10 Best Skryim Heavy Armor

Best Skyrim heavy armor

Having the Best Skyrim heavy armor will surely guarantee you the much-needed confidence during combat. Some armors will need your crafting skills, while others won’t. You have to give your character the best armor set or else you’ll risk defeat in the battlefield. That’s why we analyzed and came up with a list of the Best Skyrim heavy armor sets available.

  1. Falmer Heavy ArmorBest skyrim heavy armor

This armor was added in the Dawnguard DLC and given a high rating of 96. You can find this armor at the ruins of Skyrim by looting it from the Falmer Warmongers and shadow masters. Even though this armor set is uncraftable, you can upgrade it at a workbench with an advanced Falmers perk and other perks. Other than lacking improvement and smithing, this armor doesn’t scale well in terms of providing protection for the player. This is because this armor doesn’t cover the character’s body completely. It leaves some parts exposed and vulnerable to attacks hence may weaken the character’s health during gameplay.

  1. Nightingale ArmorBest skyrim heavy armor

Nightingale armor set comes with pretty good bonuses and powerful enchantments for the players. You can acquire this set after the Thieves Guild Quest is over. It comes with a stamina boost of between 20 to 40 points. It also offers protection from Frost attacks by 20 to 50 percent. Additionally, it offers an illusion spell cost plus slight buffs when lockpicking. This type of armor is most efficient when used by assassins.

  1. Stalhrim Heavy armor

Another Dragonborn DLC weapon and is only found on the Island of Solstheim. Upon reaching level 35, you’ll begin to see pieces of this armor. You can acquire this armor set from Baldor Iron shaper who is found in the Village of Skaal. Also, you can find it as a world item or loot in chests. It boasts a rating of 102 with frosts enchantments that boost the armor with 25% more strength. This is a craftable armor upon the completion of the new source of Stalhrim quest. It scales well with level 80 smithing together with an ebony smithing perk.

  1. Dwarven Armor

It is only discoverable in Skyrim when the Dragonborn reaches Level 12. It scales well with a smithing metal of 30 for crafting. New players are fond of using this type of armor because it’s found at the early levels. However, it can be used only for a short period because you’ll need to upgrade to better arms when levelling up. The only disadvantage to using this type of armor is its heavy weight of 75. The weight may drag you down during combat and make you prone to your enemies attacks.

  1. Orcish Armor

With a rating of 124, this armor definitely makes the character a force to reckon with. It is a craftable armor that requires a smithing level of 50. You can also use the Orcish Smithing perk to create it. This armor can be found if you’re a Dragonborn upon reaching level 20. It is a lightweight armor hence easy to carry and deploy during combat. Amateur players can also acquire this mid-game armor set as they progress in Skyrim.

  1. Blades Armor

This is the primary armor of the Dragonhunters and servants of the Dragonborn. You can find this armor at the Skyview temple if you want to acquire it. This armor receives a high rating of 114 and does live up to this rating. However, this armor is uncraftable but can still be improved at Skyrim work benches with perks. It is easier for new players to acquire this armor type. Blades armor come with the 4th highest breastplates in all Skyrim heavy armors. Eventually, you will need to upgrade to better armor as you progress in the game. This is because its boots and helmets have slightly lower stats compared to the other armor sets in Skyrim.

  1. Dawnguard heavy armor

It’s worn only by Dawnguard members. Dawnguard heavy armor presents incredible visual aesthetics for the player compared to all the other armors in Skyrim. It has a rating of 104; additionally, it comes with a crusader inspired Helmet that grants a 25% resistance to attacks by vampires. On the other hand, the Shield grants a 10% bashing damage to vampires. You can acquire this armor when you join the Dawnguard DLC or by framing a member of the Dawnguard if you’re a vampire. Looting the armor set from corpses of Dawnguard members is a viable option too.

  1. Ebony armor

Ebony armor has one of the best armor set aesthetics in Skyrim. This muted armor has a high rating of 128 making it the 3rd strongest armor compared to all the other basic sets in Skyrim. You can find a full enchanted set on the ebony warrior. Upon reaching level 32 in Skyrim, pieces of this armor set will become discoverable. You can enhance this craftable armor set with a level 80 in smithing and the ebony smithing perk. It is a light armor with a weight of 62 hence making it a swift armor to use during combat.

  1. Dragonplate ArmorBest skyrim heavy armor

It can be found at level 40, which is considered a high level for most players. Most amateurs will have to wait till they garner enough experience to use this armor. Additionally, it is a rarely found armor even merchants never really have it, and you can’t find in the loot either. If you want to obtain it much earlier, then you’ll have to obtain a dragon armor perk first and a smithing skill of 100. It has an amazing lightweight of 62 despite having incredible stats. For this reason, you can swiftly move around with this armor during battle.

  1. Daedric ArmorBest skyrim heavy armor

This a unique armor with very high stats. For you to acquire it, you must have a smithing level of at least 90 and a Daedric smithing perk. It can also be created when you have a conjuration skill of 90 and successfully complete the conjuration ritual spell. It’s the strongest base armor in the entire Skyrim with the highest rating of 144. Upon reaching level 48 pieces of this armor set can be discoverable. Achieving this armor set will make you a dreaded opponent thanks to its amazing stats.

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