10 Best Yugioh Zombie cards

yugioh zombie cards

Making a good zombie deck can be hard, especially when choosing the best Yugioh zombie cards. Zombie monsters always come back from the dead, that’s the main principle to recall when playing Zombie cards. Over the years, zombie decks and strategies have evolved. Coming up with this list, we combined the best Yugioh Zombie cards from both new school and old school cards.

  1. Goblin Zombieyugioh zombie cards

In no way does this card look any closer to a Goblin. However, this is a powerful level 4 card that when it inflicts damage to your opponent it can send the topmost card from the field to the graveyard real quick. When this card is banished from the field to the graveyard it can search out any Zombie-type monster with a defense stat of 1200 and below. Therefore it’s easier to add Zombie type monsters from the deck to your hand since most Zombie type monsters have a defense stat of less than 1200.

  1. Doomkaiser Dragonyugioh zombie cards

Konami has not added much support to this card but it’s a pretty good card with potential. This assault mode monster card can be summoned from the main deck using the trap card assault mode activate with a synchro monster. Upon special summoning using the assault mode trap card, you can summon any number of zombies from your graveyard or your opponent’s graveyard. This trigger effect will enable your ATK and secure you several Synchro plays. This level 6 card is a scary card to face for any opponent. It’s also a good card for a comeback because it can be revived back even when it dies.

  1. Ghostrick Skeletonyugioh zombie cards

Considered one of the best Ghostrick archetypes. It has a zombie effect of a dark attribute. You’ll find this card at the early stages of the game in Level 3. The stats are not that bad, an attacking stat of 1200 and defense of 1100 isn’t that bad. This lethal card can potentially wipe up to 5 cards from your opponent’s deck when flip faced-up. However, this Ghost Skeleton effect of banishing opponents cards can only be used only once per turn. For defense purposes this card is flipped face down. You can’t summon this type of card normally unless you have control over a Ghostrick monster.

  1. Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworld

It takes a lot to summon this monster card and finally make use of it. You have to acquire two level 8 monsters to reach this dark attribute card. When it’s in possession of Xyz material, this card can launch direct attacks on your opponents. It inflicts damage by destroying a face-up monster controlled by your opponent. Additionally it can negate a monster’s effect or a trap card activation once in every turn. On the negative side, it has fairly low stats of ATK and DEF for a card in its category.

  1. Pyramid Turtle

Initially released as an attribute searcher meaning the card, even if destroyed in battle, it can special summon a monster of their attribute. The summoned monster however must be of 1500 ATK or less from the deck. Pyramid Turtle is that special attribute searcher card designed specifically for Zombies. This card allows the player to special summon any Zombie monster from the deck as long as the defense ranges from 2000 and below. The card can summon a lot of Zombie monsters since most have a defense stat of less than 2000.

  1. King of the Skull Servant

This level 1 Monster card brought the glory back to skull servants card types. With a damaging effect of 6000 it’s a card no opponent would wish to go up against. You can only enjoy using this card to rip your enemies apart but not when facing it. Konami recently added support cards for King of the Skull Servant cards making it much stronger than before. You can special summon this card normally and can banish a Skull servant card from the Graveyard using this card.

  1. Vampire Lord

This is one powerful vampire archetype card. The card brings upon battle damage and the opponent is forced to send a card of the same type from their card deck back to the graveyard. Even though the vampire archetype is not as popular as it used to be, this card has a lot of support from other vampire cards hence pretty useful. Whenever it is used with a support card such as the Vampire Kingdom it gives the card a boost of up to 500 ATK. This card can normally be special summoned from the graveyard.

  1. Plaguespreader Zombie

This card can be found in the majority of Yugioh players’ deck. This level 2 monster card has the ability to special summon a card from your hand to the top of the deck as long this card is in the player’s graveyard. Therefore it will be useful in the field and will be banished back to the graveyard if it leaves. The most amazing effect that this card can secure up to level 6 synchro. It has a dark attribute and often deploys the ignition card effect in battle.

  1. Sea Monster of Theseus

It’s one of the best Zombie cards I’ve come across in Yugioh. This level 5 water attribute card supports up to 2 tuner monsters. It uses tuner monsters as its fusion materials for summoning cards. The Sea Monster of Theseus card has excellent stats with an ATK of 2200 and defense of 1800. This fusion monster card is absolutely easy to summon with Instant fusion and giving up to 1000 life points. Its desirable attributes together with numerous combo pieces make it an incredibly powerful card in the Deck.

  1. Zombie Master

In every turn, this dark attribute card can discard a monster from your hand back to the graveyard. This is to allow for the summoning of a level 4 or lower level Zombie monster from your graveyard or your opponent’s graveyard. Once per turn, this card can go plus 2 meaning it can carry out two or more effects. You can discard any zombie monster with this card. It’s the best card for graveyard management since that’s where it belongs anyway. On the negative side, this card is not a Tuner hence not as lethal as it’s expected to be.

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