Top 10 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

Yugioh draw cards

There comes a time in a duel when the only thing that can save you is a Yugioh draw card. These cards are helpful when you’re in a desperate situation or under attack, and cards in your hand can’t save you. Draw cards help you draw more cards. Having more cards at hand gives you plenty of ways to outplay your opponent. Below are some of the best Yugioh draw cards you can use to save yourself.

  1. Good Goblin Housekeeping Yugioh draw cards

This is a trap card; hence you need to wait until the turn after it is set to play it. When playing using this card, you have to be a little bit patient since its effects begin working the second round you play it. During the first round of play, there wouldn’t be any change since your overall hand size would remain the same. However, from the second and third rounds of play, this card unleashes its fierce effects. It allows you to draw cards equal to the number of Good Goblin cards in your graveyard and one extra card. Thereafter, you can take one card from your hand and place it on the bottom of the deck. Moreover, you’re given a chance to exchange cards you don’t need from your hand for a fresh draw.

  1. Tethys, Goddess of Light

To normal summon this monster, you need a tribute. It has a decent attack of 2400 and a defense of 1800. When you draw one of these monster cards, it can reveal one fairy monster of the card you drew, and this allows you to draw again. Not to mention, if the card you draw turns out to be a fairy monster, you can repeat the process and draw as many cards as you want as long as your luck holds. However, you cannot do this during the damage step. The Goddess of Light is a fairy monster; hence you can duplicate her and build your deck as you repeat the process.

  1. Balance of JudgmentYugioh draw cards

Balance of Judgement is one of the best Yugioh draw cards to pull out when you’re just about to lose a duel. Activate Balance of Judgement when your opponent controls most of the cards, and you’re running low in the number of cards in your hand. Once activated, it draws you cards equal to the surplus number of cards controlled by your opponent when compared to what you have. In the event that your opponent wipes out most of your cards from the field, you can use Balance of Judgement to draw even the odds. Remember, you can only use this trap card once per turn.

  1. Supply SquadYugioh draw cards

Many Yugioh players love this card because it is less costly and draws as many cards as you want. You can only use this card once per turn when your opponent destroys a monster you control. You can actually set up your monster for destruction just to use this card’s effect. Moreover, you can toss up to three of these cards at a go, apply for battle destruction, and blow up your cards. As a result, you’ll have almost half the deck in your hand if you play it right.

  1. Trade-In

The usage of this Yugioh draw card is limited to decks with level 8 monsters. For players whose decks contain level 8 monsters, this is the right Yugioh draw card to have. You can use it to summon monsters to/from the graveyard and back to the field. To draw two cards you have to trade/discard one level 8 monster. It doesn’t cast spells, but it can help you unleash monsters that require to be in the graveyard for their effects to be activated.

  1. Pot of Extravagance

If you don’t rely on your extra deck that much, this is the right pot card to have. A keen Pot card fan will notice that the artwork in Port of Extravagance is just the same as that of Pot of Greed. As you all know, Pot of Greed belongs to the Yugioh banned cards because of being too powerful. Pot of Extravagance offers almost the same power but at a small cost. It can banish up to 6 cards from your extra deck and draw a card for every card you’ve banished.

  1. Pot of Dichotomy

Pot of Dichotomy is one of the best Pot cards. We all know how powerful Pot cards are, and this is no different. It is similar to the forbidden Pot of Avarice but has a few differentiating aspects. It can shuffle three monsters from the graveyard into your deck then draws two cards as long as the monsters are of different types. However, you can only activate it at the start of the main phase.

  1. Cardcar D

This monster card can only be activated at the start of your main phase. Upon normal summoning, this card can tribute itself and draw two cards for you. It has almost the same effects as Pot of Dichotomy. If you’re up against someone with a heavy defense, Cardcar D is the perfect card to draw to ensure you come out victorious.

  1. Allure of Darkness

This is a spell card that requires you to employ dark-attributed monsters to your deck for it to function. It lets you draw two cards as long as you banish a dark monster from your hand, or you’ll risk losing all the cards from your hand. Make sure you have cannon fodder in your deck before you launch this card.

  1. Pot of Desires

You can only activate this card once per turn. Upon activation, it requires you to banish ten cards from your deck then allows you to draw two cards. This card has attributes of both Pot of Greed and Pot of Avarice, and as we all know, the 2 cards are forbidden. Although the price of banishing ten cards may seem high, you get extra cards that may save your game or win you the duel in an instant.

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