Top 10 Best Yugioh Archetypes

Yugioh Archetypes

There are many different  Yugioh archetypes out there. Here’s a list of the archetypes I think is the best, considering your chances of winning. I have outlined the reasons basing on how they play and the different artworks for each archetype. On account of that, I came up with the list below.  Indeed, there are many options available currently. To be sure, when it comes to Yugioh, one can easily be spoilt for choice.

  1. Arcana Force

Arcana Force

This archetype is not very competitive among players. This is because the outcome depends on luck and the duration that the card stays on the field. Just like the outcome of a flip of a coin that’s how playing using the Arcana Force cards feels like for a majority of people hence less competitive. Maybe in the future, it’s going to be made much more competitive, but as per now, it remains less competitive. The outstanding feature of the Arcana Force is the artwork, and the artwork design is pretty much creative and much easier to figure out heads usually indicating a good effect while tails indicate a bad effect except for most of the stronger monsters, head or tail indicated a good effect.

  1. Tech Genus

Tech Genus

Tech Guns falls into this list because one can synchro summon very quickly. Tech Genius also includes an accel synchro for the arc top and a delta too. The artwork for both the arc top and delta synchro monsters look pretty impressive, and this is maybe because they look like something between Gundams and nightmares from kooky offs. The giant robots are also awesome, and this Yugioh archetype has one of the best tuna monsters. If you cannot Syncro Summon, then the best possible thing is to build up a strong defense then your opponent will take much time destroying your defense this will buy you time to add plenty cards at the last phase.

  1. Koa Ki Meiru Urnight

Koa Ki Meiru Urnight

In the beginning, many people didn’t like this archetype that much but later on, when crusader and Iron core came out, the perspective changed. In the beginning, it only had Drago which didn’t allow the usage of the secondary effect of Koa Ki Meiru instead you first had to get rid of the core to keep them on the field. Iron and crusader were a lot of fun to play since it gave some bit of story to its players and many people enjoyed this. It has a powerful mill power, and its search is accelerated. It has proven to have versatile monster effects that can be utilized in the current Meta. It is much easier to recover these cards by skipping you or sending the monster to its graveyard during the draw phase.

  1. Crystal Beasts

Crystal Beasts

This one of my favorite archetype because of the nostalgia it creates to its players, whenever they get destroyed, they go to spell. The most outstanding one being their post monster rainbow dragon which you may usually get on the first pack, this is one of the coolest post monsters from crystal beasts and nostalgic to play too. Crystal beasts can still be used while they’re equipped with effects this is because there’s no particular specification that they must remain in the Spell card form.

  1. Noble Knights Artorigus

Noble Knights Artorigus

This is a new archetype that no so many players have explored yet. Many players joined in when the second sneak preview came out, and they discovered they could go for Excalibur and a blade or an engine, after that they released welch wig then dust run. Shadow spectre was the most outstanding as more parts of it were released in Noble Knights. This archetype has risen to become one of the top meta decks over the years and maybe because they’re knights is one of the reasons why. The story behind the Noble Knights is also incredible and fun.

  1. Gladiator Beasts Heraklinos

Gladiator Beasts Heraklinos

The most interesting idea that came out of this archetype is how the team would switch out in case of an attack or when they wanted to launch an attack. The way the team used Prisma to bring out their fusions much easier than thought and in the future, I’d hope they come up with more fusions for each Clara Beast. This archetype is incredible because it would not die, even though you may try to hit it with so many different cards, it is one of the top decks that stays for long in the meta.

  1. Gem-Knight Citrine

Gem-Knight Citrine

This is one of those dual terminal size archetypes with impressive artwork on its cards. Gem-Knights are one of the few decks that still employ the use of fusions as their main form of fighting, and they contain the best fusions, one can fuse and exceed them. It’s one of the most competitive archetypes, and a player can use citrine and can swarm the field.  Gem-Knights are compelling archetypes.

  1. Gishki Zielgigas

Gishki Zielgigas

Currently, Gishki Zielgigas stands out as the only archetypes that employ the use of ritual monsters in their gameplay with all the other latest archetypes opting for Synchros. The whole storyline upon which Gishki Zielgigas is created upon is amazing; the idea behind it is mind blowing it incorporates the story of Dulcimer model and Gem-Knights. They are mighty and scary times because of the existence of ritual monsters.

  1. Elemental Hero Flame Wingman

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman

It’s a mainly nostalgic archetype, but its most outstanding feature is the gameplay. Every hero had a fusion deck, and they could be different combinations of fusions, not just one form. Shining Flare Wingman is probably most people’s Elemental hero. When it destroys a monster and sends it to the graveyard, your opponent must receive the same damage inflicted to the monster equal to the ATK.

  1. Dragunity Knight

Dragunity Knight

This archetype stands out as the best Yugioh archetypes ever because of their combination of Knights and Dragons. They also restructure the idea of synchro monsters, by recreating and merging a dragon and a winged beast that have syncro into them, they stand out far above the others because they’re the only types of cards to do that. Dragunity Knight has one of the best creative art styles.

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