10 Best NES RPGs


The best NES RPGs have always been a runaway favorite for many. Moreover, they are often filled with plenty of mysteries, unanswered questions, intrigues, and theories. The Nintendo games offer a highly thrilling experience that takes you right into the world of dragons, dungeons, and similar out-of-the-world. Let us dive right in and explore the best NES RPGs classics of this genre.

  1. Super Mario Bros. 3Best NES RPGs

This installment features characters from other Nintendo Gamecube games such as Super Smash Bros, Star Fox, and Pokemon. It is one of the best designed NES game, and the creativity is on another level. Mario, the Hero in the game, receives more upgrades in Mario 3 and even has the ability to fly. This is made possible by his 2 new power-ups. The new elements make the game addictive and more interesting to play. There’s no way this masterpiece could miss a spot as one of the best NES RPGs.

  1. Dragon Warrior 2Best NES RPGs

If you want to meet one of the most celebrated central figures of the RPG series, find the Dragon Warrior 2. There is no doubt that not only is this a pretty good production. It is also a result of excellent scriptwriting. Moreover, the narrative is profoundly absorbing and highly captivating. In the end, this series of games provide plenty of fun and play going forward. It does not matter that the plot may not be the best or original. You will still find yourself thrilled and thankful that you are part of the adventure. This game has many magical ingredients and lots of new gear to enjoy.

  1. CrystalisBest NES RPGs

Would you love to enjoy a game that is hailed as a typical replica of the original formula? The Crystalis game answers to the billing. It is quite unlike some terrible copycats that inundated the shelves in decades past. Actually, the Crystalis game stalks the Zelda formula very closely. It comes with plenty of fiery combat. As a player, you are basically given five unique swords to use. Some essential features of the combat experience include poison, paralyze, and fire.  All these are special status effects. The Crystalis also comes with some excellent graphics and the most enjoyable soundtrack. All these add to a unique experience found in just a few games.

  1. StarTropicsBest NES RPGs

This is another excellent series of a game that follows in the pattern of the epic Zelda. It tells the story of a teen character who discovers a plot to invade the earth, hatched by aliens. Zoda, the villain, is actually on his way to execute the heinous scheme. Jones, the teen, must act fast to stop Zoda before a terrible disaster happens. The real action is, however, hidden deep down in the dungeons. The Hero uses a flail, yo-yo, and everything, to counter the enemy. Other weapons of combat include baseball bats, slingshots, and torches. These are used gallantly to clobber the adversary to submission. Although the game has eight long chapters, it comes with some thrilling classic music that will keep you entertained throughout.

  1. FaxanaduBest NES RPGs

Faxanadu has its unique thrills. The game is full of great, high-octane action and brilliance. It has exciting twists and turns. The series is also a scroll-free, standard- size type. It comes with a maximum of 7 hours of playtime. The available password regime for this game may not be impressive. In fact, it seems somewhat limiting. Nevertheless, the Faxadu is a supremely entertaining game. It is a long-running game of the monster-slay-type with fantastic graphics.

  1. Pool of Radiance

If you want a game that is a high-concept RPG-style, go for the Pool of Radiance. It is a good game for those who like following every detail of the game. It is also an excellent option for everyone who wants to enjoy a journey carried by a superb gaming experience. The game gives you a grand adventure through the Moon sea world. An interesting aspect of this series is that the virtual world you get immersed in changes rapidly as the player interacts with the game. For a game made decades ago, this is remarkably complex. The combat experience and encounter with the enemy are some of the best segments. Moreover, you are always presented with various options available on the platform.

  1. Just Breed

Just Breed is a game with outstanding graphics. Indeed, it is a real gem. The most significant thing is that the player doesn’t have to control every character. Instead, you only need to direct entire squads made up of 6 or so characters. It may well be described as a strategy RPG.  You can also talk to characters and explore the cities in the game. Happily, you can even do this in between the raging battles. Further, you can purchase the full sets of equipment for all characters instead of merely buying weapons.

  1. EarthBound Zero

Earthbound Zero is the first installment game in the Mother series. It can be thrilling to discover that an NES Earthbound game is readily available. Moreover, it has the hallmarks of a typical NES game of a gone-by era. Regardless, this is a great fun game that features a special art direction that is unique in its own right.

  1. The Guardian Legend

The real value of the Guardian Legend’s gameplay is the exciting scenes exploration and not the shooting episodes. Here, like in other typical RPGs, you get to buy the weapons, items, currency, gain levels and experience, talk to aliens and explore them to the maximum. If you like, you can even fly from one planet to another. Yes, this is another secret gem of fantasy in the NES realms.

  1. Dragon Warrior IIIBest NES RPGs

Dragon Warrior III is widely regarded as one of the best NES RPGs by many. It is characterized by a reasonable length of play, exciting treasures, attractive sidequests, thrilling twists, and turns. All these seem like a roller-coaster ride into the unknown. The game takes you on a journey around the world. It has unique features of some actual places on the earth like Egypt, Edinburgh, and Rome. Of course, all these geographical names are given a cheeky, puny twist. If you want to be rewarded with a thorough exploration around a fantasy planet, then the Dragon Warrior III is the answer. Again, the ball rolls right back into your court.

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