10 Best Yugioh plant deck monsters

Yugioh plant deck

There are good Plant cards that you can find in the Yugioh plant deck. Plant decks were unsupported and not very competitive in the past. This changed with the introduction of 5D Yugioh anime. Nowadays Plant decks are common among many Yugioh players. Konami went ahead and created strong support cards for this archetype. Check them out here, the 10 Best Yugioh plant deck monsters.

  1. Cactus BouncerYugioh plant deck

Cactus Bouncer is one powerful card on the field. It has a high ATK of 1800 and a very powerful effect. It works by locking down special summoning power for both players on the field. This effect works on the condition that there must be a Plant card on the field before it activates. This card forms the perfect combo with cards such as ‘Black Garden.’ By activating Black Garden, setting a negation card and summoning Cactus Bouncer your opponent will run out of choices. Whenever the Cactus Bouncer effect is turned off, you have the opportunity of special summoning a monster from the graveyard.

  1. Cruel Angel-Queen of RoseYugioh plant deck

If you have a plant type monster on the field, you can special summon this card with one tribute. This card comes with a very special effect that attacks the weakest monsters on the field. You can build a powerful deck around this card using other spell cards such as the ‘Book of Moon.’ Ensure you’re playing against an opponent with weaker opponents and this card will help you triumph. On the negative side, this card self-destructs if it’s the only monster card on the field during the Standby Phase.

  1. Dandylion

This card comes with multiple useful effects. Even if it is in the graveyard, it will give you up to 2 cards for free. When it dies during your opponent’s turn, it’ll give you a free tribute summon as long as its tokens are still available. This is one card that doesn’t become useless even if it dies. From the graveyard, it gives you an added advantage to perform Synchro Summons and level 1 tokens to use. Dandylion can also be used to accelerate the effects of other cards like ‘Princess of Camellias’ and ‘Tytannial.’

  1. Splendid Rose

Splendid Rose is the latest Synchro Monster in the plant’s deck. This card has a powerful effect that works by removing from the field any plant-type monster. This, in turn, reduces the ATK of the opposing monster by up to 50%. The Splendid Rose effect lasts till that turn comes to an end. In addition, this card can launch an attack on the field and sacrifice half of its ATK. Consequently removing another plant from the field during the battle phase. This card forms the perfect combo with cards such as ‘Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind.’ Therefore the ‘Blackwing’ will act as the Turner for Synchro-summoning Splendid Rose.

  1. Tytannial, Princess of Camellias

This is by far the strongest Plant-type Monster in the Yugioh plant deck. It can only be special summoned by Lonefire Blossom, a card that summons any plant-type monster once per turn. This card has great stats and deserves its level 8 spot. It comes with a negation effect. This effect can deactivate your opponent’s effect or card and go ahead to destroy it. The only card that is not affected by this cards effect is the Bottomless Trap Hole, which can’t be negated by Tytannial, Princess of Camellias.

  1. Black Rose Dragon

This is one of the best Synchro monsters in the Yugioh plant deck. It has an amazing effect which is most effective on defensive opponents. This card once activated, can reduce the ATK of all monsters to 0. However, if your opponent changes his monster to a defensive position to attacking position, the effect is deactivated. If the targeted card has a Flip effect, then a new chain of effect begins after the Black Rose effect. Besides, if the card is Synchro Summoned, it destroys its effects. Also getting this card on the field is quite easy.

  1. Black Garden

Black Garden offers multiple tokens for different purposes during gameplay. You can activate this card’s effect by using Pollinosis. This card will special summon Black Garden, negate any monster summoned by your opponent and destroy the card. It can also bring back a monster with 2400 ATK points from the graveyard if you destroy it together with 3 Rose Tokens on the field. This card is most effective when used in stall Decks. This is because it weakens your opponent’s monster and builds a much powerful defense for you.

  1. Lonefire Blossom

Lonefire Blossom is one of the few cards that can tribute itself. It is a very useful card, especially in duels. This card can summon any monster from any level. Similarly, it can special summon any plant from the deck. If this card tributes itself and finds no monsters in the field, its effect functionality changes. Consequently, the effect resolves to special summoning any monster card with a Wind Tribute.

  1. Queen of ThornsYugioh plant deck

This is the perfect card when you’re up against non-Plant pendulum decks. By the use of the Light Intervention effect, you can use this card to force your opponent to special summon his/her non-Plant type cards. Consequently, they’ll have to pay a price of a Thousand life points for every card they summon hence gradually reducing their life points. This effect works best when up against cards like ‘Six Samurai’ and ‘Tech Genus.’ This card forms the perfect combo with ‘Black Rose Dragon.’ Together they become a lethal force able to defeat any type of monster from your opponent’s deck.

  1. Mark of the RoseYugioh plant deck

The fact that this card is unrestricted makes it an incredibly powerful card in the Yugioh plant deck. This card can give you access to 2 control cards (Mind control and Brain control) simultaneously. At the same time, you can play 3 of these cards. Another key point is that this card gives you the power to control Synchro Monsters like ‘Dragon of the Ice Barrier,’ ‘Goyo Guardian’ and many others. Not mentioning the fact that you can control your opponent’s monster to your advantage. Consequently using this advantage to win the duel.

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