10 Best Pokemon Girls

Pokemon girls

Pokemon girls are the best trainers around. Today we’ll have a countdown of the best female characters in Pokemon. This list will incorporate the female characters of the anime series. The classic adventures only had 2 characters namely Ash and Misty. Ash has found some new companions to explore the world with. With time the number of female characters in Pokemon has grown. Check the top 10 best Pokemon girls below.

  1. ElesaPokemon girls

She first appears in the Best Wishes series. Elesa is a Gym Leader in the region of Unova. Also, she is a free spirit and a fashion model with many fans. She has a pretty good sense of fashion and always keeps up with the trend. Although she is a bit sensitive her confidence covers up for that. She is a kind-hearted girl but would stand up to fight for what she deserves.

  1. Officer JennyPokemon girls

When it comes to dealing with crime that involves a Pokemon, there’s no other character we can turn to other than Officer Jenny. There the most qualified law enforcers in all the region. The seemingly identical law enforcers have proved time and again that they’re the best in what they do. “Freeze drop that Pokemon!” this is a popular phrase used by Officer Jenny. They’re face of justice in the entire series.

  1. DawnPokemon girls

Ash and Brock were exploring the Sinnoh region when they came across Dawn. Dawn became the 3rd female companion to Ash after Brock. Dawn is a dynamic and confident girl which impresses Ash. She wanted to follow her mother’s footstep and become the region’s greatest Pokemon coordinator. Dawn was full of energy when she joined Ash and Brock. Soon the trio were working together harmoniously and complemented each other. Her fashion sense is pretty good too.

  1. Nurse JoyPokemon girls

Nurse Joy is fit for the job if your Pokemon needs healing. Every Pokemon center has a Nurse Joy attached to it. Nurse Joy offers a helping hand when it comes to any sort of medical condition. Also, she offers support and care for any Pokemon. This medical professionals are Brock’s favorites and there a lot of reasons to back that up. They have in-depth knowledge of healing and this has made them excellent nurses. Besides, they are shown to be good archeologists, investigators and judges in other parts of the series. This means they’re a versatile bunch of professional female characters.

  1. Iris

Apart from Misty, this another character of the Pokemon girls who always taunted and teased Ash. Later on the two became very close friends. She is a character from the bwhite version. Her mood changes in seconds thus becoming hard to predict her character. Iris has this dream of becoming the next dragon master as she specializes in Dragon types. In addition, she dreams to take over as Opelucid City gym leader. Even though she is kind, she does not take up disrespect from anyone. She fears Ice-type Pokemon a lot. She is the only one among the Pokemon girls that lacks a cameo after Ash left her region.

  1. Bianca

She first appeared in the Black and White series. She is a clumsy girl and we can all remember when she unintentionally pushed Ash into a pool of water. Bianca has fickle nature and usually gets over excited. Even though, she started her journey as a Pokemon trainer a little bit late she always wants to prove she is the best. Part of the reason why she joined the others late is because of her over-protective father. She is a little extra when it comes to training her Pokemon. There is a particular time she commanded her Pokemon to use moves she hadn’t taught.

  1. Serena

If you’re a keen Pokemon fan, you’ll recall that Serena shares a past with Ash when they were little. Back in the day the two were inseparable and Ash offered a helping hand to Serena most of the times. Her love for fashion is undeniable. Eventually, she develops a passion as a Pokemon perfomer. As a matter of fact, Serena was a highlight character of the XY Series. She is a kind and polite girl but it can be seen that she openly rebels her mother. Serena might be a little bit insecure but she never loses her composure.

  1. Cynthia

Cynthia is considered a champion by many and she truly is. She isn’t known as the Champion for no apparent reason. Cynthia is by far the strongest trainer in all of Sinnoh. She is full of energy and strength. No opponent would dare cross Cynthia’s line. Cynthia is a top of the class Pokemon female character. Her skills as a trainer are top notch. Also she has great confidence and is full of wisdom. She understands every Pokemon that passes through her hand and she gives them very best training. Cynthia is a top-tier female character in the anime and the game especially when it comes to challenges. We can’t deny that Cynthia is a legendary female character.

  1. May

When Misty left the group we thought no one would ever replace her. She left a big void behind and no one seemed to perfectly fit in her shoes. However, when Ash was traversing the Hoenn region she found this beautiful soul by the name May. When she was told about becoming a Pokemon trainer, she didn’t love the idea. Originally, she was a bit skeptical of Pokemons. But later she was convinced and she found herself loving them. Eventually, she took down the path of a Pokemon coordinator. Fortunately, she did fit in Misty’s shoes. However, she is known to be short-tempered and may push her Pokemon too hard especially during contests. Anyway her flaws are no match to her achievements.

  1. Misty

Misty is one of the best Pokemon girls in the anime series. No other female character comes close to beating Misty. She is a near perfect Pokemon character with little or no flaws. I just love her character and  personality. Who else could take this spot other than Misty? Remember she has been there since the beginning and was the first female companion to Ash. Always proving to be a reliable companion to Ash. She has been with Ash through thick and thin the entire series. She is the youngest of four sisters who always belittled her.

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