10 Best Minecraft Parodies

Minecraft parodies

Minecraft has a community of creative, talented geniuses who produce so many Minecraft parodies that are released annually. Minecraft lovers release some of the most amazing songs that I’ve ever listened to. A few songs even sound better than the original tracks. Today we’re going to consider the top 10 best Minecraft parodies as shown below.

  1. Fighting for LoveMinecraft parodies

This awesome parody is of the song Waiting for Love by genius EDM producer Avicii. You’ll surely won’t get enough of this song. Although the original song is better lyrically, the parody does not disappoint too. It is the work of a fan named Ryguyrocky in 2017. The song has garnered over 7.6 million viewers on Youtube.

  1. Can Stop The WitherMinecraft parodies

From the title, the author of the song is trying to be ironical since the original song is called Can’t Stop The Feeling. Can’t Stop The Feeling is a song by American R&B singer and songwriter, Justin Timberlake. This hilarious parody has received massive support from Minecraft players fans its release. Currently, it has over 12 million Youtube viewers. For ardent gamers savvy with Minecraft tools and familiar with the game from the beginning this song is for you.

  1. Supernatural MobsMinecraft parodies

This parody based on the original song of American singer Katheryn Hudson also known as Katy Perry. The original song goes by the name California Gurls featuring Snoop Dogg, a Hip hop artist. I think the ‘u’ in Gurls is intentional. Anyway that aside, the duo collaborated for this teen pop and rock song back in 2010. As you can remember, this is a period where people had so much craze about parodies on Youtube, especially Minecraft fans. The AtlanticCraft earned credit for creating Supernatural Mobs, a Minecraft Parody of California Gurls. The Award-winning song received so much support from the Minecraft community.

  1. Mineshaft

Mineshaft is a parody song from the original Maroon 5 track, “Payphone.” The parody song of the Smash hit was done and released by Mineworks Animations. This particular song is quite impressive since it was a collaboration of a pop-rock band and a top Hip Hop artist. The original song came out on April 16, 2012, while the Minework Animations parody came out on August 5, 2012. The parody song is available at top streaming sites such as Youtube, Bancamp and on iTunes. They did a pretty impressive job, especially if you listen to the original first then the parody.

  1. New World

British rock boy band, Coldplay, has inspired so many Minecraft parodies song. New World is one of the best if not the best song among the many parodies inspired by Coldplay. The song “New World” is easily memorable and has great but funny lyrics. The parody was first posted on a Youtube channel by the name SkyDoesMinecraft. This was the first-ever song to be posted on the channel, and with time it gained massive popularity. The original song by Coldplay is called Paradise, and it was a peak hit song in 2013. The parody done by three guys, namely Sky, Slamacow and Pedro.

  1. Like an Enderman

Remember Gangnam Style? The song that broke the internet and gained over a billion views on Youtube back in 2012. Well if you don’t, you must be on the wrong planet. The song originally made by South Korean singer and rapper Park Jae-sang also known as Psy became a massive hit worldwide. This song was so incredible that it managed to get a place in the Guinness World records by breaking 5 records. It is one of the songs that has over 3 billion views on Youtube. Like an Enderman is the official Minecraft parody song for Gangnam style. Still, it didn’t disappoint just like the hit song it gained massive popularity.

  1. Fallen Kingdom

I would say CaptainSparklez is the DJ Khaled of Minecraft. We get yet ‘another one’ (Pun Intended) of his amazing songs on our list. Fallen Kingdom is another Coldplay inspired song. The parody is made from the song Viva La Vida and has a clever lyrical wordplay to back it up. Majoring on rebuilding and reconstruction of a former world. According to me, Fallen Kingdom is way better than other parodies made from original Coldplay songs. Maybe it is because the genius CaptainSparklez worked on it, but overall, it is a good tune to listen to.

  1. TNT

Hands down, this is one of the best Minecraft parodies ever. The song is a parody of the Billboard nominated song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. Dynamite was a top pop hit song back in the year 2009. It is one of the best song, if not the best song by Taio Cruz. At the Time, Taio Cruz was one of the most sought after artist and songwriter. The most surprising yet amazing fact about TNT, the Minecraft parody, is that it has more views than the original song. This even prompted the Taio Cruz’s team to release a statement trying to give some sort of explanation. Even so, the TNT version is much better and fun to listen to.

  1. Don’t mine at night

It seems like the Minecraft community loves Katy Perry. This is another one of her songs that have managed to get a spot in our top ten list. Don’t mine at night is a parody of Katy’s original song called Last Friday. Brad Knauber first sang it. Since then a lot of other independent artists have jumped in and released their versions of the song. This is one amazing Minecraft parodies that should never miss in your playlist. In fact, if your playlist doesn’t have this song, then I guess it’s not much of a playlist.

  1. Revenge

You’ll never get enough of CaptainSparklez if you’re a Minecraft ardent gamer. Revenge is a masterpiece parody song created by this musically genius. Undoubtedly, Revenge is one of the best Minecraft parodies. We’ll have to wait for a long time for a better parody song to come out and beat this excellent song. The original song goes by the title “DJ Got Us Fallin in Love” by American singer, Usher. The parody song has amassed more than 130 million Youtube views. This makes Revenge the most popular Minecraft parody song. Currently, no other Minecraft parody song has come close to defeating this masterpiece.

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