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best PSP RPGs

It wasn’t easy selecting the best PSP RPGs to feature on this list. Hence, there are hundreds of amazing RPGs games out there that I haven’t featured here. This list will include game remakes and remastered ports. Here are the best PSP RPGs that have created a big sensation in the gaming world.

  1. Legend of Heroes: Song of the Oceanbest PSP RPGs

Some things make this particular series completely charming. It comes with a unique style of translation and lots of backtracking. All these are features that use to be common in all gaming entities decades ago. It would be thrilling to begin it all with the Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch, a highly popular Trilogy. In this way, as the game goes, it is easier for everyone to get to the bottom of the Gagharv mystery and enjoy themselves to the full.

  1. Growlanser: Wayfarer of Timebest PSP RPGs

Ask the majority of the fans in Asia, and they will all concur on a this: Wayfarer of Time is indisputably the best of the best in the series even though it is produced several decades back. Growlanser games come complete with a map of the world, multiple endings, branching paths, customizable party members, and dungeons. Moreover, every offering in this series is beautifully crafted and well-packaged. To enhance the new spells and add to its stats, the characters in the Grawlanser adorn some gem-filled rings rather than the usual weaponry. Finally, the mercenaries under the command of Crevanille eventually succeed in discovering a band of angels who are poised to descend from heaven with the singular mission of destroying the entire race of humanity. Will the hero stop them?

  1. Astonishia Storybest PSP RPGs

True to its billing, the Astonishia Story can be astonishing, exciting, and thrilling, altogether. It depends on where your loyalty lies. Through this game, fans can happily devour a most exhilarating experience with a remarkable game. Few will get tired with its charm as the story unfolds and rolls. It calls for a personal experience to appreciate the value of this product. The ball is ready, in your court.

  1. Phantasy Star Portable

The Phantasy Star Portable may not be described as a triple ‘A’ experience in every sense of the word. Most fans would expect it to be this. It is, however, regarded as being among the best PSP RPGs ever made in the last two decades. Indeed, the series became quite popular and famous in that period to stake a claim as the fans’ favorite game for a long time. 

  1. Wild Arms XF

Wild Arms XF is a unique series that is widely considered as a superb strategy game. This should be differentiated from the typical JRPG that is usually turn-based. The series generally features a hysterical cast of characters. It, nevertheless, features Enda, a fairly well-known villain who happens to be a favorite of many. The series presents many types of missions. This requires the players to use a variety of strategies to deal with complex situations. These would include pulling a switch, conquering enemies, doing prison breaks to safely rescuing prisoners. Without a doubt, Wild Arms XF deserves to be on this list.

  1. Brave Story: New Traveler

The series performed wonderfully in Japan but seemed to do badly in the US. It is considered a great flashback to the typical JRPGs of the era gone by. The series has many lively characters who are lovable. It takes the fans on a fantastic trip around the world as the characters try to gather lifesaving gems. A player will enjoy having the power to make monsters crazy by employing special skills like magic and other unique items. Many find this both fun and addictive in equal measure.

  1. Untold Legends

There is little doubt that RPGs can do well on portable devices and still maintain high excitement. Untold Legends is definitely one of the best PSP RPGs. When introduced, the Untold Legends series did much to boost this fact. The multiplayer gaming was all the more simplified. During the big launch of the PSP, the Untold Legends did pretty well in the RPG category, serving as a great mouth-watering curtain-raiser game.

  1. Hexyz Force

Hexyz Force is hailed as it ranks among the best PSP RPGs to ever come in the market in the post SNES era. For this reason, and there is a good testimony to this, it is not an ordinary run-of-the-mill RPGs series. For starters, it offers you the choice to pick from one of two characters whose motivations, plots, and parties are as different as heaven and earth. It is quite similar to Mana Khemia 2. For the ordinary gamer, you will feel as if you are deeply engaged in two games in one. As the story unfolds, you are ever together with the starring characters. The irony is: You never get to join forces or meaningfully bond. Yes, Hexyz Force can give you good thrills and throbs.

  1. Jeanne d’Arc

This series follows the wildly familiar story of Jeanne Arc. This is the famous historical lady who tenaciously fought against British forces in the infamous 100 Years War. There are, however, some significant deviations from the original story. For instance, throughout the series, there is much magical obsession and demonic possession. The RPG is masterfully crafted and dramatized in animated cutscenes. It is also replete with voice acting. There is the usual classical gameplay and tactics formula. There are, however, no classes, and the player has to decide the best thing to do in these circumstances. Jean d’Arc is well-reputed as a veritable level 5 gem.

  1. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

The Crisis Core is an action-oriented PRG whose star is Zack, Aeri’s lover. You can never lack what to do as the game proceeds. The gameplay is streamlined and tight. For instance, Zack is free to change his stats and learn the spells by utilizing Materia. The piece allows you to enjoy some missions on the fly in case you have little time to use in the game proper. Final Fantasy VII is a fantastic game that deserves every gamer’s undivided attention.

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