10 Best Yugioh Card rarities

Yugioh card rarity is measurable by the level of difficulty in acquiring the card. There’s always that nostalgic feeling you have when you get a Yugioh rarity card. If you still play with commons, then you’re really missing out. Check them out and try having Yugioh rarity cards in your deck next time. Listed below are the best rarities in Yugioh.

  1. Ultra RareYugioh card rarity

These cards come with a Gold card name which has a holofoil image on it. There useful cards to have but difficult to find. The ratio of getting this card is normally 1:12. However, from the Soul of the duelist, the odds rise to around 1:24. Almost all the Official Card Game (OCG) cards such as the Premium pack belong to the Ultra rare type. In the oldest pre-constructed decks, there’s at least one Ultra rare type card in the structure and starter decks. If you’re playing using Duelist cards, the odds of getting an Ultra rare card is 1:12. Recently, the odds have increased in the latest booster packs cards to around 1:6.

  1. Secret RareYugioh card rarity

The cards have a unique artwork with parallel dot effect holofoil. At present, the new Duelist Revolution cards have much clearer parallel dot effects and a smaller spacing. You can also identify them using their holographic rainbow card name. After the 5th OCG series, Secret rare cards come first or last in Booster pack sets. The cards rarity was increased in the Duelist Genesis to at least 8 Secret Rare cards for each pack. However, they are discontinued in the Soul of the Duelist Packs. Before The Shining darkness cards, the Secret cards had a ratio of 1:31 to get them. The ratio later increased to 1:23.

  1. Super Rare

Identified by their foil card image and a non-foil card name. It has a shallow form of rarity. For instance, the card art is not as shiny on the outside compared to other rare cards. These cards come predetermined in Starter decks and Structure Decks. Each deck usually has to include 2 Super Rare cards printed. However, the two cards have a much lesser significance during gameplay compared to the featured cards in the 2 decks. In the recent past, Stardust accelerator replaced the functionality of Super rare cards to be the same as Ultra rare cards.

  1. Ultimate Rare

You can identify them using their outer artwork, which is an embossed foil. The name of the card is in gold print and has a weight almost the same as that of a common. These factors make this card extremely difficult for scalers to find. In the Trading Card Game (TCG), these cards come printed with a lower rarity depending on the card number. However, in the Official Card Game (OCG), they are printed in the same booster with a relatively high rarity. Another distinguishing factor between TCG Ultimate Rare cards and OCG Ultimate Rare cards is the scanning capability. OCG cards tend to scan much better than TCG cards.

  1. Platinum Rare

This is an exclusive type of rarity introduced in the Trading Card Games and is unmarked in the Official Card Games. This type of rarity is only in the Noble Knights of the Round table box set version. This version has all the cards in the set marked as Platinum Rare. Their platinum colored foil identifies the cards as their external feature. This platinum foil covers the entire card surface, and this is a major distinguishing factor between this rarity card and the Platinum secret card. The only parts not covered with the platinum foil are the Attribute icon and Text box.

  1. Prismatic Secret Rare

This is a unique variety of the Secret Rare cards. The distinguishing factor between the Secret Rare card and this card is the distinct parallel patterns it has. They both share a holographic foil pattern, but the Secret card has a diagonal pattern. Another difference between this type of rarity and the Secret Rare comes in when comparing the OCG and TCG versions of the card. OCG only has the standard form Secret rarity using the prismatic pattern and has no Prismatic Secret Rare cards whatsoever.

  1. Ultra Parallel Rare

This is a special version of the Ultra Rare rarity cards. Just like the Ultra rare cards, it comes with a gold print lettering on the name of the card and a holofoil image. Unlike the Ultra Rares, it has is embossed with coating across the entire card, which then gives it a reflection effect. It is much easier to scan this card because the coating creates a uniform haze that tends to make the card more stiffen. However, this effect is wipeable by hand; hence, extreme care should apply when handling this type of cards.

  1. Gold Secret Rare

It is a unique variety version of the Gold Rare card. You can identify it with the gold foil patterns covering its exterior surface just like the Gold Rare. The gold foil is embossed on the entire card, covering the Card name, artwork, and Text box border. This type of rarity is a combination of Gold Rare unique features and other high types of rarity. Even so, the monster depicted in the card is untouched.

  1. Ghost/Gold RareYugioh card rarity

Currently, there are only 6 cards of this type made by Konami. The cards are exclusively for the Trading Card Game set of Gold Series’ Haunted Mine version. These type of cards have gold foil patterns covering the card border, card name, textbox, and artwork frame. However, the main distinguishing factor between this card types and Gold Rare cards is the Holographic Artwork in the artwork frame.

  1. Ghost RareYugioh card rarity

These are Trading Card Games rarity cards that were introduced in the Tactical Evolution version. They go by the name Holographic Rare in the OCG version. Initially, they came embossed with shiny silver lettering on the card name. At present, they come embossed in gold coating for the card name, and the external layout has a holographic image printed in 3D. Most players prefer Ghost Rare cards to other cards due to this fact that they come with 3D effects. The new cards also come with many visible monsters compared to the past cards hence making them easy to spot.

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