10 Best Lumberjack Deck

Best Lumberjack Deck

It would be quite tactful, when playing Clash Royale, to utilize the best Lumberjack deck in your game approach. Remember that the Lumberjack happens to be the major card in the deck. It offers both a rage spell drop and incredible speed. Moreover, the Lumberjack can effectively defend the guards, goblins, graveyard, and minor. It is your sure trump card in a primary contest. Also, click here to check out the best Pokemon theme decks.

  1. Knight Balloon DeckBest Lumberjack Deck

This is one of the best lumberjack deck that you can use against cards such as Giant, Musketeer, Giant Skeleton, Dark Prince, Hog Rider, Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Golem and P.E.K.K.A. It is excellent working in the defense against speed troops cards and cards with high damage. Moreover, it is a lethal deck when utilized offensively. It boasts the capacity to cause massive damage. Unfortunately, it can lose the battle quite easily when ranged against stronger opponents.

  1. Lumberjack Electro Wizard DeckBest Lumberjack Deck

When you are playing from the ground and air, ensure you balance your defense and this electro wizard deck will turn out to be invaluable. It is useful when acting as a defense against Mega Minion, Baby Dragon, Minions, and Balloon. Also, it is very effective when used in an attack against cards such as Valkyrie. Indeed, the Air troops will always find the electro wizard deck as a major asset due to its superb qualities.

  1. Knight Balloon DeckBest Lumberjack Deck

This Lumberjack deck is terrific when used as a bait to read the opponent’s game plan to act accordingly. Seemingly, this is precisely the reason why this deck exists. You can use it to initiate a successful push for the LumberJack Goblin. Also, you must maximize its potential to gain advantage over your foe. This is by using the deck to poke and prod. Existing at 3.4 average elixir cost, the Knight Balloon Lumberjack Deck is generally considered to be quite an aggressive, lethal deck. With this, you can quickly launch some clever cheap pushes that cannot suffer punishment from the opponent. The moment you successively execute the counters well, it will be very easy to carry out the right predictions.

  1. Mini Pekka Dark Prince Deck

It can be quite effective running the Lumberjack and Mini PEKKA together with cards such as Dark Prince, and Prince paired together on the other side. The formation featuring both pairs as well as Fire Spirits can result in an impregnable defense and a devastating push. Some experts players use the Mini Pekka to gauge whether the opponent would halt play if the Mini Pekka went on the defensive. In this manner, the player can spring a surprise by suddenly dropping the Lumberjack against the opponent. The Mini Pekka is quite a versatile deck in the midst of the X2 Elixir. It can simultaneously push both lanes with the double pairs. You can also use this deck to switch lanes when playing against an opponent who is stronger but whose defense is somewhat slow.

  1. Golem Fisherman Deck

 It can be quite easy to play your game using this deck. Make sure to study the opponent keenly to understand the kind of deck you are up against. Try to apply a Golem push while defending at the same time. Remember: The Golem should never be used as a starting hand. That would be suicidal and can lead to self-punishment. Make sure you master the kind of deck played by the opponent. You can do this by merely being keen to discover the cards that the opponent plays.

  1. Hog Princess Lumberjack Deck

You should take great caution when using this potentially powerful card against your opponents. It was never meant to be used as a purely offensive card. To get the most advantage from the Hog PrincessLumberjack Deck, you should avoid the temptation to dedicate enormous amounts of elixir in attempts to maximize the value of its rage drop. If you do this, you will end up putting yourself at a major disadvantage. Most players find it rather puzzling on how best the card should be utilized. That is the secret.

  1. Mega Knight Fisherman Deck

Mega Knight is one of the best lumberjack deck and is famous for a specific strength: It has powerful defensive potential. It can be used to counter the opponent’s clever pushes, making a deadlier counter push using the E Wiz and Bandit. At the same time, the Deck features the famous Inferno Dragon that can be used to neutralize much bigger opponents like the Pekka and the Golem.

  1. Golem Night Witch Deck

The Golem Hunter Deck is simply superb as a tool in most games. Indeed, this one will always guarantee you a decisive win each time you have it by your side. You will discover that, as you use it, your Mega Minion will have the power to kill virtually all melee defensive troops. The exciting thing is that you will be able to do this from far away. This will happen every time your Golem tanks all the damage.

  1. Miner Poison Lumberjack Deck

It is always wise to study your opponent, allowing him to make the initial move. At times you may discover that you are a bad starting hand. How do you maneuver this tricky situation? By use of the Miner poison lumberjack deck split the goblin gang just behind king power. The best approach, however, is to let the enemy expose his tricks before countering. It is a sign of glad tidings if you have a furnace in the opening hand. Let the enemy drop a ranged troop then musket like an expert in the back. All the while, ensure the furnace remains at the center with a tile on the opposite lane.

  1. Golem Baby Dragon Deck

Golem baby dragon is ultimately the best lumberjack deck in the game. Go ahead and test the deck your enemy is playing with this incredible deck. Dare to start a Dark Prince in your game. Your opponent should not have old and used cards as his starting cards under any circumstances. He will most certainly suffer an early punishment. You can use Baby Dragon at other times. The best of these is after defending a win condition using positive Elixir trade. You can also use Mega Minion and Baby Dragon to tackle most pushes.

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