10 Best Yugioh toon monsters

Yugioh toon monsters

Different Yugioh toon monsters bring out the best effects during gameplay. However, they’re expensive and easily destructible hence they’re mostly recommended to be used just for fun. For that reason, we analyzed different cards comprehensively. We came up with the most amazing Yugioh toon monsters list, with everything you need to know about each and every card.

  1. Toon Cannon SoldierYugioh toon monsters

This is a monster type card, with a dark attribute. This card produces a continuous ignition effect. It cannot go against the turn when summoned. Moreover, when the toon world on its field gets destroyed, then the card ceases to exist. Nonetheless, this card has the power to attack your opponent if he doesn’t control any toon monsters. Even more, this card can inflict damage of up to 500 to the opponent and will most likely tribute 1 monster.

  1. Toon Masked SorcererYugioh toon monsters

Not many players preferred this card type, but it was given a toon either way. It’s one of the most clumsy cards during gameplay. Toon Masked has low stats, and you can only take a single card whenever you inflict damage to your opponent. It has an attacking force of just 900 and defense of 1400. This card contains a continuous and trigger effect which works best with the card’s direct attack capabilities. Moreover, it can activate upon reaching level 4. It’s made up of three types; namely spellcaster, toon and caster.

  1. Toon Blue eyes DragonYugioh toon monsters

One of the first toon monsters to be released. Its stats are not that pleasing though they’re better than monster cards. For instance, it has an attacking capability of 3000 and a defensive ability of 2500. However, I wouldn’t recommend getting more than one blue eyes dragon card because it is an inferior card compared to the latest toon monsters card. It’s one of the rare cards bearing a light attribute and you have to attain level 8 to achieve this card. Nevertheless, for you to win with the card, you have to target a toon monster directly. In addition, you have to pay a 500 LP to attack the monster.

  1. Toon barrel dragonYugioh toon monsters

Undoubtedly, one of the most loved level 7 card by Yugioh fans. Toon barrel stood out as an amazing dark attribute card with its enhanced abilities thrilling Yugioh fans across the globe. The toon monster barrel card is equipped with a coin flipping effect which most Yugioh cards have. It allows for the destruction of a card, if only you succeed if getting a head outcome twice after tossing the coin thrice. However, it was a powerful card and easier to summon. It comes with a continuous and ignition effect allowing you to attack your opponent if he doesn’t control a Toon monster. Recently, it has been replaced with much better card versions and lost its hype. All factors considered, it is still a good card to stack in your toon deck.

  1. Toon Goblin attack forceYugioh toon monsters

This monster card comes in two types; the warrior card and the toon card. Another key point is that it has a high attacking capability of 2300 but with absolutely no defense. If you’re lucky enough to summon this toon monster, then you have high chances of surviving till the next turn. It inflicts high damage on the opponent if a direct attack goes through. However, chances of survival become minimal after that because of a lack of defense. Moreover, it remains stuck in defense position till the end phase of the next turn.

  1. Toon Cyber Dragon

What an amazing card that allows you to special summon in case your opponent has a monster and you don’t. Besides, if your opponent doesn’t have a toon monster, you’re free to attack him directly. This level 5 card has an attacking stat of 2100 and a defense stat of 1600. The effect types of these cards are unclassified and continuous.

  1. Red eyes toon dragon

Unlike the Blue eyes toon dragon, this monster dragon card has a dark attribute and is far superior. It is made up of three types; the dragon, toon and effect type. On the contrary, it’s attacking and defensive capabilities are slightly lower compared to the Blue eyes card. This card can directly launch an attack on your opponent as long as he doesn’t control a Toon monster. It comprises of the continuous and ignition effects. Moreover, it requires at least two tributes if you can’t find a special way to summon it. It has a unique ability to bypass summoning limitations and summon any card from your hand. Lastly, a player has to achieve level 7 status to play with this card.

  1. Toon Gemini Elf

Another Monster card type on our list, with an earth attribute. It comprises of three different types; spellcaster card, toon card and effect card. You can activate this card on reaching level 4. This specific card contains a continuous and trigger effect during gameplay. In addition to that, it offers an unlimited status for Official and trade card games. However, it cannot attack when summoned. On the other hand, if your enemy doesn’t control a Toon monster, this card can go ahead and attack, causing battle damage. Afterward, discard one card from your opponent.

  1. Toon Ancient gear golemYugioh toon monsters

A non-toon variant card, this is a very powerful card. It’s capable of determining the outcome of a game. It is a monster card type activated upon reaching level 8. An earth attribute with its attacking and defense stats at a level, 3000 each. The ancient gear golem card comes with a summon and continuous effect. Therefore, it evades special summoning and de-activates trap cards until the damage step phase concludes. Lastly, it has powers to attack defense position monsters causing piercing damage.

  1. Toon Dark Magician

This is the ultimate level 7 toon monster card that shouldn’t miss from your deck. An extremely powerful card, it can summon any toon monster card from the deck and replace it with a trap card in your hand. However, it cannot attack once summoning occurs. In the case that your opponent has no toon monster, it can directly attack the opponent. It comes with a toon dark magician effect.


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