Top 10 worst Pokemon

worst pokemon

Let’s analyze the absolute worst Pokemon ever created. There are over 800 Pokemon released in all generations combined. Not all of them appeal to the eye; some of them are terrible namewise and have lazy designs. Below are the top 10 worst Pokemon of all time.

  1. Woobat


The name is just as annoying as the face of this creature. Look closely, and you’ll see a wow on the creature’s face. I’ve never seen eyes represented by a letter ‘w’ in any type of drawing, but the designing team was that lazy. To make matters worse, there’s a heart-shaped representation of the nose. Then there’s one sharp tooth in the mouth, and the face is complete. The only feature that makes this creature look like a bat is the bat wings; otherwise, I’ve never seen such a horrendous thing. Maybe the only consolation I can find for selecting Woobat in my team is that it turns to Swoobat when leveled up.

  1. Burmyworst pokemon

I can’t explain what this is or what type of creature it is. I’ve never seen this type of design. It’s completely inexplicable. I can’t call it ugly since that world is an understatement. Burmy is an innocent-looking creature filled with unnecessary shapes. The only good thing about Burmy is that it evolves. This means you won’t be stuck with a violently ugly creature. At least you’ll get to see some other worse creatures as the evolution continues. Some of them look like they have antennas while others look like flower vases.

  1. Exeggcute

10 worst pokemone

Exeggcute is a set of six separate eggs introduced in the first pokemon generation. The name must have been from 3 English words that are ‘execute, egg and cute.’ So they probably just decided to merge them. I would agree they’re eggs, they look cute, and one of them already executed. Actually, I’m referring to the broken member of this set. The others already have cracks and may pretty soon break too. Isn’t it just bizarre that these cute eggs are all into one pokemon? I don’t see the essence of that since they aren’t that powerful in attack.

  1. Ditto

Ditto looks like a melted star with a flat bottom. A dot represents the eyes, which is quite a lazy design. The mouth is a single line well maybe the designing team had no time and decided to sketch anything they could think of. The character body takes the shape of a big block with edges which we may assume they represent arms. It is one of the poorest pokemon designs ever. However, it is also one of the easiest to draw Pokemon in the entire pokemon universe. Maybe it’s because there isn’t much to draw. Just do a sketch, and you’re good.

  1. Yamask

Well, this is one scary Pokemon, to be honest. First of all, it has a chilling history. This creature was once a human, get that right. The mask it carries around is of its former human face. Nerve-racking right, that’s just a brief history of Yamask. Let’s not forget the fact that anyone that attempts to wear the Yamask mask gets possessed by Yamask.

  1. Jynx

What a horrific creature Jynx is. Not sure what the designer was thinking about designing this ugly Pokemon. It is even scary to look at. The irony about it is that its signature moves have everything to do with kissing. I can’t imagine how horrible getting a kiss from Jynx would be. Also, I don’t know the purpose of the bleach-blonde hair. The glowing eyes make this creature look like some ghost. I can’t recommend this Pokemon to anyone who gets petrified easily. You’ll just experience night mares from seeing it.

  1. Magikarp

Magikarp is a water type pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon red and blue video games. This Pokemon turns into a Gyarados upon reaching level 20. The creature looks like scary orange fish with protruding eyes and whiskers from its body. No offense but this Ken Sugimori design is pretty terrible and horrific. Some argue that Magikarp isn’t that bad since it transforms into a Gyarados. But the truth is, who has to wait for twenty levels for just a transformation. Imagine spending 20 levels as a useless wastrel.

  1. Luvdisc

Do not let the name fool you; this is just another useless Pokemon. It has a heart-shaped body and an eye. However, the design is quite confusing since it is also referred to as a fish since it inhabits the shallow seas in the tropical. Also, just because of the common myth that you receive eternal love as a blessing when you find it doesn’t make it useful. I’d rather choose Magikarp than Luvdisc, at least it evolves to something. Otherwise, for Luvdisc, you’ll be stuck with this useless Pokemon forever. It has pretty low stats; I don’t think they’ll be useful against anything.

  1. Unown

This is a psychic type Pokemon; it looks like a misplaced letter or a disfigured key. One of the weakest Pokemon ever that I’ve ever seen. Basically, it has no actual power moves that will be beneficial to any player. Just a weak hidden power move which any Pokemon can master anyway. Furthermore, the move is a normal type move, which means no effective hit on even the weakest Pokemon. Moreover, it has meager stats. With the base stat adding up to 336, this is a crappy creature that should be just be scrapped off. Let’s not even mention the terrible design. Like who even came up with such a horrible design?

  1. Trubbish

Remove the first letter, and this Pokemon becomes rubbish, which it absolutely is. In fact, it is based on the garbage archetype and categorized as a Trash heap pokemon. They belong to the dumpsite, and I believe you should leave them there. Unless you’ve no option but pick them. Statwise they are not that bad, but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Take a good lot at Trubbish; it looks like a toxic waste with eyes. Whoever designed this thing must have been extremely tired and decided to scramble whatever came into his mind.

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