Vandal VS Phantom

Vandal vs Phantom, Valorant players all over the world argue which is the better rifle and it’s time to settle it. Both costing 2,900 creds and having their own distinctive purposes let’s look into which rifle is better. Time to find out whether you will be picking the Vandal or Phantom in your next game.


The Vandal sprays slower and has a harder recoil to control. The Vandal is known best for it’s one shot headshots. Burst firing or one tapping from medium to long distances is how to get the most out of this weapon. Spray transferring is hard to control. It is important to stop shooting and readjust your aim with this gun.

Vandal Stats

  • Fire mode: Fully Automatic
  • Head Damage: 156
  • Body Damage: 39
  • Leg Damage: 33
  • Range: 50 Meters
  • Magazine Size: 25
  • Fire Rate: 9.25
  • Tap Efficiency: 6
  • Penetration: Medium

Vandal Recoil Control

The Vandal’s recoil is a little tricky to control. Spray down a wall without moving to get an idea of the pattern. The spray pattern is shaped as a ‘7’ in order to control this you have to mirror the shape. Go down and then to the left. The best way to practice controlling the spray is by going into the practice range and shooting at a target. Try to get all of your bullets to say in the middle of the target.

Vandal vs Phantom

Valorant Vandal Recoil


The Phantom is a very forgiving gun with an easier to control recoil and faster sprays. No matter the distance you can not get a one shot headshot when your opponent has full armor with this gun. This gun comes with a silencer so it is great for flanks. I found that duelists utilize this gun well since they’re usually on the front lines pushing to get a pick.

Phantom Stats

  • Fire Mode: Fully Automatic
  • Head Damage: 156, 140, 124
  • Body Damage: 39, 35, 31
  • Leg Damage: 33, 30, 26
  • Range: 15/30/50
  • Fire Rate: 11
  • Tap Efficiency: 4
  • Penetration: Medium

Phantom Recoil Control  

Similar to the Vandal test the spray by shooting a blank wall while standing still. It also has a ‘7’ shaped spray pattern. Mirror the pattern and be sure to practice in the range. The phantom’s spray is much easier to control than the Vandals but still requires some practice to control properly.

Vandal Vs Phantom

Valorant Phantom Recoil


Vandal vs Phantom, which one is the better rifle? Both the Vandal and the Phantom have their pros and cons. It all depends on the person and where they’re going to position themselves during the round. For example if you are planning on pushing long on an objective a Vandal might be a better option, but if you’re going short, garage, or sewers in different maps a Phantom might serve you better. I personally found that duelists benefit more from the Phantom due to their flashes, blinds, and overall goal of quickly pushing onto site and getting a pick or two. Support players who hang back and shoot from a further distance would benefit more from the Vandal. Take time in the practice range and deathmatch to figure out which gun matches your play style. 

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