10 Funniest Yugioh Cards

funny Yugioh cards

There are many funny Yugioh cards out there. Some card names don’t make any sense at all. There are other cards with funny drawings in the artwork. Most of these cards have very low stats and are cards you can do without during gameplay. Maybe the Yugioh creators got bored and decided to come up with these hilarious cards. Check out the top 10 funniest Yugioh cards below.

  1. Overworkedfunny Yugioh cards

One of the funniest Yugioh cards. I guess somebody in the developing team felt he/she was working a little too hard. When asked to come up with a card name suggestion, they came up with Overworked. The artwork shows a nerd working late at night on a computer. This card can destroy every monster whose ATK is high than the original card ATK.

  1. Honestfunny Yugioh cards

Honestly, why did they choose to call this card Honest? There aren’t many light monsters nowadays on the field, so this card’s functionality has reduced. Honest is too slow and unreliable. There are cards which have the same effect as Honest and can do a much better job. Konami isn’t honest with us when it comes to this card. But this is Yugioh and Yugioh can be hilarious at times. This is an exclusive type of rarity introduced in the Trading Card Games and is unmarked in the Official Card Games. This type of rarity is only in the Noble Knights of the Round table box set version.

  1. Onomatopia

Is this card related to Onomatopoeia in any way? Or Konami wants to piss off Linguists with the wrong spelling? I don’t see any vocal imitation of sound anywhere in the card effects. But anyway it has monsters in the deck with funny names likes Zubaba and Gogogo. It is a unique variety of the Secret Rare cards. This card has distinct parallel patterns and a holographic foil pattern.

  1. Self-destruct Button

The card’s artwork shows a man about to press a button. I think we all are guessing it is a self-destruct button or something. Well, this is just another funny Yugioh card name. A lot of players misused this card until it became banned. Self-destruct button has stayed in the forbidden list for far too long. This card is mainly made to finish a duel in a tie. It was exploited, especially in tournaments by players that decided to use it to force ties. This trap card can only be activated once your opponent’s life points exceed yours by 7000 or more points. Upon activation, it brings all players life points to 0, which results in a tie.

  1. Oh F!sh!

This Yugioh card leaves me with more questions than answers. What did the Fish do anyway? Or The author of the name had just seen a fish for the very first time? The exclamation suggests so, but nobody knows. Oh Shark! Would have even sounded much better. Just like the artwork shows the man-eating creature about to have a potential meal. Oh F!sh! Sounds innocent to me. A monster shark wouldn’t ambush you and you then shout Oh Fish! Sounds a bit scary and hilarious at the same time. Anyway, this card negates the activation of effect monster’s effect, that’s pretty much what it does.

  1. Doom Donuts

Donuts are my favorite type of dessert food, why would they be doomed? Donuts can’t hurt anybody, why use them on a card that can destroy all face-up monsters on the field? Apart from that this card has no other specific use. It has a zero attack stat and a zero defense too. Furthermore, it can only attack monsters on the field with an attack or defense of 0. Who plays with those kinds of cards, anyway? Very few players will have a card with zero def/atk on their decks. I guess the card is doomed but leave donuts alone. Ooh, and what essence do the teeth in the donut artwork serve?

  1. Hungry Burger

Why would a Burger even be hungry in the first place? Wait this name doesn’t make sense in the first place. This is another funny Yugioh card misusing our favorite food names. Just like Doom Donuts, the artwork of Hungry Burger has sharp teeth protruding from the burger. I guess it makes some sense compared to Doom Donuts. This is because it is ritual summoned using the ritual spell card by the name “Hamburger Recipe.” It can also tribute monsters with 6 level stars or more. It has better functionality and is much more useful when compared to Doom Donuts. However, Konami should stop being sarcastic with our food.

  1. Anteatereatingant

Well even pronouncing the name alone looks like a joke to me. It sounds like more of a tongue twister than a Yugioh card. The artwork has a giant ant, which maybe does eat the other ants. But anyway it doesn’t, this is a monster card with an earth attribute. Maybe Konami developers wanted to teach us some few tongue twisters while playing the game, who knows? This card be special summoned by sending 2 trap cards to the graveyard, and it destroys one spell card in your opponent’s control. Activating this effect will automatically deactivate its attack.

  1. People Running About

This is one of the funny Yugioh cards in our list. It raises more questions than answers. We’re about to go to battle mates, why are people running about?. The artwork has images of people and soldiers alike making movements. It looks like some civil revolution or something. The card description is shallow and doesn’t explain much. It talks about people suffering and taking an oath to revolt. By special summoning the card, it tramples your enemies. I guess that’s how it works, but it doesn’t seem to have much functionality anyway.

  1. Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragonfunny Yugioh cards

The name is too long to spell or pronounce, it doesn’t even fit well in the card’s textbox. This is a complicated, unnecessary, yet funny name. It takes too much space and doesn’t explain the origin. If the author had taken time to think, he/she would have added some space in between the lines. Inter-Planetary Purply Thorny Beast sounds more logical to me and to everybody else in that matter compared to Interplanetarypurplythorny. Interplanetarypurplythornyi beast is a weird name that makes no sense. It can only be special summoned if a monster in your control is destroyed in the battle and sent to the graveyard.

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