10 Best Skyrim Player homes

Skyrim player homes

Skyrim player homes are not only used as places of residence but also for relaxation of Dragonborns. Every player needs a place to call home. There are numerous residential places that can be good Skyrim player homes. In this list, we’ll outline the 10 best Skyrim player homes a Dragonborn can reside in.

  1. Sarethi Farm

Sarethi farm is located between Riften and Ivarstead. It is filled with abundant agricultural produce such as gourds, nirnroot, and potatoes. The produce is mainly cultivated and supplied Avrusa Sarethi, the owner of the farm. You can move into the farmhouse by first completing the Smooth Jazbey quest. Thereafter, you may take Avrusa’s hand in marriage. On the negative side, compared to the other houses in this list, Sarethi farm has very limited storage.

  1. Abandoned House

This is a fully furnished house located near the Arnleif and Sons company, in Markath. It comes with a large amount of food supplies and weapons to use. It has a huge space to store loot, three extra rooms, and a basement tunnel that leads to the Molag Bal shrine.  It’s one of the most spacious houses in the entire Skyrim. On the negative side, you’re not allowed to bring your spouse in the house. In addition, cooking is not allowed in the house. Lastly, it doesn’t have any Alchemy lab or Arcane Enchanter.

  1. Windstad Manor Skyrim player homes

The Windstad Manor goes for a fair price of 5000 gold pieces. It lies north of Ustengrav, in Hjaalmarch. It comes with a hearthfire add on which allows the player to build his own house from scratch. Just like the Lakeview Manor, it comes with a Workbench on site. The workbench includes a drafting table, carpenter’s bench, and an anvil. You can build and customize up to a maximum of 3 houses in this property from the ground up with the raw materials provided.

  1. Lakeview ManorSkyrim player homes

This property lies north of Pinewatch, in Falkreath. There are only two ways of purchasing this property. Firstly, by becoming Thane of Falkreath. If that doesn’t work for you, then you’ll have to wait till you reach level 9. You’ll receive a courier letter informing you of the Plot’s availability. Thereafter, you’ll need to complete the Kill the Bandit Leader quest to own the property. This is one of the few residences in Skyrim that doesn’t come pre-made, and you’ll have to build your own building. After purchasing the property, you’ll find the necessary requirements and pieces of equipment needed to begin construction on site.

  1. Breezehome

It is one of the cheapest residence a player can acquire in Skyrim. Breezehome can be easily acquired by players who are starting out in Skyrim since it’s available in the main quest. It is located at a strategic economic center near the blacksmith, general goods store and the town’s smelter. This factor makes it a strategic place to stay for a character who regularly uses smithing tools. On the negative side, it lacks an arcane enchanting place. It’s located at Whiterun adjacent to Warmaiden. To complete the purchase of the house, a player must undertake the quest of Bleak Falls Barrow.

  1. Severin Manor

This house can be found on your way to Earth stone and is the last house facing the waterfront. It lies in the Island of Solstheim at Raven Rock. It was initially inhabited by the Severin family who later relocated. After completing the Served cold quest, you can be awarded this house by Councilor Morvayn. The house comes fully furnished upon purchase. Furthermore, it contains an Alchemy Lab, Arcane Enchanter, and a Forge inside. The only disadvantage of moving into this house is that you can’t bring your spouse with you.

  1. Honeyside

The second most expensive house after Proudspire Manor in the entire Skyrim. Honeyside is located in the Northwest part of Riften. It’s a 2 storey building that can be accessed from the docks in the outskirts of Riften or within Skyrim. This house becomes available during the Jarl of Riften quest. Moreover, you’ll have to complete 3 more quests; the Helping Hand, Supply and Demand and the Raid in order to purchase the house. It is a modest house, and it’s located in one of the most beautiful places in the entire Skyrim.

  1. Hjerim

This residence lies in the most prestigious area in Windhelm next to the King’s palace. It’s located at the wealthy Valunstrad district which means ‘Home of frost’ in Nordic language. The house is built using Nordic architecture and design. You have to complete the Blood on the Ice quest before purchasing the house, or else you’ll be forced to resume the quest. This is once you purchase the house, the quest will reactivate itself.  It was initially owned by Friga before she was killed and the house left Vacant. It’s an incredibly spacious building and can be upgraded further.

  1. Vlindrell Hall

Vlindrell hall is located in a mountainous region in the city of Markath. To purchase this home, you first need to complete the Thane of the reach quest. However, there are other quests to complete if Igmund is Jarl. Therefore you’ll need to complete 2 more quests; Kill the Forsworn Leader and Dungeon Delving. If you’re successful in making Thongvor Silver-Blood Jarl, then he’ll offer you the house as gratitude. It comes with a ‘Markath Home Decorating Guide’ which entails all details on the house upgrades. The house has a perfect view of the entire Markath landscape and its environs.

  1. Proudspire ManorSkyrim player homes

This is the most expensive available house in the entire Skyrim. The conditions of purchase require you to complete 2 quests; The man who cried wolf and the Elisif’s Tribute. Afterward, you’ll have to seek permission from Elisif to purchase the house. Once Elisif grants you the permit, you’ll again need to pay 25,000 pieces of gold to Falk Firebeard to acquire the house. The house is located in Solitude near the Blue Palace. It has an awesome view of the surrounding environment from the top floor. Prior to upgrades, it’ll seem like an old dusty place. But upgrading this house will make it an amazing place to live in.

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