10 Best Yugioh link Monsters

dragon link monsters

There are so many powerful dragon link monsters; we’re spoilt for choice. The introduction of link monsters brought about many changes in Yugioh, including a few restrictions. Dragon link monsters have powerful effects which you can use to win duels and expand your monster pool. Below are the top 10 best Yugioh link Monsters.

  1. Honeybotdragon link monsters

Honeybot is the best Cyberse monster, according to me. It has better effects and unique features compared to the likes of Proxy Dragon. It has an effect that makes a monster card indestructible when it points it. The monster then becomes immune to any card effect from the opponent. Neither card from the players’ deck can attack as long as it’s pointed.

  1. Borrelguard Dragondragon link monsters

You’ll need at least 3 or more effect monsters to get the best out of this card. This is because it would be a broken card if it were easy to summon. That’s the only disadvantage of this card; otherwise, it is an incredible card. One amazing feature that makes this card stand out is its durable nature. Consequently making it immune to attacks by majority of spell cards such as Raigeki. It can switch any face-up monster to a defensive position hence shielding it from attacks.

  1. Knightmare Gryphondragon link monsters

I don’t think there’s a single meta deck that doesn’t contain a Knightmare. This powerful card allows the player to discard a card then activate its effect. This effect once activated it allows the player to draw a card of his choice. The Knightmare Gryphon can boost cards with recycling effects once sent to the graveyard. A lot of archetypes have benefitted from this card. This card has multiple gameplay strategies and can lock out your opponent from their extra deck. Also, it has the power to extend combos. It surely shouldn’t miss in your deck if you’re a competitive player.

  1. Aromaseraphy Jasmine

This card boasts of amazing effects and can accept 2 plant-type monsters as material. Its arrows are pointed diagonally backward in 2 different directions as a vanguard link monster. You’ll need to have higher life points than your opponent to get the best out of this card. In that case, it shields the card from destruction as well as the plant monsters it points at. When playing in a defensive position, you can tribute a monster and special summon any plant monster that this card points at.

  1. Binary Sorceress

This is one of the few Link 2 cards making it to this dragon link monsters list. Binary Sorceress has wonderful effects and unique features. Once per turn it can reduce your opponent’s ATK by half hence making it a very powerful card on the field. This effect works to the player’s advantage since it doubles your monsters ATK using the power drawn from the opponent. Her other effect, once activated, can inflict battle damage on your opponent. Consequently allowing you to gain additional life points depending on the damage inflicted.

  1. Borreload Dragon

This dragon link monster has a solid ATK of 3000. Additionally, it comes with 2 bonus arrows. Borreload Dragon has wonderful effects and unique features. Borreload Dragon definitely deserves its spot on this list. It is one of the few cards that your opponent can’t target with monster effects. Once per turn it can reduce your opponent’s ATK and DEF by 500 hence making it a very powerful card on the field. Also, this card has the power to control your opponent’s monster for a given time. Till the next phase where it gets sent to the graveyard.

  1. Saryuja Skull Dread

You’ll mistake it for a dark attribute card when you first see it. It has a beautiful outlook and amazing artwork. You can fit this card anywhere on the extra deck. This card uses any 2 different monsters as its fuel. Additionally, it comes with 3 bonus link arrows for the player’s benefit. You’ll need about 4 or more monsters to get the best out of this card. That’s the only disadvantage of this card; otherwise, it is an incredible card. It is a flexible card and be sure not to forget it next time you arrange your extra deck.

  1. Decode Talker

Arguably the best card among ‘Code Talker’ monsters. It has by far the best effects, and you can easily summon it. For every card that Decode Talker points to, he gains 500 points. As a result, his ATK increases from the original 2300 to a Max ATK of 3800. This card has a unique effect that can deactivate a card effect. If your opponent targets any monster from your hand, you can tribute 1 card, negate it and finally destroy it. Another key point is that it can draw strength from forward arrows of your opponent to your advantage.

  1. Borrelsword Dragon

Borrelsword Dragon is mainly by a majority of players as a One Turn Kill card. Even though this card lacks in-built effect protection, it does not fall short in competitions. This link 4 card has a solid original ATK of 3000. It has the power to inflict heavy damage on the opponent. Besides, it can clear all the boss monsters from the field. This card also boasts of amazing effects. Once the effect is activated, you can lock out your opponent from using spell cards during the battle phase. It also gives you turn priority; hence, you can launch an attack, and your opponent won’t have a chance to retaliate.

  1. Firewall Dragondragon link monsters

Undoubtedly, this is by far the best card in all dragon link monsters. Indeed it has very powerful effects. As a matter of fact, it may hit the ban list soon if players continue to misuse its power. This card boasts of amazing effects and can accept 2 monsters as material. The first effect can special summon monsters from the graveyard or the field back to the hand. The second effect can destroy any monster that it points to on the field or send it to the graveyard and summon a monster from the hand. It has a solid stats and is one of the highest rated dragon link monsters.

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