10 Best Fallout 4 Sniper Rifles

Fallout 4 is an open world post-apocalyptic RPG, set in Boston in the year 2287 which is approximately ten years after the events that occurred in fallout 3 and d6 years after the events that occurred in Fallout New Vegas. The player is the sole survivor and the main protagonist in the game. Fallout 4 has a unique style of combat; it comes with over 50 base weapons which can be crafted and modified as you wish. Our main focus is going to be on the best Fallout 4 Sniper rifles currently in the game.

10.Virgil’s Rifle

Virgil’s Rifle

This is an energy-based rifle which comes with a legendary sniper effect, the Mutant Slayer effect which causes more than 30% damage inflicted to super mutants. It comes equipped with its unique Mods such as Gamma wave emitter and medium night vision. You can only acquire this rifle by stealing it from Virgil or by making him commit suicide. It has a long range of about 227 and Fires at a rate of 66.

9.Hub Alien Blaster

Hub Alien Blaster

This is the best weapon to use as an emergency sidearm rifle. I believe its range is unmatched hence the best long range gun a player can wish for in Fallout 4. Its best features include having the fastest ever reload speed as a semi-automatic weapon; you don’t need to worry about reload time if you choose this rifle. Stealth snipers will enjoy using this gun because during combat it has a silencer ability. The only downsides to this gun are that it has a lesser damage per shot; hence, you’ll need to fire multiple shots before your enemy eventually goes down.

8.Old Faithful

Old Faithful

The sheer power of this weapon comes from in its ability to cause 300 damage just for a single shot. I consider it as the best mid-game rifle amongst other rifles in their category because of its unparalleled force when it’s upgraded. It has the same drawback as the Sentinel Plasmacaster because it has no silence, but I consider it the best option for non-stealthy players because it is economical and can be acquired at the early game stages in just level 3 or level 4. It also has an instigating effect, so you never get to worry about your target coming back to haunt you. However, as you advance to later stages of the game, you must acquire better rifles for continual survival in the game.

7.Sentinel Plasmacaster

Sentinel Plasmacaster

Sentinel Plasmacaster has the best sniper effect in the entire Fallout 4 game, this effect called the Instigating effect, gives the weapon an ability to cause double damage to the target, even if the target is in full health making this rifle one of the best Fallout 4 sniper rifle. Even though it has excellent stats, it is highly underrated by many players because of its lack of a Silencer; a major drawback. The raw damage that this rifle can cause can squash even the scariest enemies. If you prefer playing as a stealth sniper, remaining unseen and inconspicuous to your enemies, then this rifle is not for you because it will leave you frail and exposed regardless of how you plan your sneak attacks.

6.Old reliable

Old reliable

I believe not all players will agree with me on this one but old reliable has extraordinary abilities it’s downsides notwithstanding. It can take up the functionalities of the Gauss rifle and high powered Overseer’s guardian. It can also attack in a much silent mode than the two. I find this rifle to be highly underrated by many players due to its disadvantages. It has a smaller clip size and has a lesser shot range than most guns in its category. All in all, I can recommend this rifle to players who are still learning their way in Fallout 4. It will give you the much-needed experience to explore the advantages of much bigger and efficient rifles. Such as The Last Minute when facing your toughest enemies.

5.The Problem Solver

Old reliable

It has a resemblance of an AK 47 but don’t confuse it for one. It’s a lethal weapon equipped with a legendary sniper effect. The Furious effect causes increased damage on your target every time you hit your target repeatedly. It’s recommended to combine this weapon with Commando and Rifleman Perks to explore its maximum power.

4.Overseer’s Guardian

Overseer’s Guardian

This is one of the most economical rifles a player can acquire. Plus you don’t need to spend much on the acquisition. It accommodates two shots, and the ammo has about three caps for a single shot. Most players prefer this rifle because of its massive clip size; hence, you can utilize it in your most dire situations by spraying bullets against your enemies to prevent them from reaching you. It has only one downside; it is not the preferable weapon to use when facing high-end opponents in the game.

3.Tinker Tom Special

Tinker Tom Special

Although only Railroad members can only use this rifle, this weapon comes with a Stalker sniper effect which ensures that even if the player is not in combat mode. The player will be able to acquire a 100% VATs accuracy at just a 50% increased AP cost. It has a range of approximately 185 and damage of 37 for a single shot. It’s highly recommended because of its legendary stalker effect.

2.The Last Minute

The Last Minute

You don’t even need an RNG to have this rifle. This is the best one hit knockout gun for the ultimate sniper in the game; it gives you the ability to conduct a sneak attack and kill your enemies instantly including the likes of Far Harbor’s Shipbreaker. With this weapon, you can hurt, maim, or kill every single one of your enemies without being noticed or detected with just a single shot. It comes with a crippling effect of about 25% damage on the lower limbs. When combined with other base game and ace operator perks it becomes one lethal weapon with an unfathomed force that can cause incredible damage to your enemies.

1.Gauss Rifle

Gauss Rifle

Widely considered as the best rifle, this is the Ultimate Fallout 4 sniper rifle. I would highly recommend any experienced player to choose this rifle. First of all, it has excellent stats, and other rifles like The Last Minute are a variant of this excellent weapon. This rifle is best used when facing the toughest enemies during gameplay because it’s no ordinary rifle. Combined with the Rifleman and Ninja perk, it becomes a lethal weapon to your enemies.

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