10 Best Pokemon Theme Decks

best pokemon theme decks

Determining the best Pokemon theme decks seems to get difficult with every new set release. One fact that many Pokemon players seem to get wrong is that the latest theme deck is not always the best. There are many theme decks available today, below are some of the best Pokemon theme decks you can find in the market.

  1. Storm Callerbest pokemon theme decks

This is the strongest lightning type deck to appear on this list. It is even able to strike down a few water-type Pokemon and some flying type Pokemon, that shows how strong it is. The main Pokemon in the deck is Raikou. Become a master of lightning using Raikou’s powers and fly high striking your enemies. The deck contains 60 pre-constructed cards, a coin, and a damage counter. Raikou’s moves are specifically electric-type; hence, you won’t have to worry about any surprise moves tanking your team. Use thunder shock and wild charge to strike down your opponents.

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  1. Rock Steadybest pokemon theme decks

Despite the fact that this theme deck has been around for some time now; many players still love it. It has powerful cards such as the Lycanroc and Meowstic. Lycanroc is best used on the offensive as it is a very good attacker during the early stages of the game. Meowstic is the most powerful card as it emits psychic energy enough to grind an enemy into dust. Hence Rock steady is one theme deck that players should consider purchasing.

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  1. Hidden Moonbest pokemon theme decks

Lunala is the main and the most powerful card in the deck. As a matter of fact, it is the only useful card in the deck as the other cards are weak and may get knocked out early in the game. It uses its little energy to launch scathing attacks on its enemies till its HP reduces. At stage 2, it becomes even more powerful by moving all its equipped energy. Then it uses this energy to knock out any weak Pokemon in Theme Deck format.  With its solid trainer cards, It definitely deserves a spot in the best Pokemon theme decks.

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  1. Steel Sunbest pokemon theme decks

The main Pokemon in this deck is Solgaleo, which is a dual type steel legendary Pokemon. It is a very powerful Pokemon able to take down any opponent in the field by dealing damage of 50 for 2 energies. Other powerful Pokemon in the deck include Dhelmise and Oricori. Dhelmise is a unique Pokemon with decent abilities and strong stats. It is a strong rapid spinner able to use its Ghost typing ability to spin and block others from spinning. Moreover, it has an insane attack; hence, it is best on the offensive. Oricorio has powerful dance moves that combust the opponent’s body and mind.

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  1. Wave Slasherbest pokemon theme decks

This deck mainly consists of grass and water type Pokemon. Greninja is the most powerful Pokemon in the deck. Use Greninja’s swift movements and speed to confuse your opponents and slice them up with compressed water stars. You can achieve straight wins by negating enemy abilities. There are various evolving Pokemon in the deck, which make it an extremely powerful deck to have. Powerful move sets that you can utilize in the deck include Dark Pulse and Hydro Pump. Effectively using this deck will turn you into a marvelous beast dreaded by your opponents.

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  1. Imperial Command

Imperial Command is one of the few theme decks that features Empoleon and other Water type Pokemon. The deck contains 60 cards in total inclusive of trainer cards. It has an HP of 160 and can launch extremely powerful attacks that require only 2 Energy. Using this deck, you can launch up to 100 repeated damage attacks. Most of the cards in the deck can deal damage of up to 80, which is pretty devastating. Once this deck is set up and launched on the field, there are plenty of support cards available to keep you going the entire game.

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  1. March Strike

March strike is one of the very few decks that has Ultra Prism. Also, it is one of the best Pokemon theme decks for newbies to learn how to play. It is a solid theme deck, especially on the offensive. It launches its attack very early in the game, thus creating a lot of pressure on the opponent. Using Lucario and Garchomp as attackers can prevent your opponent from charging any on his Pokemon on the bench. This works best when you open with Gible and take the lead with Garchomp. This further restricts your opponent from advancing in the game and denies him the chance to launch a comeback.

  1. Torrential Cannon

Torrential Cannon mainly consists of Normal and Water-type Pokemon. Blastoise is one of the strongest Pokemon in the deck especially when it comes to launching attacks. If you’re going up against water decks, then Torrential Cannon should be your number 1 choice. It is a more consistent theme deck but falls short when it comes to creating an early game pressure. This is attributed to the fact that it has a poor offensive format overall. One thing that makes Torrential Cannon stand out is that it is super effective when up against fire types.

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  1. Relentless Flame

This deck majorly consists of Fire types and has a Charizard ability. Feed your Charizard with adequate fire energy and create a continuous blaze ball as you take down your opponents. For each turn, you can deal damage of up to 130 points. The Nidoqueen also plays a huge role in this deck by significantly improving the consistency of the deck. Also, the player is guaranteed a quick and easy way to evolve at different levels. There are various drawing cards to help with the evolutions, especially Charmander evolutions. The only disadvantage of the deck is that it bricks harder compared to the other Pokemon decks.

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  1. Blazing Volcano

This theme deck has remained to be by far the best Pokemon theme deck you can ever find. Even though a number of other good theme decks get released annually, Blazing Volcano still retains the crown as the strongest theme deck. Considering the fact that it is just a basic Pokemon makes it even more amazing. In a single attack, it can deal 200 damage, and this only requires 3 energies. It has good trainer cards for all players to use, ensuring you’ll never run out of options. With Blazing Volcano, you’re guaranteed victory in any tournament as long as you play your cards right.

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