10 Best Fallout Shelter weapons

fallout shelter best weapons

Equip your dwellers with Fallout Shelter best weapons for a better chance of survival at the Wastelands.  There are a variety of weapons to choose from in Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter has about 139 unlockable weapons which you can acquire while exploring through the wastelands. There are other additionally rare weapons appearing in yellow badges which you may equip your dwellers with. Below is a top 10 list detailing Fallout Shelter best weapons.

  1. Alien BlasterFallout Shelter best weapons

A technologically advanced weapon specifically using alien power to produce its ammunition. It is a formidable extra-ordinary weapon much powerful than all the other alien weapons in Fallout Shelter. This weapon deals damage of about 18 to 19 for a single attack. By use of the Destabilizer alien blaster, it can deal maximum damage of up to 23 per attack.

  1. Railway Rifle

Railway Rifle utilizes railway spikes often used to fasten rails. It uses compressed gas to project spikes. Railway Rifle, named after the locomotive sound that it produces during firing. This weapon is a semi-automatic clip-fed rifle. It utilizes high pressure to fire the spikes at high speed. This weapon deals damage of about 14 to 15 for a single attack. It has the best rankings in terms of damage output compared to all the other energy barring weapons.

  1. Gauss RifleFallout Shelter best weapons

This is a rare Fallout shelter weapon, and most players give up on trying to find it. It has the power to fire high speeds of metal shards at a particular time. This weapon is powered using micro fusion cells accelerated by electromagnetic induction. When current runs through the barrel, the coil produces strong electromagnetic fields. This results in a high-speed ejection of metal shards. The Gauss rifle can deal up to 16 damage for a single attack. It ranks as the best projectile-based rifle with the highest damage output.

  1. Junk JetFallout Shelter best weapons

Junk Jet is a unique crudely made junk projector. It fires any Junk fed into its hopper. You have to load the Junk manually and fire them. The remaining pieces of the Junk fired can also be picked and loaded into the hopper. As a result, this makes the Junk Jet a weapon with unlimited ammunition supply. It has an average damage per shot of about 21.5. This weapon can is easily accessible to most players, either beginners or advanced players. On the negative side, the weapon has a limited range of fire. It’s ineffective when used in long-range attacks.

  1. Virgil’s Rifle

As the name suggests, this is a weapon carried by Virgil. A super-mutant scientist whom you’ll have to kill first before acquiring his weapon. The other way to acquire this weapon is by Pickpocketing Virgil by use of perks. It belongs to the Institute model type of weapon. This model has an increased refire rate and more firepower per shot. It is mainly used to deal more than 50% extra damage on Super Mutants. Virgil’s rifle has an average damage of 22.5. On the hand, this weapon has limited customization options and stock upgrades.

  1. Miss Launcher

It has the highest damage compared to all the other missile launchers in Fallout Shelter. For this reason, it can single-handedly wipe out all your enemies within the area of attack. It is the perfect weapon for removing Molerats and Radroaches. This weapon deals average damage of about 22.5. However, this weapon falls short when you try to activate missile motors, and they fail. Standard missiles fired from this weapon fail to fly. That’s the reason as to why most players consider it as a grenade launcher. The Miss Launcher can fire up to a maximum of 83 missiles when in good condition.

  1. Fire Hydrant Bat

It ranks as the best melee weapon in Fallout Shelter. It has the highest damage compared to all the other melee weapons in the game. Despite its sleek and simple design, you can’t underestimate this weapon. Fire Hydrant Bat has an average damage of 25 which is fairly good considering the fact that it is a single variant. It deals damage of between 19 to 31. On the negative side, this weapon’s reliability is a bit low. For Instance, when used in combat, it ignores already hit opponents.

  1. Vengeance

Vengeance is one of the few automatic weapons in Fallout Shelter. In addition to that, it has a large ammunition capacity compared to the other Laser weapons. Another key point is that it has the highest DPS ratings than most automatic weapons. It uses electron charge packs, which is a rare type of ammunition. This weapon has an unparalleled attack speed and one of the highest durability during gameplay. For this reason, it can single-handedly wipe out all your enemies. Compared to the normal Laser weapons, this weapon care fire more shots.

  1. M42 Fat Man Launcher

The M42 Launcher is a catapult weapon that is best for Tactical nuclear ordinance. Mainly designed so as to be used by troops on the ground. The fact that it is portable makes it easier to destroy entrenched enemy positions. It contained only a single mini nuke in its early development which used rail gun technology but this developed problems. The development of the Multiple Independent Targetable reentry vehicle came as a breakthrough. This new Launcher can launch up to 8 mini nukes simultaneously. It deals very high damage to all your target enemies.

  1. Dragon’s Maw

This is by far the best weapon in the Fallout shelter. With average damage of 25.5, it has the highest points of average damage among all Fallout shelter weapons. The Dragon’s Maw has the Plasma Caster design. It’s an improvement weapon to its predecessor the old Winchester P94. This incredible rifle utilizes Microfusion cells as its main source of energy. It also draws Plasma from different cartridges. The Plasma is drawn down as a toroid which is then ejected down the barrel and fired towards your enemy. This weapon is best against high energy resistance enemies.

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