10 Best Rank 4 Yugioh XYZ Monsters

yugioh xyz

Yugioh XYZ is many fans favorite because they’re easier to summon. Also, the fact that these cards are not archetype specific and can fit in any deck is impressive. There are tons of cards to choose from especially Rank 4 Yugioh Xyz cards. Check out the best Rank 4 Xyz Monsters below.

  1. Photon Papilloperativeyugioh xyz

This card works best when used in an attacking position. Create a perfect combo when you use it with ‘Butterflyoke.’ Butterflyoke will change all face-up monsters your opponent uses in attacking position to a defensive position. This will make them vulnerable to Photon Papilloperative. Activate the card’s effect and reduce your opponent’s monsters ATK. It is most effective in one turn kills or when you want to shut down your opponent with a single move.

  1. Excaliburyugioh xyz

This is the only card in this list that is a bit hard to summon. For you to summon this card you have to use warriors, otherwise it is an awesome card that shouldn’t miss in your deck. The fact that it has double the original monster ATK means you’ll have to skip your draw phase per turn. However, this card can win you the game if it proceeds to strike once. An ATK of 4000 is crazy, but you’ll have to be patient till you’re ready to make the perfect killer move. Thus shutting down your opponent completely.

  1. Utopia

Utopia is one of the Protagonist cards in Yuma Monsters. It is a powerful card on the field with excellent Attack and Defense. This card boasts of an amazing effect and can accept any level 4 creatures as material. The effect can prevent your monsters from an attack launched by your opponent. It can negate a monster’s effect or a trap card activation once in every turn by spending one material. This incredible effect allows you to keep the weak monsters in a defensive position till they’re ready to attack. Otherwise, you can also sacrifice them for more stronger creatures. Unfortunately, this card destroys itself once its materials are used up.

  1. Steelswarm Roach

Using two level 4 monsters, you can use this card to prevent your opponent from special summoning monsters. This move will prove to be a headache for your opponent since he can’t summon any high-level monster. Like the rest of the Rank 4 cards, this card is easy to summon and gives you a huge potential to win the game. This card is most effective when used against Synchro Monsters and cards from Contact Fusion decks. Even when this card’s materials are used up or sent to the graveyard, you can still recycle it back using ‘Recurring Nightmare.’

  1. Gagaga Cowboy

Gagaga Cowboy works best when used in a defensive position. This is because it has better Defense Stats compared to its Attack. Hence works best in protecting your monsters rather than attacking further during the battle phase. However, it has powerful effects that work both in defensive mode or attack mode. In attack mode, the effect activates when the card spends one material. The cowboy drains the opponent 500 life points and gains 1000 Attack. In defense mode, the effect works by inflicting damage of up to 800 life points on the opponent thus weakening him.

  1. Bagooska

Summoning this card on the first turn makes it a force to reckon with. It works best when used in a defensive position. It has an effect that it indestructible during the Standby phase. Once you detach 1 material from the card, it becomes immune to any card effect from the opponent. Neither can it be targeted while in Attack position. In the defensive position, you’ll have to change all cards in attacking position to face down defensive position. This is to allow for the negation of the effects by your opponent’s monsters in a defensive position.

  1. Ragnazero

Unlike Gagaga Cowboy, this card works best when used in an attacking position. This is because it has better Attack than Defense than most monsters in the level 4 rank. This card has a unique situational effect. This effect is activated by detaching one material and targeting it on your opponent’s monster with a different attack than the original Attack. It destroys that monster and gives you the power to draw an extra card from the deck. The effect works on monsters with altered Attack scores only.

  1. Silent Honor ARK

Without its effect, this card wouldn’t make it to this list. This is because it possesses a mediocre base Attack and Defense for a card in Rank 4. The first effect is activated by detaching one material and targeting it on your opponent’s special summoned monster as long as it’s in attack position. After that, Silent Honor ARK attaches the monster to become Xyz material. Moreover, in case of impending defeat or destruction, this card can detach the material and save itself. Alternatively, the detached materials can be sent to the graveyard and locked from being resummoned.

  1. Castel

Just like most Rank 4 cards, this card is easy to summon. It has incredible effects and powerful monsters. This effect once activated it can return given cards back to the deck by detaching one Yugioh Xyz material. Alternatively, it can switch up 2 monsters from a face-up position to a defensive face down position once per 2 turns. The effect also works by detaching 2 materials and targeting it on your opponent’s monster card on the field. Unlike other cards, this card does not destroy itself to eliminate other cards on the field. In fact, it can eliminate cards protected from destruction.

  1. Dark Rebellionyugioh xyz

Dark Rebellion is one of the trademark monster cards of Yuto in Arc-V. There’s a small difference when it comes to its anime effects and the effects in Yugioh Xyz. In Xyz, this card can be summoned by 2 level 4 cards. Once summoned, it can target a monster controlled by your opponent by detaching 2 materials. Once per turn it can reduce your opponent’s ATK by 50% hence making it a very powerful card on the field. This effect works to the player’s advantage since it gains the power drawn from the opponent to boost Dark Rebellion’s Attack.

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