10 Best Water Pokemon

best water pokemon

Blastoise, Gyarados, and Greninja are some of the best water pokemon you can ever find. However, there are so many other Water-type monsters that have great offensive and defensive stats. Some are half water types or secondary water types, thus not entirely pure Water types. Water types are most effective when used against fire, ground, and rock type Pokemon. Hence this powerful monsters shouldn’t miss from your team. This article will list the best water pokemon from all the 7 generations.

  1. Palkiabest water pokemon

Palkia is a blend of Dragon and Water-type monsters. For this reason, it’s very effective when delivering attacks against defensive teams. Its lethal force, combined with excellent attack stats brings about powerful burst attacks against the opponents. Pokemon characters that depend on their switch-in ability to win fights have no chance against Palkia. Using it dragon type abilities it can destroy potential switch-ins in a matter of seconds. Pair it with steel type pokemon, and you’ll have a lethal team that every opponent will dread. It has a unique attack called Blizzard that freezes your opponent and deals great damage.

  1. Miloticbest water pokemon

This is a very powerful monster and a beautiful looking character. Milotic almost shares the same story as Gyarados. Where it evolved from will shock you. It is an evolved form of Feebas. Feebas is a strange-looking pokemon character that maybe you haven’t heard about before. It is one of the weakest Pokemon in the game that’s why many players don’t pay attention to it. However, Milotic is different from its primary form. It is an incredible pokemon with strong defensive capabilities. Pair it with a well-rounded team, and you won’t regret.

  1. Empoleon

Don’t mistake Empoleon for a normal penguin. This King Penguin is very lethal and can break even the strongest teams. This pokemon character only attacks when provoked. Upon provocation, it unleashes its lethal power and bays for blood. Defeat is imminent when Empoleon attacks, don’t underestimate it for its innocent looks and calm behavior. Empoleon is a water type blend and has steel type abilities. This gives it the speed for quick counters and also delivers solid damage. Additionally, it has good defensive stats which allows it to stay for long in the game.

  1. Swampert

Swampert is an evolved form of Mudkip. Just like Blastoise, it Mega evolves to a Mega Swampert using Swampertite. It appeared a few times in the anime, so many players are familiar to it. Swampert is a partial water type and ground type pokemon. This gives it a unique ability that most water type pokemon lack. As a result of being a ground type blend, it becomes immune to electric type attacks. I guess this is why Swampert is this high on our list. Considering the fact that not even Blastoise can survive electric type attacks. However, it’s still vulnerable to grass-based attacks.

  1. Kyogre

This a powerful, pure water type pokemon. However, it does not show its full strength until it reaches its Primal state. Before that, you may underestimate this monster for a weak character. On the contrary, Kyogre is a powerful monster that can take down even the strongest teams if not careful. Make sure Kyogre is part of your team because it may come in handy. This is because of its power to slow the pace of a standoff. Kyogre is a popular character among many pokemon players because of its futuristic appeal.

  1. Vaporeon

This is a first-generation Pokemon that evolves from Eevee using a Water Stone. It is often mistaken for a mermaid because of its body structure. This water type pokemon is normally in freshwater lakes. Vaporeon has average stats but with high HP and special attack. It can take multiple hits but still stay in the field. Although it suffers great damage when up against grass and electric type pokemon, it’s still a very useful character.

  1. Laprasbest water pokemon

There’s no other water type pokemon that can beat Lapras when it comes to Base stat total. It has a high base HP than most characters in the game. Even though it’s a bit slow when compared to other water type pokemon, it covers for this with its extremely good attacking power. Lapras has ice type abilities making it a secondary water type pokemon. It has an Ice Beam which, when fully charged deals incredible damage to your enemies by leaving them to freeze to death. Although Lapras has good defensive and attacking stats, it still suffers greatly when it is up against electric type pokemon.

  1. Greninja

Greninja is a fan favorite pokemon and is a popular character in the franchise. It is a secondary type pokemon blending from the dark and water-type monsters. This makes it completely immune to attacks from psychic type characters. However, it still suffers great damage when up against electric and fairy types. One of the most amazing features of Greninja is its protean ability. This is an outstanding ability that allows it to switch its type. As a result, Greninja can attack its opponents with moves they didn’t anticipate. Its average speed makes it best suited for the much slower monsters.

  1. Gyarados

Gyarados is a powerful monster and one of the best water pokemon out there. However, tracking the origin of the Gyarados will surprise you. Not many Pokemon players will actually believe this. But Gyarados is an evolved form of Magikarp. As we all know, Magikarp is one of the weakest Pokemon in the entire game. Surprisingly, Gyarados defies the odds and becomes one of the most dangerous characters in the Pokemon Franchise. It can overwhelm most fire, ground, and rock type Pokemon characters. The only monsters that can beat Gyarados are the electric-types.

  1. Blastoise

Arguably the best water pokemon across all generations. This pure water type pokemon is an evolved form of Squirtle. Squirtle is a popular 1st generation starter pokemon among pokemon players and found early in the game. Blaistose evolves later in the game to a Mega Blastoise and comes with a Mega launcher power. This power boosts its aura and pulse by 50%. Thus making Blastoise a very powerful monster in the field. Also, it comes with a Hydro Pump used for shooting streams of water to opponents. Blastoise has great defensive stats and is best in a defensive position to protect the rest of the team.

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