10 Banned Yugioh Cards

banned Yugioh cards

Forbidden cards didn’t exist till the year 2004, in recent years the number of banned Yugioh cards have relatively increased. There’s an updated list of these types of cards every 6 months. Banned Yugioh cards are to be dreaded, especially if you’re facing an opponent with one in their deck. These cards are extremely powerful and can change the outcome of a game in an instant. Check out the top 10 list of banned Yugioh cards below.

  1. Tribe Infecting Virus

banned Yugioh cards

A very powerful card indeed with the power to destroy any monster card. When you discard 1 card from your hand, you get the power to destroy all face-up monsters that you declare on the field. Another incredible fact about this card is that its effect can be carried out more than once per turn. As a result, you can wipe the entire field with this single card. The Tribe Infecting Virus can wipe monsters such as Spellcaster types, Zombies, Dragons and many other monsters. To prevent this effect from wiping all your monster cards, you’ll have to place them in a face-down position.

  1. Thousand-Eyes Restrict

banned Yugioh cards

Another very powerful Fusion-effect monster card. This incredible card has the power to control your opponents Monster. As a matter of fact, facing an opponent with this card means doom for you. It has the power to restrict all monsters from changing their battle positions. You can achieve this by placing the card face up on the field. Subsequently, only the Monster on the field is allowed to launch attacks and change its battle position. However, you can only use this card once per turn and it can only equip a single monster at a given time.

  1. Time Seal

banned Yugioh cards

This trap card is on the ban list for several reasons. Firstly, it prevented the opponent from drawing a card in the first turn. Consequently, the player with the time seal card would gain a competitive advantage in the field and the number of cards in his hand. Secondly, Time Seal has the power to completely prevent the opponent from taking part in the drawing phase. In fact, it disallows the drawing phase with no price to pay whatsoever. This is the main reason why it’s still forbidden. Disallowing your opponent from participating in the drawing phase amounts to cheating because some effects were deactivated.

  1. Victory Dragon

banned Yugioh cards

Here’s another card you wouldn’t want your opponent to have. This amazing card can win a match before it even begins. You cannot special summon this card. However, you can tribute summon this card. To tribute summon it, you’ll need to tribute any 3 Dragon-type monsters. If you use this card to launch an attack on your opponent directly, their life points reduce to zero. Not only will you be able to win the duel but also the entire match. Certainly, this card deserves to stay in the forbidden list much longer. Imagine winning 3 duels with just a single move.

  1. Last Turn

Last Turn Trap Card

This card is only activated when you have 1000 life points or less. It has the power to instantly turn a duel around even if your opponent is on the verge of winning. Upon activation, you’ll have to pick a monster from the field. As a result, all the other cards on the field and cards from both players hands will instantly go down their respective graveyards. Another amazing fact is that no battle damage can be inflicted in that period. The player with a monster on the field wins the duel, or rather it becomes a draw.

  1. Self-Destruct Button

Kozaky's self-destruct button

So many players abused the functionality of this card until it became banned. This card is specifically made to end a duel in a draw. It was misused, especially in tournaments where many players decided to use this card to force draws. This trap card can only be activated once your opponent’s life points exceed yours by 7000 or more points. Upon activation, it brings all players life points to 0, which results in a tie.

  1. Yata Garasu

banned Yugioh cards

One of the most notorious monster effect card. This card allowed tournament players to lock down other players, to prevent them from drawing a card in the draw phase. The draw phase which is the first phase where a player can draw one card from their deck. This card was banned when players discovered the Yata-Garasu Lockdown and began exploiting it. The main goal of this lockdown was to empty the opponent’s field and hand. The Yata-Garasu effect forced the opponent from taking part in their next draw phase. Consequently, this meant that the opponent would be locked out from the duel hence guaranteeing a win for the other player.

  1. Cyber Stein

banned Yugioh cards

Although it has meager battle stats, this card allows you to pay 5000 Life points in exchange for a chance to special summon a fusion monster. Upon summoning the Monster from the fusion deck, you can use it for an attack in the field. The summoned Monster can attack directly and will stay on the field till the end phase.

  1. Fiber Jar

Fiber Jar

This card was mainly banned because it extended tournaments far longer than the time allocated for them to run. Moreover, it had a cheap flip effect which resets life points. It made duels slower and drew everyone into unnecessary overtime. Just like all Jars card, this card comes with a luck backing. It is a potential reset button for any player who is in a bad situation. By having it in your deck, it could save you in any duel. You can use this card to re-open in tournaments where your opponent is much stronger than. It also made duels somewhat boring by going overtime.

  1. Chaos Emperor Dragon

Chaos Emperor Dragon Yugioh cards

This card has the power to clear every other player’s hand and field by just a single shot. This effect comes into play when you pay 1000 of your life points. Concurrently, all cards on the field and the hand are sent down to the graveyard. Also, it inflicts 300 damage points to the opponent’s life points for every card sent to the graveyard by the effect. The higher the number of cards on the field, the higher the damage caused to the opponent’s life. Not to mention that this is only for a single turn. Chaos Emperor Dragon is on the ban list for being an overkill card.

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