10 Coolest Shiny Pokemon

coolest shiny pokemon

Finding the coolest shiny Pokemon is not an easy task for many Pokemon players. Many players give up on the first or second try. In order to increase your chances of ever obtaining a cool shiny pokemon, every player has to obtain a shiny charm. It would still be a daunting but worthy task to undertake. Below are the top 10 coolest shiny Pokemons you can find.

  1. Red Gyarados

A 1st generation Water/Flying pokemon that evolved from Magikarp at level 20.  This dual-type Pokemon can mega evolve to a Mega Gyarados using a Mega stone. It has a wild and violent nature due to the Magirkap evolution in its brain cells. You can obtain it at the Lake of Rage as part of Generation II or IV without trading. Its shiny form comes with unique, unusual colors.

  1. Solgaleocoolest shiny pokemon

Another legendary pokemon on our list. Apart from the non-legendary pokemons, this is the only legendary dual type pokemon that belongs to the evolutionary chain. It has a Psychic attribute that gives it a unique move called the Sunsteel Strike. This move comes with damage dealing effect on the enemy and usually can smash the target. Regardless of the target abilities, with striking meteoric force. Although you’ll have to wait till the 7th generation to check out its amazing stats. This Pokemon has an astonishing shiny form that changes from white to red on the head and purple on the hands and legs.

  1. Yveltalcoolest shiny pokemon

This is the only dark type pokemon of the legendary family. It is a genderless destruction pokemon with a flying/dark attribute. Yveltal was introduced in the 6th generation and only exclusive to the Pokemon Y version. It has a unique move called the Oblivion Wing. This is a high damage dealing move and gives the player a hit point recovery of up to 75%. It enables the player to fly up in the sky and release beams of light able to burn up the ground. It has a red and white color combination for its shiny form which makes it cooler than other pokemons.

  1. Aegislash

The only Pokemon in this list that can learn and execute the King Shield move. It is from the Steel/Ghost type with a shield royal sword. The most distinctive feature of this Pokemon is its Stance Change ability. This unique ability allows the Pokemon to switch positions in battle. Basically, it can switch from a defensive position to an offensive position and vice versa. It’s has a spectacular shiny form made of a bright palette with red edges. This shiny form is incomparable to the original; the color shifts from light gold to silver on the head.

  1. Mega Gengar

This Pokemon evolved from the 1st generation 151 pokemon. It is a dual type Ghost/Poison Pokemon with similar combination. In fact, there’s no other pokemon with this characteristic. Its original design resembles that of a human figure lurking in a dark alley. Furthermore, it has an incredible shiny, which is a white pinkish color scheme with dark gray eyes. The structure isn’t very different from the original, but the contrast and color combination that Mega Gengar has are much cooler. This Pokemon was made available on the 6th evolution generation of Pokemon.

  1. Mega Metagross

Mega Metagross is one of the few Mega evolution pokemons appearing in this list. It is formed by fusing two Beldums, making it stand out as the only Pokemon with 4 brains. As a result of this kind of intelligence, Mega Metagross works like a super intelligent alien. It has a high processing capability and decision making prowess that no other pokemon has. Moreover, it is the heaviest Pokemon compared to its peers. When it comes to its shiny form, Mega Metagross doesn’t disappoint either. It can turn from blue to silver then into a steel-like robotic spider-shaped beast.

  1. Trevenant

Many players confuse this Pokemon with Pokemon Go’s Sudowoodo. Maybe this is because they’re both tree looking. Trevenant loves the outside environment and vegetation within it. Its original design came from the Japanese Kodama folklore. This folklore is built around the myth of spirits that are tree inhabitants. Trevenant puts this into action by protecting the forest and all the creatures in them from external invasion. Whenever there’s an invasion, it traps the intruders deep in the forest. Its shiny form has purple eyes with red leaves, which makes a terrifying figure protecting the dark forest from intrusion.

  1. Greninja

This Pokemon has a Dark/Water attribute. It comes with highest base speed when compared to all the other Water attribute pokemons. It’s a starter pokemon hence not much effort is needed to acquire it. Another special feature that makes this pokemon outstanding is its protean ability. This ability allows the Pokemon to change the type of move that it is going to take next. This allows the Pokemon to choose a move during battle that gives it an upper hand over the opponent. This transformation ability can is only available in Greninja and Kecleon.

  1. Rayquaza

This is a 3rd generation, Pokemon Emerald. One of the best Dragon type Emerald card. It stands out as the only Pokemon that can Mega Evolve without the use of a Mega Stone. As a matter of fact, it uses consumes meteoroids in the ozone layer to sustain itself and receive sufficient energy to Mega Evolve. Undeniably, It has one of the coolest shiny Pokemon forms ever. From the extrerior design and the color combination create an amazing master piece work of art. The pitch black color separates this Pokemon from the others. This Pokemon has its origin from a Hebrew master of the Sky legend.

  1. Charizardcoolest shiny pokemon

Most players would pick out this Pokemon to be their favorite. Undoubtedly, the best Pokemon when it comes to its stats. It is the non-legendary Pokemon with the highest special attack compared to all the other fire type Pokemon. It was one of the first Pokemon to appear, and I guess that’s why many players love it. The Charizard forms a dark purple appearance with red edges when shiny. It takes the form of a grey colored scary dragon. These features make it simply amazing, and the color scheme is incredibly awesome. The dragon theme also makes it a frightening Pokemon but in a good way.

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