10 Best Fallout Shelter Legendary dwellers

fallout shelter legendary dwellers

Rare fallout shelter legendary dwellers are in Lunchboxes. You’ll find them equipped with legendary outfits and rare weapons. In fallout shelter, there are about 23 legendary dwellers you can select based on your preferences. However, some of them don’t have good stats hence not very useful. That’s why we listed the best fallout shelter legendary dwellers for you to select.

  1. Colonel Autumn fallout shelter legendary dwellers

You’ll remember him if you played Fallout 3, he was the main antagonist. He inherited his father’s post as the Enclave military leader. Eventually, he rose to become a Colonel. Unlike his father, Colonel Autumn has been quite a critic of the president and does not agree to all his decisions. He’s a ruthless conservative and would take extreme measures to protect the interest of his sovereign nation as long as it’s in the interest of the Enclave. However, his stats are not that amazing; he has a strength of 4, perception of 6, endurance of 5, charisma of 9, Intelligence of 5, agility of 5 and luck of 2.

  1. Piper

She was an amazing Fallout 4 character, introducing her as a legendary character isn’t that bad after all. Piper is an excellent character when it comes to romance once you reach her highest affinity level. Her stats are pretty good; a strength, perception, endurance, agility, and luck at 4. She has a high endurance of 9 and a quite good intelligence of 7. Piper has an extra +2 boost to her stats of agility, endurance, luck and perception when she comes with her outfit.

  1. Lucas Simms

This is one character who knows what it is to survive in harsh conditions. He has absolute authority in his town of Megaton and has a quite considerable number of supporters in his hometown. Lucas acts as judge, sheriff and judge and he received this authority from the people themselves. This character brings luck when it comes to finding loot and moving around. His lucky outfit is called the Sheriff duster it has an extra +2 boost for perception and a +5 boost for endurance. It works best combined with his high endurance stat.

  1. Abraham Washington

An introvert by nature, having absolutely no social interaction and conversation skills. You can find this character lingering around Capitol preservation rooms and its environs. His legendary craftable outfit is called ‘Abraham Relaxedwear.’ It provides him with a +1 boost point for endurance and 2 extra points for Intelligence, agility and luck. He is equipped with a repeater as a legendary weapon, but it’s not useful in most cases. Despite his advanced age, Abraham Washington can undertake various tasks. He’s a great character for stim pack or rad away production in Fallout Shelter.

  1. Jerichofallout shelter legendary dwellers

He was formerly considered a dangerous raider but decided to settle down in Megaton. You can make him your companion, but you must have at least one evil Karma to acquire him. He’ll be obedient to you as long as you don’t steal from him or fire him. You can hire him as your companion to fight alongside you in the wastelands but not without a thousand equipment caps. Thereafter, you can rehire him free of charge. He comes with a pretty good heavy leather armor. The armor provides him with an extra strength boost of 3 and 4 additional endurance points.

  1. James

Lone Wanderer’s father and a great scientist. Before joining Vault 101, James worked at capital wasteland intending to provide the residents there with clean and free water. However, this objective changed when Lone Wanderer was born. This character has extensive medical knowledge and experience. He wears a legendary expert lab coat the same outfit worn by legendary vault dweller Dr. Li. Besides, this extraordinary outfit comes with a massive boost of 7 to Intelligence stat and has a great value of 500. This sort of high Intelligence makes him the best companion for Stimpack or Rad-away production.

  1. Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey appears in Fallout 4 and all the other major installments of the Fallout series. He is a high ranking official of the Commonwealth Minuteman and he volunteers in the Commonwealth defense militia. Additionally, he is a follower of the sole survivor. Preston comes with a special Minuteman outfit. This outfit gives him an additional +2 bonus to Agility, Strength, Perception and Intelligence. If you reach the highest affinity with him, you’ll be granted a perk by the name ‘United We Stand.’ This perk increases the damage dealt by 20% and further increases resistance damage by 20 additional points.

  1. Allistair Tenpenny

He stands out as one of the characters in Fallout Shelter having very evil Karma. Allistair has a top notch long range sniper rifle that he uses to protect himself from his enemies. He’s a filthy rich old man with nothing much to do and spends most of his time sniping Wasteland Creatures. Allistair is a versatile companion to have. In addition, his outfit grants him with an additional boost in Perception, Intelligence and Charisma and an extra point of luck.

  1. Star Paladin Cross

She holds a high-rank position in the Citadel group, Brotherhood of Steel. Furthermore, she works as Elder Lyon’s bodyguard and adviser. Additionally, she is an enhanced Cyborg who does not eat or sleep. You can recruit her to be your companion as long as the Lone Wanderer has a good karma reputation. With this in mind, insulting her or James will cost you her companionship. She walks around with a Cross laser pistol for her protection. Star Paladin Cross also has the power to recite Codex excerpts. She is a good follower to have with great stats in Perception, Charisma and Strength.

  1. Sarah Lyonsfallout shelter legendary dwellers

Sarah has the best stats compared to the other fallout shelter legendary dwellers in terms of combat. Unlike the other players, she has 100 microfusion cells chipped in her that prevent her from running out of ammunition. You can acquire her armor by reverse pickpocketing or killing her after the Citadel destruction. She carries around a Laser Wazer Wifle gun that increases her strength by 4 additional points. Overally she is a strong character to keep you company. You can only acquire her after completing her quest from the Overseer’s office.

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