10 Best Yugioh Games

Best Yugioh games

Over the years Konami has developed the Best Yugioh games and we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best. You can play these games across different digital platforms and devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, etc. There are so many Yugioh games out there. We’ve tried selecting the Best Yugioh games that we could find based on gameplay and other aspects.

  1. Yu-gi-oh! Dungeon Dice MonstersBest Yugioh games

This game is not played with the same rules as the rest of the Yugioh games. The game is a diversion from the normal Yugioh games. It much based on Dungeon Dice from the TV show which is the 46th Yugioh episode in the second anime series. Once you become acquainted with the gameplay and the fact that it has no cards. The most important aspect to explore is dice summoning. You’ll find out in this game that monsters like The Blue eyes, Dark Magician are dead hence you’ll have to compete with completely new opponents. This is an all round addictive game for players who want a new experience.

  1. Yu-gi-oh! World Championship Tournament 2004Best Yugioh games

An amazing world championship game that uses the traditional Yugioh style of play. This game comes with multiple duels like the Rare Hunters, Yami Yugi, Dual Computer and so many others. Each duel gets better as you advance from 1 star duels up to the dreaded 6-star duels. The Blue card can be specially used to flip coins in the deck if necessary. If you’re a true Yugioh fan, you’ll love this game because it’s very competitive and fun as you level up in the game.

  1. Yu-gi-oh! Pro

This is a fan-made game that comes with all Yugioh cards. Most fan made games would not get a spot on this list, but Yugioh Pro is on another level. A mindblowing game, it comes with cards that were used only in Japan and hidden from the rest of the world. Definitely has one of the best card libraries to explore. You can spend hours or days make a simple deck because of the variety of cards to choose from. If you’re a die-hard fan, then this game is built for you and it holds back nothing from you. Another key point is that you can play this game online against other competitors. Depending on which difficulty level you want to explore, you can choose any card from the deck for that purpose. However, it does not have graphics compared to other Yugioh games like the Duel Links.

  1. Yu-gi-oh! Capsule Monster Colisem

Based on the original Yugioh Anime series on the episode where Bakura tricked Jounuchi, Honda and friends. This game, just like Dungeon Dice Monsters does not play with the same rules as the rest of the Yugioh games. You take the role of Yami Yugi competing in the Capsule Monsters. The gameplay uses Yugioh cards as chess pieces and you use the pieces to move around the board. The only disappointing thing about this game is that it doesn’t level up once you manage to concur your enemies. The player will find himself stuck in a cycle as the game keeps repeating itself. Overall the gameplay is fantastic especially In a 2 player mode.

  1. Yu-gi-oh! World Championship Tournament 2005

The game begins with the player as a minor NPC. Over time you’ll improve your dueling skills, level up and rise through the ranks. This game introduces a Deck recipe function, and this becomes an interesting part of the game without even prior knowledge to how the other Yugioh games are played. You can play a series of Tournaments games for countless hours and still fail to unlock all the duelists in the game. It has much-improved gameplay and far better compared to its predecessors.

  1. Yu-gi-oh! Dark Duel Stories

It follows the anime rules rather than the actual Trading card games rules. Dark duel comes with impressive Game Boy Color gameplay which consists of many duels. This game offers new gameplay, combos and strategies. It comes with multiple other useful cards which you can unlock as you advance in the game. However, the more cards you unlock, the more dangerous opponents you discover. It is a great game that will definitely keep your adrenaline high throughout gameplay.

  1. Yu-gi-oh! Duel Links

Duel Links is another mobile game that has managed to grab a spot in this list. This game has an incredible difficulty level. This has one of the best online modes, it very competitive as you meet other expert players. The more you level up, the better opponents you get. Another amazing thing about it is that you don’t get to spend money during gameplay. Lastly, it’s fast paced and you will have to go through tough challenges to make it to the Last rank.

  1. Yu-gi-oh! The Duelists of the RosesBest Yugioh games

The game does not follow the conventional type of gameplay, it has it own unique gameplay style. The player assumes the Deck Leader role whose the main function is managing cards in the game. You have to lead your Deck Leader to your opponent’s Deck Leader and you have to battle the opponent’s monsters if you encounter them. Eventually, you’ll have to battle it out with your opponent’s Deck Leader. Acquiring additional cards will give you an upper hand in the game.

  1. GX Tag force evolutionBest Yugioh game

This was the first Yugioh games to implement GX cards rather than the commonly used Classic cards. It comes with multiple cards which you couldn’t find in any other Yugioh game. It allows the players to explore the surrounding rather than just tapping on it. Tag force is one of the few games in Yugioh where you can tag due and single due. Another key point about this game is that it comes with updated cards from Tag Force 1 to Tag Force 7. Tag Force 7 is my personal best because it consists of characters from every Yugioh Generation.

  1. Yu-gi-oh! Duel GenerationBest Yugioh games

One of the most addictive Yugioh mobile games. This game comes with a great Library card to use. Besides, it is one of the first Yugioh games with the Seal of Orichalco in it. Even though most Yugioh games deliberately skip this card because it’s too broken, it is fun to play with. Although most mobile games are not as addictive and playable like PC and console games, this game is one of a kind. The only disadvantage of playing this game is you have to deal with issues like inaccuracy and the graphics are not that amazing. For die-hard Yugioh fans this is one of the best Yugioh games for mobiles that should not miss in your phone.

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