10 Best Halo 5 armors

Halo 5 armors

This fifth installment comes with great customizable features; halo 5 armors provide a lot choice for players to choose. There are a variety of options to select from when it comes to Halo 5 armors. As a result, this turns out to be an arduous task for most players. Here is a list to simplify your Halo 5 gaming experience, it is entirely an armor based ranking and does not consider the in-depth features of the helmet.

  1. Mark VI

This armor is made up of titanium which covers most of the parts from the helmet down to the chest, arms, and legs. It has layers which overlap hence offering the much-needed protection while in battle. However, it is not recommended for usage in a long or heavy battle since it disintegrates if put under too much pressure. It is a suitable armor type especially when moving around. It lowers the harm inflicted to the player in case of an ambush or sudden attack. Mark VI is a vital armor for the player if you want to survive for long during gameplay.

  1. Shinobi

This futuristic armor is many players favorite set in halo 5. No specific manufacturer lays claim in its production, but it’s integrated with GEN2 suits made by Mjolnir. The armor set has a particular design for undertaking stealth operations. Its integration with GEN2 Mjolnir suit has given it an extraordinary ability to partake in advanced stealth op missions. You can snag this armor set with an Ultra REQ card. Players have to look for it through an abandoned freighter to find it. It is a Ninja suit, and the user feels the effect once it is worn.

  1. Achilles

One rare type of armor and most players take a considerable amount of time before finding it. It is difficult to control this is because it is fit with an Artificial Intelligence chip which influences the thinking of the wearer. It’s most advisable to be worn by experienced Spartans who can use the Artificial intelligence capability to their advantage. Amateur players will have a difficult time controlling it in combat. The Achilles is a name given after a Greek hero who participated in the Trojan War. Maybe that’s why players find it more violent and ruthless in battle than other sets of armor.

  1. Mark V Alpha

Mark V Alpha is an upgraded version armor set of the Mark VI. As a result, it has various improvements made compared to its predecessor. As an armor set worn by Master Chief, it was surely not going to miss in this list. It comes with various abilities such as active camouflage, most useful in stealth op missions. The Hologram, sprint and armor lock ability set can be upgraded during gameplay. A Mythic REQ card can snag this set of armor to unlock special abilities which come in handy in battle.

  1. Scanner

Just like Achilles, this type of armor set is extremely hard to find. This rare type of armor comes with several high-end features, and it comprises several sensors fixed around the armor. The Achilles has a high reconnaissance range, on the helmet side, it comes with a scanner. The scanner can fall back and forth and generally vital during combat situations. For players who prefer to have extraordinary abilities in hand, this is the perfect armor type to acquire.

  1. Soldier

A full armor set for Spartan beginners in this game. It has a convenient breastplate Defense mechanism which can contain most heavy blows. It has a thick armor overall and ammo pouches hence an excellent starter set for most players. Often compared with the armor gear that marines wear, it’s comfortable and easy for the wearer to control. It is made up of fixed composite layers that have high endurance for external attacks. The heavy plated boots make it easy for a player to move swiftly around new environments during combat. Fitted with extra features that the player can decide to activate in dire battle situations.

  1. Technician

Players who want to use this type of armor set can unlock it by the use of a Mythic REQ card. Created by Holly Tanaka of the Fireteam Osiris. Combat engineers and technicians often use it since it is customizable with a machine interlink that can process lots of data. It has a battlenet node that can scan for living creatures. The best armor in terms of design and combat capabilities.

  1. Hunter

Hunter armor set Incorporates the latest armor technology and has one of the best designs. It has sensor enhancements fitted in various parts of the suit to detect incoming threats in and around the battlefield. This armor is a general battlefield suit, and it can work best in any combat mode. It works best in stealth mission ops because it has a design with sneaking features in it. The wearer can activate other features such as the glowing stripes across the armor. Frequently used for target acquisition using the Artemis tracking system incorporated in it. You can acquire this armor set by a Gamestop preorder or by a Mythic REQ card. It’s the same suit used by Spartan Jameson in Halo 5 campaign.

  1. Commando

One of the best halo five armor because of its completeness and high-end features incorporated into it. It’s fitted with a tactical awareness gear which comes with sensor enhancements and advanced tracking capabilities. It provides the wearer with enhanced protection and allows for swift movements during combat. It comes with Legendary REQs variants and with a unique base version. Commando is the armor that will never disappoint you.

  1. Wrath

Hands down for this epic set of genius armor. Undoubtedly, many players favorite it comes with a unique fiery design type compared to the other halo 5 armors. The Wrath armor, previously owned by the Noble Emile Team is equipped with a shoulder knife an extremely rare armor to find. The skull mark helmet design is also epic, and it comes with other additional features left for the wearer to explore. Wrath is the top-notch legendary REQ I can recommend to any advanced halo 5 players.

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