10 Skyrim Best wives

skyrim best wife

Choosing a Skyrim best wife can be a difficult task for many players. It’s amazing that you can marry a wife from any race in Skyrim. However, all wives come with different qualities and power. You’ll just have to be careful enough to pick the best. In addition there are certain quests you’ll need to complete before marrying any of them. Here’s a list to help you select the best wife in Skyrim.

  1. Uthgerd the Unbrokenskyrim best wife

Uthgerd belongs to the Nord race and excellent follower while beginning the game. You can find her in Whiterun at the Bannered Mare. Moreover, she comes with her own house as a gift to you. She wagers 100 gold to engage in a brawl with her. The most amazing feature about her is that she is really useful in battle. She is particulally useful as a tank protector for the player to DPS as she provides high damage output.

  1. Ria

Ria is an imperial member of the companions. You’ll find her at Whiterun, she’s often the first person you meet when entering Whiterun. For you to have her hand in marriage you’ll have to first complete the companions questline just the same way as Aela The Huntress. After that she becomes your wife though you’ll find her still working with Vilkas for a day or two. Nothing to worry about, she’ll be back in no time. Unless she has been killed in the wilderness. However, the only downside to marrying her is that she owns nothing hence you won’t inherit a thing when you marry her.

  1. Camila Valeriusskyrim best wife

She is one of the most beautiful Skyrim best wife you can find. You will find her in Riverwood and where she runs a trade shop alongside her brother. If you want to get her hand in marriage you’ll have to retrieve a golden claw for her, that’s the Golden claw quest. Once you join her in holy matrimony and acquire a room in Riverwood for her, you’ll earn 100 gold coins daily.

  1. Lydia

Lydia is a Nord and she’s located at Proudspire Manor, Solitude. For you to get her hand in marriage, you’ll have to first complete the Dragon Rising quest. Thereafter you’ll have to acquire a house for her at Breezehome. In spite of doing all that you still have to become Thane of Whiterun. The reward that comes after marrying her isn’t that bad after all. You’ll receive a hundred septums daily if she becomes your wife. In addition she’ll also be able to cook you a home cooked meal per day. This meal will help you renegenerate your health, stamina and Magicka.

  1. Sylgjaskyrim best wife

If you want a wife with incredible endurance, then Slygja is the best you can get. Sylgja is a Nord and she can be found at Shor’s Stone. The only thing she has ownership over is her house. She works extremely hard in the mine and she can spend up to 12 hours in the mines. She learnt to work hard and swing a pickaxe since childhood. Indeed she’ll work as hard as she can till she finishes her job. Her resilient qualities make her fascinatinating to her male workers around. They can be heard trying their luck charming her but she turns all of them down. To win her you’ll have to make a special delivery for her.

  1. Ysolda

Ysolda is a merchant in Whiterun with very big aspirations. She dreams of owning the bannered mare and she keeps a lot of gold in store so that she can be able to own it later. She is accustomed to merchant trading and improves her experience. This is a future oriented woman with goals and aspirations she aims to achieve. A pace setter wife who’ll lead you into success. The only disappointing quality about her, is her drug dealing trade with the Khajiit.

  1. Seranaskyrim best wife

You can only marry her after the quest of the heart of the Bella. She has many advantages and can be really useful when it comes to battle. Serana comes with a unique ability that allows her to raise corpses while in battle. She becomes a cold blooded vampire after pledging herself and undergoing a ritual by Molag Bal. This character can be your wife through the Skyrim journey up to level 50. Serana can interact with her immediate environment outside the combat zone unlike the other characters. She’s part of the Dawnguard DLC and also a strong necromancer. Lastly she can’t be killed.

  1. Muiri

When you first get to meet her she’ll play hard to get. The most amazing thing about her is brave personality even though she was banished from her home town on false accusation. You can win her by killing her Ex, a bandit leader, who was only using her to advance his robbery scheme. However all this did not put Muiri down, she travelled across Skyrim and now works as an assistant in Markarth Hag’s Alchemy shop.

  1. Mjoll The Lioness

Definitely one of the best wife in Skyrim. She is a Nord warrior and you can find her in Riften. Mjoll upholds very high integrity values and wishes to eradicate corruption in her area code. Her childhood was difficult and this taught her to be very strong. She is a very powerful character when in it comes to combat, armed with a banded iron armor. In addition she has perfected her long arrange attacks hence a pretty good fighter. Her most amazing feature is that she can’t be killed. Marry her and make her your wife, follower and fighter.

  1. Aela The Huntressskyrim best wife

Aela is an elite member of the companions in Whiterun. She one of the best hunters in Skyrim. Aela has extensive and adequate archery experience. In addition her other skills include light armor handling and one handed sneak. You can only court her after completing the Companions quest. Moreover you’ll have to travel to Jorrvaskr to find her. The most awesome thing about her is that you can make her your wife, follower and battle companion. She is an adventurous woman so staying at one place is not her thing. You’ll be constantly in the move hunting wild creatures and lighting camp fires.

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