10 Best Fallout 4 Followers

Fallout 4 followers

You don’t need to feel abandoned or lonely when playing Fallout 4; there is plenty of Fallout 4 Followers to keep you company. We’re are going to provide a comprehensive list to guide you on selecting the best companion. All things considered, we are going to list the pros and cons of every companion. We are offering you a list of the best Fallout 4 Followers, you don’t need to be scared of the Apocalypse.

  1. Piper Wright

Undeniably, an arrogant reporter from Diamond City, Piper is a delusional character. She believes in truth and justice and argues with the Mayor about having a post-apocalyptic publication. Nevertheless, she is not a character favorite for many players. This is because she talks too much, shutting up is not her thing, and her voice doesn’t exactly make things easier. But I can vouch for her; she’s the most factual and realistic companion you can ever meet in Fallout 4. She speaks her mind and doesn’t withhold speaking her mind. Piper doesn’t stand for violence. For that reason, don’t take her to a battlefield; she won’t be helpful. Her perk offers double experience when you discover new locations.

  1. Curie

Her name appears on this list because of her extraordinary HP. Otherwise, she wouldn’t make it in the top 50 because of her stats. Undoubtedly, an HP of 440 is by far the highest without level gains. Her sole survivor perk also has amazing benefits, and if you drop to a less than 10% HP, she boosts you with a 100 HP. Isn’t that amazing? If you aren’t yet impressed remember the Stimpaks she occasionally gives. With this in mind, remember she’s a robot medic hence the perfect combat assistant in case you get yourself critically injured.

  1. MacCready

Located in Goodneighbour, this is a great companion to work with. His perk guarantees you a 20% accuracy headshot. Even though his stats are a little bit low. You have to buy him with at least 250 caps to acquire his services. You can max his ability by unlocking his perk which will allow you to get a clean shot at any enemies in VATS.

  1. Cait

A psychopath character, least to say. She has attitude issue be warned, but she tries to make up for this through her perk. Without doubt, no other follower can beat her in companion quest. Furthermore, her character arc is amazing and compelling. Despite her flaws, her perk can be termed useful in difficult situations. It grants you a higher AP regeneration in case your HP goes down. She has a lot of wit in her statements; hence, you won’t be bored if she follows you. Equally important, she has amazing skills in handling a shotgun. So, she can come in handy too during battle.

  1. John Hancock

He probably has the best character personality in Fallout 4. To begin with, his moral standing is complex, and his dark sense of humor adds to it. An interesting companion, trust me, you won’t be bored if you choose to make him your follower. He has a good musical taste, and his sense of fashion doesn’t disappoint either. Another key point, he’s loyal and would never forsake you in terms of difficulties. On the negative side, his perk isn’t really useful on most occasions. Save for the glowing sea in case you reach that far.

  1. Boone

Considerably the best companion to a battlefield. Boone doesn’t converse much, but his combat skills are unparalleled. He handles his gun perfectly, providing a marksman shot whenever he aims at his enemies. Without a doubt, he’s steadfast, agile, and a reliable companion. Subsequently, he does not need you to tell him what to like many companions expect you to. He acts upon his instincts whenever he senses danger and acts accordingly. He won’t hesitate to put his sniper rifle into use. With this follower on your side, you should never worry about your safety.

  1. Preston Garvey

An excellent Boy Scout, he doesn’t believe in violence. Not to mention, he hates it whenever you engage in violence he’s with you. While this may be true, his belief of a non-violent world may only apply in Utopia rather than the Post-apocalyptic world presented in Fallout 4. However, his perk makes up for his lack of strength and fighting ability. It grants a 20% damage and resistance whenever you’re in combat.

  1. Dogmeat

The saying as loyal as a dog is best applicable in this companion. He stands out as a neutral follower; no amount of affection lost or gained can alter his dedication towards you. His perk ‘Attack Dog’ gives him the special ability to immobilize enemies for you. Even though, you’ll first have to acquire it in skill tree. On the other hand, he’s useful when it comes to finding random items for you. Besides, he can activate the lone wanderer perk which allows for extra baggage and a damage and resistance extraordinary ability. Dogmeat has a high tracking sense and will find almost anyone, including Kellogg. For instance, he will bark to inform you of impending danger.

  1. Strong

Just as his name suggests, he’s a strong character full of strength. Arm him with a sledgehammer, and he’ll be sure to crash your enemies to the ground. He’s the best considering his physique and body structure. In addition to that, he comes with a berserk perk that offers a damage boost of up to 25%. He uses his giant structure to tank damage, which is incredible. On the negative side, His sense of humor is not that appealing, from the way he talks, it’s like he has no respect for human life. He’s a good follower, especially in combat.

  1. Nick Valentine

Who has better detective skills than this guy? This tech genius can hack anything in the world, including master terminals. In a similar fashion, lock picks don’t give him much of a problem. He has a witty and detective like personality. This is the best companion if you feel like you lazy or you don’t want the hassle of unlocking terminals. Furthermore, it reduces the time wasted between terminal hack failures. Additionally, maxing your affection towards him will unlock a ‘Close to Market’ perk that gives you the ability to try more than once in unlocking terminals. He has a special stat of 62, which comprise of his intelligence and agileness.

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