small as compared to its predecessors like Final Fantasy IV. There were mixed reactions over the performance of the plot, the story, and its presentation. Majority of players were disappointed by the ability system in general since it had a lot of useless abilities.

8. Resident Evil 6 games with Skill trees

One of the most notable features of Resident Evil 6 was its radical departure from the subject of survival horror. Resident Evil 6 was a moderately successful game that received mixed reactions after its release. Its skill tree was not that impressive because the linear upgrade was limited to three skills per loadout. You’d have to wait for about 6 of play to afford another skill loadout, which makes the skill tree almost pointless. The game’s plot, storyline, and themes were generally praised as progressive and fitting. Despite this, the game did relatively well on the commercial front. It ended up selling more than 9.2 million copies.

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7. Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary skill tree can be an overwhelming option in this field of gaming. Regardless of this, the game has been described as both great and impressive. It can be challenging to play this game. Interestingly, some players have found it challenging to win a game against the Salt Sanctuary. The reason is; every time you approach the skill tree, it can take you long to decide the right path to take, and so forth. My take is that the Salt Sanctuary is by far one of the worst skill trees that you might want to use in gaming.

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6. Titan Quest

If you want lots of options and tons of depth, then the Titan Quest will give you both. Indeed, in this respect, this is the most suitable skill tree system. Every character has a choice of two classes. Each of these has a skill tree of its own. A player can even mix and match nine classes as long as the expansion is available. The Titan Quest is a fantastic play. It gives you plenty of playtimes. The gameplay is also updated with the best controls. 

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 5. Path of Exile

The Path of Exile is a decidedly sophisticated game. The skill tree is a bit complex for newbies, and you’d have to take time to master it. It can, however, be a relatively easy game to play for anyone good enough to master the skill tree. Again, the game seems to be complicated at first, but since your build needs focus, it is possible to ignore most of the complex elements. Once this is done, you can start enjoying the party without worrying about mastery of the features or the absence of it. Moreover, you can take charge and play the expert in your role tracing the path of exile. 

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4. Borderlands 2

In general, Borderlands 2 has a less complicated skill tree, which is much more essential than most of its predecessors. For example, it does not have many of its paths branching out. It does not also have complex flat out upgrades. The game is simple but can change the unique ability of characters in a radically different manner than others. Borderlands 2 is undoubtedly simple, beautiful, and sleek. It ranks among the games with the most suitable gaming skill trees around. If you want a game that will keep you intrigued, entertained, and even thrilled for hours on end, Borderlands 2 fits the bill. 

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3. Borderland 3

Borderlands 3 is a relatively balanced and unbroken game. Each character has three trees. The player is allowed to load the characters with skills taken from each tree. In the end, the player may even unlock the all-important crucial skill. It is possible, based on merit, to unlock three trees and get the Guardian ranks. All the games feature similar trees. However, it is more sophisticated compared to Borderland 2. You can locate items that bolster the skill tree with synergistic, stackable effects. Borderlands 3 game is superbly thrilling with heroic characters like Moze the Gunner, FL4K the Beatmaster, and Amara the Siren. With an array of choices at their disposal, the players are always spoilt for choice. Indeed, it is a difficult task just trying to settle on the method of play and who to field.

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2. Diablo 2

The skill tree in the Diablo 2 game is more expansive and much more profound. The game features better controls in the form of ragdolls and varied physical effects, pet controls, hot keyed potions, skill Hotbar, and dispositions. It has better graphics and a more vigorous game in the form of a bloodier, darker atmosphere, and corresponding graphics. Also, It offers a better plot with cool cutscenes, better crafting with relics in TQ, and cube. The action is relatively fast-paced.

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1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The Fallen Order game has a quite complex skill tree. Players assuming control of the Cal Kestis have to understand the skills mechanic and how to get skill points quickly. To receive health upgrades and advance further in the game, players have to utilize the survival tree. It is a game of the action-adventure type that expects players to jump in and deal with situations using the force powers and a lightsaber. He is not expected to use stealth elements in self-defense.

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