10 Best Husbands in Skyrim

best husband in Skyrim

There are dozens of character choices whom you can select as the best husband in Skyrim. Marriage is a potential path for any Dragonborn in Skyrim. It’s an adventurous yet fun-filled journey to undertake. However, you can only find a few worthy candidates for this position. Here’s a list of the best husbands in Skyrim that I think are worth your time.

  1. Cosnachbest husband in Skyrim

Cosnach is a drunk character often found at the Silver-Blood Inn bar, in Markath, his hometown. Despite his drinking habits, Cosnach is skilled in archery, heavy armor and one-handed combat. Additionally, he has lots of Stamina, red eyes and good conversation skills. These attributes make him a worthwhile companion in your Skyrim journey. You can win his heart by beating him in a fistfight or by offering him an alcoholic beverage. He engages in the Quest all Drunks have and can spend up to 16 hours a day drinking.

  1. Vilkasbest husband in Skyrim

Vilkas is the intelligent twin compared to his twin brother Farkas. You can often hear him acknowledging the fact that his brother is of low IQ when it comes to making tactical decisions. Both brothers were brought up by Jergen at a small town in Jorvaskr. However, Vilkas has an intellectual edge over his brother in and outside the combat zone. He is part of the Circle, which is a small group affiliated with the Companions. Besides, he’s a master trainer when it comes to 2 handed skills. You can make him your spouse after completion of the Companion questline.

  1. Quintus Navale

He is an Imperial Sorcerer. A devout and ambitious character who cares about the welfare of the people he loves. He is an ardent worker for his master and learns a lot from him. When you get to help him in completing his quests, he will go ahead and start caring for his master. He loves his master and often acknowledges the fact that he learns a lot from working with him. Quintus loves people from his society and frequently takes part in philanthropic activities. For instance, he habitually sends medicine to Darkwater crossing miners. He’s a loyal and committed spouse that will never leave your side.

  1. Athis

He is a Dunmer warrior, living in Jorrvaskr at the city of Whiterun. Additionally, he’s part of the companions and a one-handed combat trainer. He offers up to level 75 of expert training in the one-handed skill. Even though he’s very temperamental, he’s very considerate and quiet, especially if you belong to the companions. You can seek his hand in marriage only after completing the Companions questline. Thereafter, you can make him your spouse, your follower, and a member of the blades if you wish to.

  1. Onmund

He is a Nord Sorcerer and you can find him at the Hall of Attainment, at the Winterhold College. If you converse with him, he will often tell you about his lifetime goal of becoming an accomplished Wizard. Although his family didn’t support his idea of entering the magical world, he pushed on and joined the Nord sorcerers. His ambition for magic makes him practice spells almost daily and you can find him in the Hall of Elements doing this. If you choose to make him your spouse, then you’ll have to develop zeal in Magical arts. He’s mostly thrilled when he discovers a new spell and uncovers new mysteries.

  1. Vorstagbest husband in Skyrim

Another Nord warrior making it to this list. Vorstag is a known mercenary, whom you can get his services at a fair price and sometimes for free. You’ll often locate him at Silver-Blood Inn in Markath. He’s proficient in heavy armor, one-handed mastery, block and archery. Vorstag goes into combat equipped with an iron shield and an iron axe, and this makes him the best candidate to choose for battle. Just like any other hireling, you can only make him your marriage mate after hiring him.

  1. Revyn Sadri

Revyn Sadri lives in Gray Quarter at the city of Windhelm. He is a dunmer merchant who owns a small pawn business. You’ll find him operating his Sadri’s Used Wares during the day and he usually closes it at around 8:30 pm. Sadri can only become your spouse after you complete the favor quest successfully for him. However, you can only seek his hand in marriage, but you can’t make him your follower. In addition, the option to marry him does not appear at all times. He’s a good speech trainer and his speech is entertaining. You’ll have much fun if you choose him to be your marriage mate.

  1. Ghorbash the Iron Hand

You can find this character at his family home in Dushnikh Yal. He resides at the Burguk’s Longhouse, the same residence as his brother who’s the chief of Burguk. He has excellent skills in handling Light armor even though his armor set is heavy. You can get his hand in marriage by persuading him with sweet words, beating him in a brawl or paying him inform of a bribe to make him your follower. He’s an adventurous character and will often mention that he wants to explore other areas in Skyrim. Ghorbash served the Imperial Legion before deciding to return to his native home.

  1. Derkeethusbest husband in Skyrim

You can find this character at the Darkwater crossing mines. Also, he’s found at Darkwater pass if you decide to go ahead and rescue him. He’s an adventurous character often moving to explore new environments. For that reason, you’ll spend most of the time touring around Skyrim. You’ll get his affection by helping him to complete some of his quests. Deerkeethus is an enthusiastic lover of children and would frequently want to spend a considerable amount of time with them. Besides, he’s loving, caring and has a modest personality.

  1. Marcuriobest husband in Skyrim

This character can be found in Riften, occasionally at the Bee and Barb. He is a sellsword and you’ll need to hire him at a price of up to 500 gold for him to be your companion. After that, he’ll be your perfect companion and will always stick around until when you decide to dismiss him. He’s a great character when it comes to destruction, alteration, sneak and restoration skills. Marcurio is a very sarcastic character, especially in his speech and will you cheer you up on most occasions. He is also able to cast a good number of spells. You can only marry him after hiring him.

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