10 Best version of ff4

Best version of ff4

The epic release of Final Fantasy IV by Square Enix came along with different versions, we sure are going to explore the best version of FF4. Keeping in mind that the most recent version may not always be the best, all are interesting but one is always better than the other. Surprisingly enough FF4 is not one of the Gamecube games. The ranking is based on user reviews, experiences and ratings, coupled with my own opinion when it comes to playing FF4. Without further ado, check the best version of FF4 below.

  1. SFCBest version of ff4

Final Fantasy 4J, the hard type, was the original release of the game. The SNES version is based on this and is the same game with a few additions. The difficulty is on another level with a handful of strong monsters which makes the game a bit interesting. You will want to be careful when playing this game to reduce your instances of having a bad time. FF4 easy type is based on FF2 US, and it had several changes that made the game somewhat easier. The Japan easy versions may have given rise to the various US versions that followed though that is not confirmed.

  1. WonderSwan ColorBest version of ff4

This version came with a decreased screen resolution to cover the specs of the device. The music and sound use the system’s chip. Players can also save the game temporarily at any point, after which data gets lost upon loading. The background and graphics are an enhancement of the original FF4. Most FF4 players either don’t play it or have no idea about it. The few who do find it daunting. Although it had several bugs fixed there still many unfixed bugs in this version.

  1. Game Boy AdvancedBest version of ff4

The GBA version of this role-playing game is an enhanced port and has classic tunes. Although you may experience some bit of lag when visiting the item or magic menu, there are some special features you might love, including the bonus dungeons and the ability to change party members. There are trials towards the end that will make you enjoy the gameplay. You may want to try the one with patches, a hack to fully restore the sound effects and music from the SNES original. The patch might also help correct the colors hence boosting your playing experience!

  1. PlayStation One

The PS1 may not have the most attractive graphics but has a lot of games worth playing, one of them being Final Fantasy IV. It is one of the best ports of FF4. There are little to no load times in the US PS1 compared to the Japanese one. Final Fantasy Chronicles, a compilation of FF4 and Chrono Trigger, has bonuses such as art galleries and bestiaries. It includes FF4’s beginning computer-generated motion video and anime scenes from Chrono Trigger. If you are looking for the original difficulty game or the best 2D version, PS1 is the perfect version for you.

  1. Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The best-selling video game console of the years between 1990 and 2003, the SNES, is an old platform of FF4. It had superior sounds and graphics compared to its competitors during the time. The SNES remains an interesting version to play, especially when you are after the original items and abilities of the game. The soundtrack makes the game sound like a huge deal. The graphics are not so good. However, some of the enemies look cool. Patches are also available to fix the errors in translation.

  1. Microsoft Windows (PC)

The steam version developed for use on Microsoft Windows differs from the original SNES version of FF4. For instance, it is a full 3D remake of the original game. The voice acting, soundtrack and, cut-scenes sum up the achievements of the version. It is one of the best versions of FF4 ever released. This version is the place you would want to lose yourself in the classic and timeless tale of heroes, love, redemption, and betrayal.

  1. Android

This version is with spoken dialogue for event scenes, a new mapping feature, and a jukebox for players to listen to the game’s music at whatever time. The characters undergo visible emotional changes that are deep and well portrayed. The difficulty and length are just right. I completed the levels and felt just alive. Playing FF4 on a smaller screen is awesome. I would recommend that you grab your android phone now and do it if you haven’t yet.

  1. iPhone

It is a nice recreation of the DS version and arguably the best version of FF4 game on smartphones to date. Square Enix gave a new platform to own the game upon unleashing this version. The story, character development, and modifications are excellent. It may not be quite challenging but very worth playing. This version would be a good choice for you if you enjoyed playing on the Super NES. You owe yourself a chance to play your beloved heroes and get addicted like the RPG fan you are.

  1. Nintendo Dual Screen

The Nintendo DS will give you the taste of a completely different experience of FF4. Here, the game includes changes given in favor of the DS touch screen. A new argument system allows learning of special abilities for characters as a compliment to their innate ones. Options of equipment changed like Rosa is the only character able to equip bows. However, a bunch of enemies becomes difficult. For real FF4 lovers, the difficulty is what it needs to be. It is the only version packed with a great gameplay.

  1. PlayStation Portable

High definition sprites, 3D cut-scenes, ability to switch between the DS or SNES version of music are just the few qualities that make this the best version of FF4. Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection received mostly positive reviews from gamers. There are tons of extra content. The PSP version fixes issues of the SNES version and has added features of the DS version. From my experience, there are zero bugs and no load times. It was almost impossible for me to go back to other versions! It will surprise me if you are an RPG fan and haven’t considered this fine package.

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