Top 10 Best Jedi Outcast Mods

Jedi Outcast Mods

The best Jedi outcast mods feature exciting and intriguing elements of gameplay that are a sure thrill for the hordes of gamers and Star Wars fans. If you want to extend the entertainment beyond what you got earlier in the popular Star Wars menu, Jedi outcast mods are the way to go. Portray your Jedi skills, fight with a lightsaber and face every other opponent in Kinect Games such as Kinect Star Wars. You will get entertained for hours on end. It is pretty good advice to try out at least a few of these mods for a change in. You won’t regret it. For your benefit, here is my pick of the top 10 Jedi outcast mods.

  1. Jedi Extra Realism mod: TBDJedi outcast mods

The JTBD game presents some new features of extra realism. For instance, it comes with saber, ½ hit kill, dismembered mod, and instant kill. To make it all super, the First-Person Shooter has superb HD Texture and HD effect. It also has new extra singer player missions carefully designed to enhance your overall experience.

  1. Jedi Outcast: Widescreen Crosshairs (First Person Shooter)Jedi outcast mods

You can get the widescreen crosshairs in a deceptively simple mode. This feature is what allows the player to easily fix the crosshair stretching, whenever the game is played on a widescreen. Moreover, the mod has the capacity to support both the 16.10 and 16.9 resolutions.

  1. First Person Shooter (JK2 FX MOD)- Released 2015Jedi outcast mods

JK2 FX MOD is one game that you will not want to miss. Overall, it is a lively, graphic improvement of the original version games. It comes with some fresh, new effects on the nature of characters, weapons and levels of the game. The JK2 FX MOD also comes with new shader effects designed for all levels of play. Happily, this mod version does something to fix quite a few shader issues and incorrect surface that featured in the original versions.

  1. Ultimate Outcast (Third Person Shooter)Jedi outcast mods

The Ultimate Outcast is a fairly complex game that has earned an admirable reputation with a special map pack. No wonder, it is called the Ultimate outcast. With this, a player can use the original JO version multiplayer maps. These are beautifully modified for a fantastic gaming experience. It is certainly worth trying out.

  1. Stalker Outcast – Sith Unleashed (Adventure)

The Stalker Outcast game’s storyline follows the line of the Force Unleashed Sith Stalker. It comes with a single-player story. For anyone who wishes to extend the party beyond what is ordinary in the gaming world, this MOD is what you need. Highly recommended for lavish-party gamers.

  1. Jedi Outcast: Hardcore Mod (First Person Shooter)

Do you desire to dispatch someone to oblivion pretty fast?  Of course this is not for the real world out here! The Jedi outcast hardcore mode makes that as easy as child-play. Your enemy dies much faster than ever. For instance, the blaster bolts example 1 to 2 can kill a Stormtrooper very quickly. It all depends on the spot where he is hit. The whole idea behind the Hardcore Mod was to make the gaming experience a little bit extra realistic. Indeed, you will discover that the player’s favorite character and the boss characters all take less time to kill. Nevertheless, both parties must be prepared to take some huge, unexpected damages on the way.

  1. Nemesis of Katarn (Third Person Shooter)

Nemesis Katarn presents a whole new world of deep intrigues. Just think of it, for a moment: Everyone believes that Dark Reborn Jedi were long wiped out the face of the earth ever since the time when Desann lost the war. Yet the latest news reports are rather disturbing; Dark Reborn Jedi were recently spotted in the New Republic’s Outer Rim Worlds. Now, what is going to happen if someone doesn’t take swift action? It’s your duty to find out.

  1. Jedi Outcast Expanded Menu – Released 2018 (Adventure)

The Expanded Menu comes with multiple features on board. It offers a fresh reworked interface. With this menu, the player can exploit and enjoy the base game’s full potential and engine possibilities. Some of these new features include new camera menu and NPC menu, new in-game HUD, new cheats menu, a new menu for mission select, new high-quality fonts, new music and sounds, new high-quality icons and multiples languages. The Expanded menu also has a controllable NPC, and a crosshair, movement speed. You can pick your game mission using a new menu, and choose a map from the game. You can even make your Star Wars Battles. Moreover, you can use the camera menu to freeze NPC or go ahead and take excellent screenshots.

  1. Rebels are Clones (Released 2009, First Person Shooter)

In a clever modification, this Jedi mod introduces soldiers who serve in the galactic republic (clone troopers) in place of the original rebels. With the clone troopers now in the game, what is going to happen? This mod will be of interest especially to those desiring to “hi-res” the game. Niblem Deamos certainly did an excellent work designing the model’s details. For some players, if you please, this is an excellent opportunity to meet the prequel characters, destroying them in fiery damage. Your job is well cut out here.

  1. Colosseum Version 1 (First Person Shooter)

The Colosseum version, one of the best Jedi outcast mods game, is a great single-player machine. It comes with some unique adventure that has the power to carry you to Ancient Rome’s greatest arena if that is what you want. Indeed, you can even assume the role of the thief who suddenly finds that is he is deep on the bad side of the law and the emperor. You have no choice: You have to fight your way through the Roman forces and a host of gladiators if you want to escape to freedom. This mod thrusts the player deep into immersive gameplay. You are thrown headlong into the great Roman Colosseum’s ancient combative sport. The player should use lots of custom modifications, including textures, sounds, models, and architecture, to realize the thrills of an exciting adventure in the middle of Ancient Rome.

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