10 Best Persona 5 Gift Guide

Best persona 5 gift guide

To facilitate the best experience while playing Persona 5, here’s the best persona 5 gift guide for every confidant in the game. However, social link systems in this latest installment of persona 5 are no longer applicable. As a result, Persona 5 comes with a confidant system. This system defines character relationships with each other and how they progress through the gameplay. Therefore, to develop personal relationships and often romantic relationships with certain characters, you have to offer them confidant gifts. Relationships progress depending on the gift offered, every specific character has their preferences. As a result, what will please one character may not please the other. We are going to outline the best gifts to offer in persona 5.

  1. YUSUKE KITAGAWA (The Emperor)

The only male in this list, tall and handsome, often called “pretty” by his Phantom thieves friends. He’s a sharp character, agile and a smooth operator. During a fight, He best uses a katana together with an assault rifle to defeat his enemies. You can find Yusuke on June, date 14 in the Shibuya Underground Walkaway. Most importantly, to fuse his persona, you have to get him to Rank 6 to unlock his ability. However, not much information can be offered for the persona 5 gift guide on this character.

  1. ANN TAKAMAKI (Lovers Confidant)

Her availability begins on June 15th. You can only find her in Shibuya Underground Mall or the classroom. She loves Cheap chocolate which you can buy in Shibuya Central street at a discount, the rest of the items that she loves you can buy them in the Shibuya Underground Mall. They include an Uji Matcha Flan, Best of KGB49, Chocolate Truffles, a heart-shaped ring, a high-class fragrance gift package, and a custard cake.

  1. MAKOTO NIIJIMA (Priestess Confidant)

Most of her recommended gifts can are available in the Shibuya Underground Mall. Such items include Mini cactus, a heart-shaped ring, a high fragrance gift package and a Book cover found in the Japan Sundries Shop in Shibuya. The other recommended items for Makoto Niijima are available in Akihabara. However, if you want a unique dialogue with her, then you’ll have to purchase a Motorbike Figure and Heart Necklace for her. On the other hand, players who opt for a romantic relationship with her will have to entice with a Heart Necklace and a Rose Bouquet.

  1. FUTABA SAKURA (Hermit Confidant)

Futaba Sakura’s gifts are found in the Otaku Goods shop in Akihabara. She is a bit more expensive than Ann Takamaki, for a 3+ gift that most can afford goes for about 3600 Yens. Her taste of Music includes the best of KGB49, which can is available in Shibuya Station underground mall. It’s easier to find most of the gifts she likes; you can purchase a local mascot set, motorbike figure and robot vacuum in Otaku goods shop, Akihabara.

  1. HARU OKUMURA (The Empress)

Players who want a unique dialogue with Haru have to earn this by purchasing a Flower Basket worth 2400 Yen together with a Glass Vase. However, for players who want more than a unique dialogue and opt for a romantic relationship instead will have to purchase a Heart-shaped Ring and Necklace. The other gifts like the heart necklace and heart-shaped ring are purchased from the Jewelry Store Underground Mall in Shibuya. Haru Okumura can be found from October 30th in the Shujin Academy roof.

  1. TAE TAKAMI (The Death)

She is an independent doctor running an independent clinic which she uses to treat Phantom thieves and offer them needed accessories. She’s available from date 20 in April, and you can find her at Yongenjaya clinic. Tae Takami loves classical Music, a tabletop cactus, chocolate truffles, custard cake, and a black mug. Most of the items are in the Shibuya Underground Mall and some at the general store in Shinjiku. Subsequently, if a player decides to become rather intimate with her, then the best gift item you can get her is a Muffler for Christmas.

  1. SADAYO KAWAKAMI (The Temperance)

The weekend confidant for many players in Rank 8 and below. She’s only available on Friday and Saturday nights for players in Rank 8 and below. She’s a good teacher and loves gifts from Shibuya Underground mall, Akihabara and the general store at Shinjuku. A lover of the Best of KGB49 Music, crimson lipstick, heart necklace, designer perfume, robot vacuum, and a star-shaped compact mirror. You can find her from May 24th at around Café Leblanc.

  1. CHIHAYA MIFUNE (Fortune Confidant)

A fortune teller with psychic abilities, Chihaya is an extra-ordinary confidant. She’s simple in that she does not require a specific gift to initiate a romantic relationship with her. Consequently, giving her a cologne as a present for Christmas will allow your relationship to grow much faster. You can acquire her gifts at Shibuya Mall and the Shinjuku general store. In addition, she loves Star-shaped compact mirror, classic hits, custard cake, a local mascot set, book cover, and glass vase. Chihaya availability begins on June 22nd, and you’re required to get past Rank 2 if you want her.

  1. ICHIKO OHYA (The Devil)

You can find Ichiko at the Crossroads Bar in Shinjiku, and she’s available from around June 18th. She sums up as a journalist and a staunch supporter of the Phantom thieves, frequently writing articles supporting their actions. If you want to boost your relationship with Ichiko then acquiring her the following items will do exactly that; a digital camera as her Christmas present, a classic hit, black mug, matcha pudding, and a fountain pen. All these items can either be found in the General store at Shinjuku or the Shibuya Underground mall.

  1. HIFUMI TOGO (The Star)Hifumi

Her availability date is June 25th, and you will probably locate her in Kanda in the afternoons. The Phantom thieves planned member loves various gifts that are available in Shibuya Underground Mall. For Instance, this includes a collection of Rakugo music, an Uji Matcha Flan, an Incense set, Glass vase and book cover. In addition, the only item she loves that is not available in Shibuya Mall is the Black Mug which you can get in Shinjuku, General Store. She is not a complicated confidant, and acquiring a Sakura Fun for her will trigger a unique conversation with her, and none of her other gifts requires romantic requirements.

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