10 Best Age of Empires 2 maps

Age of empires 2 maps

Age of Empires 2 maps are 14 in number compared to its predecessor game which only featured 4 random maps. The maps are randomly generated for every player and the square topography remains uniform for each map type. Every map has its features and limitations, below is a list of the best age of empires 2 maps.

  1. HighlandAge of empire 2 maps

The only landlocked map that has made it into this list. It has plenty of rivers traversing the region and has a dense forest surrounding. For protection purposes, players are advised to build docks and find themselves transport ships for their troops. On the positive side, the rivers in Highland are a natural defense mechanism as enemies have to find a way past them to launch an attack.

  1. MichiAge of empire 2 maps

A very popular map for beginners to use. It provides newbies with the excellent time needed to explore the surrounding and find the necessary resources for survival. The resources are balanced in the entire map, making it much easier to find them. Henceforth the players can begin building their bases and preparing for imminent attacks. Most of the time, war begins at the Imperial stage. At this stage, the player, whether an amateur or professional, should have gathered enough resources to trounce his opponents. The dense surrounding forests give the player an upper hand since it makes it difficult for attackers to penetrate.

  1. Oasis

One of the most protected maps in age of empires 2. This map has only 2 ends whereby outsiders can access it. The player is not only worry-free of sneak attacks and direct intrusion but also feels much secure. This is one of the best maps for beginners to use since it gives them adequate time to gather resources and prepare their defense power. Players have the option of defending the base simultaneously with the forward base just from the center.

  1. Islands

They’re the best maps when it comes to Navy games. Island is the best water map for the majority of players who prefer water bodies to dry land. This map provides ample space for combat in water and other navy warfare activities. Each player must protect the Island allocated to him from outsiders and Intruders. In order to achieve that, each player must be able to build strong docks that will help him keep invaders away. This is a fun and interesting map to use for all players.

  1. Megarandom

This is an improvised community created map recently added to age of empires 2 maps. It comes with new land maps, and you’re able to enjoy great sceneries from valleys to cenotes. Megarandom generates different maps for players just like its name suggests. Additionally, it instills some nostalgia in players since you never know what to expect. It is a really exciting and interesting game to play since it’s full of surprises. It doesn’t conform to a given set theme; hence you’re assured of gaining new experience.

  1. Fortress

This map has almost the same features as Arena. It comes with ready-made barracks and stone walls to enhance protection for the player. Fortress, just like the name suggests, comes with 4 towers designed for defending the surrounding territories in case of imminent warfare. It is best built to withstand a siege since its defense capabilities give it an upper hand over the intruders. However, for this map, finding resources can be quite a struggle and the player might be forced to look for resources externally. This may create a loophole for a sneak attack from the enemies and catch the player unaware.

  1. Arena

This is the only map where you don’t have to worry about getting into combat very early in the game. As a matter of fact, this map comes with ready-made stone walls for your protection from the beginning. For this reason, players may concentrate more on building resources and expanding their knowledge than worry about engaging in battle. It has resources scattered in different areas, especially the surrounding forests and it gives the player adequate time to collect all the resources he/she needs. Later on, in the Castle age, the player will be more prepared for battle and adequately ready to face his opponents.

  1. Nomads

Nomads only rank second to Arabia when it comes to the most favored map for land tournaments for most players. The area takes the form of a deserted place with a lot resources to explore. Players have to create strong bases to protect them from external attacks. It comes with an advantage of civilization and you can find civilized group behaviors copied from the Mayans, Chinese, Aztec, among others. The only disadvantage of this map is that it brings a lot of uncertainty as experienced by many players. Besides it’s not a very stable map for beginners and often recommended for the more advanced players.

  1. Black Forest

It has a very nice setup compared to the other maps. There’s no much pressure placed on the player, this is because gameplay options are limited in the game. Black Forest has thick and wide wood lines making the terrain easily penetrable for many players. On the negative side, it doesn’t instill good mechanics for newbies. However, it is much more dynamic and fun to play at higher levels as the stalemates are less common, while castle aggression increases. In addition, it provides players with amazing natural defenses because of the thick terrain. You can also learn new building and fortification skills when using this map.

  1. ArabiaBest age of empire 2 maps

The most used standard map for many age of empires 2 players. Arabia map presents a balanced resource distribution across its areas. It has very few obstacles that players may encounter; they include but not limited to ponds, cliffs and wolves. This map has a lot of similarity with maps like Senotes and Gold rush, but its ponds don’t reach the wood lines. Arabia presents a versatile world where the player is free to do so many things. It has better tactical options for players since it’s more of a woody map than a water map; hence, players can exploit the surrounding better.

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