Top 10 Best Minecraft Enchantments

Best Minecraft Enchantments

For those inexperienced Minecraft players who have never used enchanted armor and tools before, these enchantments are special abilities given to armor and tools such that their powers become much enhanced than the standard set of tools. A player can further enchant his tool by using it to repair another tool of the same type. Enchantments allow players to acquire more resources efficiently and come with additional features that revolutionize the whole gameplay. You can never call yourself an expert Minecraft player if you’ve never used enchanted weapons and tools. Listed below are the top 10 list of Best Minecraft enchantments that I think have the best functionality and tons of other useful features.

  1. Efficiency


This enchantment will help you break blocks in your way much faster compared to the regular way of breaking blocks. Efficiency will make time-consuming activities such as mining, digging and wood cutting much faster and quicker compared to the usage of non-enchanted tools and it is very easy for any player to obtain since it only requires very few XP levels and often no bookshelves

  1. Unbreaking


This is a special enchantment that is used to double the lifespan of your tools and weapons. It increases armor durability by 25% of its initial durability. It can also be used to save valuable resources in your reserve, such as diamonds. Unbreaking is often used by map creators to make durable tools. The best reason to use this enchantment is that it’s not that expensive and can prolong your survival further in the game.

  1. Thorns


Thorns is a versatile combat enchantment that ensures that the number of times an attacker hurts you is directly proportional to the damage that will be caused to the attacker. It used to prevent and punish attackers who decide to ambush and attack you; hence, it gives you the upper hand in deadly combos. If used in much higher levels, thorns are fatal, especially to bigger opponents. Thorns are much more effective when tackling a horde of enemies because the more they hurt you, the larger the damage inflicted upon them.

  1. Knockback and Punch

Knockback and Punch

The combination of this two helps keep the targets at a distance and harassing them once they are far away by the use of spamming arrows or a sprint attack, this will consistently help to keep the enemies away. This type of enchantment is a necessity to any experienced player’s arsenal because when they are used effectively, they can be lethal to the enemy that’s why it holds this spot among the Best Minecraft enchantments.



As the name suggests, this enchantment reduces the amount of damage you get from your attackers. It offers solid defense against all types of damage one may get during an attack. It increases a players chances of survival, especially in the wilderness or against other players much easier compared to when using unenchanted tools and weapons. For the best protection during gameplay, this is the best enchantment to apply.

5.Sharpness and power

Sharpness and power

This two enchantments combined add pure power to your attacks; they create greater damage to every attack you initiate with no hoops to jump. Players who participate in high-level PvP are advised to apply this enchantment because it’s beneficial in any given situation that involves a mob or a hostile player. Sharpness is the much-relied aspect of the two enchantments all round and is the most sought after because of the brutal damage it causes during short range attacks.

4.Feather falling

Feather falling

Imagine a feather falling from the sky and its impact when it falls to the ground. This is the same effect that will be felt by a player who uses this enchantment in his gameplay. It prevents a player from bad damage whenever he falls from a place of high ground. It’s rather a preventive measure than a curative one for a Minecraft player. Without the application of this enchantment, it’s highly likely that a player will succumb to his injuries, thus affecting his game progress.

3.Fire Aspect

Fire Aspect

Indicating from its name, this enchantment comes with a flame. It enhances your weapon’s effectiveness by setting the target on fire whenever you come across one. It works best when there’s a high number of targets at the same time; hence, it easily consumes up all your targets thus a greater damage output and helps you move rapidly towards your target area. However, it is not advisable to use when raining since its effects wane whenever there is rain. It’s recommended when you want to commit mass genocide on your targets. It increases the overall damage caused to an opponent, and it’s best advised to utilize it and run techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimal risk for this enchantment.


Fire Aspect

Imagine earning a tone of diamonds in one move; Fortune offers to give a player more diamonds if the players manage to break a diamond ore, I guess that’s why its named Fortune. It applies to all other ores, so with this enchant you’re going to make a fortune using it. When you need to collect more resources without the application of your combat skills, this is the best enchantment to use. It will grant you more resources than you could ever imagine in just a single ore. This is a must-have enchantment for every experienced player.


Fire Aspect

Infinity stands out as the Best Minecraft enchantment. It allows a player to shoot arrows forever, just like the name itself indicates, a player can shoot arrows infinitely. It doesn’t matter the number of arrows you have in your inventory; you’re bound to shoot indefinitely because this enchantment gives you unlimited ammo to use in your bow. Experienced players don’t even need to shoot a lot of arrows during gameplay, but with this enchantment, you don’t have to worry about the number of arrows your inventory has anymore. Collecting arrows is cumbersome least to say but infinity offers a solution by eliminating the need for ammunition, the only downside to this enchantment is that it is scarce and expensive but least to say it’s worth it.

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