10 Best Terraria Challenges

Terraria Challenges

Terraria challenges are what makes the game super-exciting. This virtually endless game introduces new challenges every single day. New expert modes come with greater rewards and an increased level of difficulty for the most experienced Terraria veterans. Hence we’re here to guide you on selecting the challenge that’s best suited for you depending on the type of gameplay you prefer. Below are the best Terraria challenges that you can find in the game.

  1. Melee ChallengeTerraria Challenges

It is one of the easiest yet challenging Terraria challenges. You’re required to use only melee weapons. Additionally, you can use weapons that do melee damage. These are weapons you can only deploy in direct hand-to-hand combat as opposed to ranged weapons that you can use from a distance. Basically, the kind of weapons you can use are the likes of Flails and spears, etc.

  1. Gunslinger ChallengeTerraria Challenges

In this challenge, you can only use guns and rifles to fight off your enemies. You’re not allowed to use any other weapon to deal damage against your opponents. Also, the weapons you choose to use can’t use Mana to fire. In order to beat opponents like Plantera, you’ll have to switch to weapons that have a good rate of fire and base damage.

  1. Mage ChallengeTerraria Challenges

No other weapons are allowed in this challenge other than Magic weapons. Strictly sticking to magic weapons may seem impossible at first. But with a little perseverance in the game, you can make it. If you’re lucky enough, you may run into a magic item with your first spawn. I would agree acquiring a magic weapon is difficult since you may have to kill slimes to obtain it. But if you want to test your expertise of the game, this is one of the best Terraria challenges to play.

  1. Archer ChallengeTerraria Challenges

Some players prefer calling this challenge the Robinhood challenge, but they all stand for the same thing. The primary rule is that only bows and arrows are weapons. No other weapons are acceptable during this challenge. You can bring along other accessories such as the Panic Necklace, Obsidian Shield, and Rocket boots. Use the necro armor to boost the power of your bow and arrow. Your weapons will receive a 15% increase in ranged damage. Also, acquire other archery potions and buffs as they may come in handy during the challenge.

  1. Yoyo Challenge

In this challenge, you can only use Yoyos. It is best when playing expert mode. There are only 20 Yoyos in the game; you can obtain up to 18 Yoyos if you aren’t using expert mode. The other 2 Yoyos can only obtainable when using expert mode. That’s why it’s most advisable to stick to the expert mode when undertaking this challenge. During this challenge, the first Yoyo to be obtained is the wooden Yoyo. It is the easiest one to obtain and most effective against the weak enemies. As you advance in the challenge, you’ll be able to obtain more powerful Yoyos that you can use to kill the stronger enemies.

  1. Speedrun Challenge

In this challenge, everything you do must be absolutely fast. You’re required to beat the game as quickly as possible without wasting time. For this to happen, you have to accomplish all the end-game moon events first. Eventually, you’ll have a chance to kill Golem and you better not waste that chance. This challenge does not require the use of classes unless of course they’re required. Most of the time though classes aren’t necessary for the Speedrun challenge. You have to beat Terraria as fast as possible. Hence, time is very precious in this game. Lastly, you can skip bosses that do not serve a purpose to your challenge like EOC and Skeletron.

  1. Summoner Challenge

Most players don’t quite explore this challenge. This is because the Summoner class is best when combined with another class. Hence the Summoner challenge becomes one of the most underrated Terraria challenges. The summoner challenge requires you to obtain all boss trophies by only using summoning items. All the other weapons and tools that aren’t summoner class are prohibited. This challenge introduces you to a new character that you will use during the challenge. You’ll have to spawn a slime statue continuously between a pressure plate and a dart trap to obtain slime staff. The slime staff will be useful as your first weapon during the challenge.

  1. Drow Elf Challenge

To initiate this challenge, you have to use the drow class. This challenge comes with multiple rules adhered to. First of all, you’re expected to tunnel underground each time that you choose to spawn. That’s the primary Drow elf challenge rule. Also, all the resources that you see on the surface you’re not supposed to pick any of them. The accessories you’ll use during this challenge depend on the level of difficulty that you are playing. Each difficulty level comes with a unique type of accessory. Lastly, you’re not allowed to come back to the surface until you defeat the Wall of flesh.

  1. Fishing Challenge

In this challenge, you can only use tools and items obtained from fishing. Weapons and armor used must be crafted from fishing gains. Until you defeat the Wall of Flesh, this challenge is not over. The only good thing about this challenge, unlike the other challenges, is that you can bring accessories of any kind. Though some players stick to accessories from fishing only. Another rule of this challenge is that the money obtained from fishing cannot be used to buy any gear. You can extend the Plantera, and you’ll be able to fight the other bosses other than Skeletron and Wof.

  1. Merfolk Challenge

In this challenge, there are essential items that you need to have in order to progress in the game. The first item is the Neptunes shell. This will help you out in the water adventuring. The second item is the fishbowl, whose main function is to help you stay alive in the water and to keep breathing. Both items are essential, and you must put them on before you begin the challenge. Remember the Merfolk challenge takes place in a mass or pool of water underground. That means you must be prepared to stay in the water for long. The best thing to do before you begin the challenge is to pick at least 2 buckets and make gills potion to help you survive.

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