10 Top Best Skyrim Companions (Followers)

Skyrim Companions

Over a decade now since its initial launch Skyrim has maintained a lot of popularity among its players. This addictive action-role video game recreates a whole new experience of a fantasy world and brings into action a virtual world for the players to explore. It revolutionizes the world of gaming, allowing its players to travel through anywhere in the game world and get a whole new experience. This masterpiece of a game offers a follower for every player though not all followers are equal. Here are some of the Skyrim Companions we think are best.

  1. Aela The Huntress

Aela The Huntress

This companion is considered the best when it comes to using arrows and bows, especially for long-distance attacks. She has a level cap of about 50, making her the perfect companion in terms of fighting off distant enemies. Her moral authority is unmatched; she willingly declines to attack the innocent and would never turn against you. Aela The Huntress is a skillful master of the art of archery having received the best know-how in terms of training. Her yet best ability to explore as a player is her shapeshifting power, especially when under serious attack.

  1. Barbas


Barbas is just a quest character and lycanthropic, he’s actually a Daedra before he shapes shifts. He’s a loyal companion just like all dogs are as long as you don’t hurt or abandon him or take him back to his master. He will faithfully serve you and the set companion when it comes to detecting and catching thieves. Throughout your travel in Skyrim, you are not bound to be lonely if you have Barba by your side. You’re ultimately safe because he can smell danger a mile away.

  1. Mjoll the Lioness

Mjoll the Lioness

You’re never going to be bored in your journey if you choose Mjoll the Lioness, as your Skyrim companion, she’s going to entertain you with the never-ending stories of her past life throughout the journey. She puts integrity first and is a great enemy of corruption, her core role being the fight against corruption. You first have to earn her by recovering her lost sword, and this will eventually payback because she is a great warrior. Her most amazing power is her ability not to succumb to friendly fire. She prefers long range attacks and will ultimately keep your enemies at bay.

  1. J’zargo


Kept at the college of Winterhold, He’s one of the best Skyrim Companions, this is because he has no level cap on him meaning he continues to get stronger at each level, and you can keep him throughout the entire game. He’s a little bit arrogant, and that may be a turn off to some players, but he’s worth keeping since he comes in handy in close combat. He has an amazing experience in casting destruction and restoration spells, and by level 50 his one handed skills are at best which transforms him to a great battle tank.

  1. Serana


This great character, the daughter of Coldharbour, cannot be killed. She even has the power to raise corpses to help her fight in battle. You first have to earn her, and by finishing the main Dawnguard quest line, you’ll attain her full set of follower command. She was turned into a vampire and has her Magicka powers which come In handy for her, worry not, if she’s not able to explore her magical powers then she’ll use her extensive one-handed combat skills hence equip her with a powerful weapon.

  1. Teldryn Sero

Teldryn Sero

This is a top-notch Skyrim Companion, and he’s at a level cap of 60. Never are you going to get bored choose Teldryn Sero as your companion, every single city you visit he’ll offer you a brief history of it. He’s a skilled fighter, and his primary skills include Destruction and Conjuration, this great character is even able to use a Flame atronach to his advantage in battle. He blasts the enemies with the atronach if they are too many, you should never get worried about losing a battle if you have Teldryn Sero by your side. With only 500 coins, you can make him your ultimate companion.

  1. JenassaHousecarls


You’ll acquire her by a payout of 500 Gold. Don’t worry, and she’s worth of every penny you decide to spend on her. She has mastered the skillset of archery and will never disappoint you when it comes to eliminating your enemies when in the long range or short range. Her other primary abilities include great armor handling strength, especially light armor and has more stamina and HP compared to the other female characters in Skyrim.

  1. Housecarls


These are well trained and ready for battle soldiers whom you contract for a certain period. Skyrim offers about five Housecarls however they’re freemen but once you contract their services they loyally follow you and bow to protect you with their lives. They have follower abilities and can carry out your orders in an instant apart from protecting you from harm. You can’t contract a Housecarl in the game until you become a thane in their respective households.

  1. Frea


Frea is one of the best characters ever in this game. She is also essential meaning she never dies in battle and definitely would never bend a knee to indicate surrender. She has no level cap hence you can decide to make her a permanent companion throughout the entire game by successfully passing her persuasive check or, but she can only be your follower if you have a Dragonborn DLC. Her primary skills include great light armor strength, one-handed skills, and restoration. She can dual wield weapons and can heal herself by the use of spells.

  1. CiceroCicero

Arguably one of the most advanced characters in Skyrim with a level cap of 50 and also an essential style during gameplay. He has excellent close combat skills and an expert in light armor handling and archery. He has a great sense of dark humor, and you’ll never get bored with him as your companion. However, to acquire him, you must be able to join the Dark Brotherhood first.

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