10 Best Yugioh Warrior decks

yugioh warrior deck

Warrior monster cards consist of many Yugioh warrior decks that one can choose from. They come in different attributes and are mostly human-like. Yugioh warrior decks come with numerous monsters with special abilities. Forming a formidable collection equipped with the best cards can be slow and time-consuming. Below is a list of the best Yugioh warrior decks to use.

  1. Turret Warrior deckyugioh warrior deck

Turret cards come with a unique ability whereby you can special summon a card from your hand as long as you tribute it to a Warrior-type monster. Thereafter the card will gain ATK that is similar to the tribute monster’s ATK. This deck comes with numerous warrior cards that have amazing effects and make a deadly combo causing direct hits to the opponent.

  1. Gemini Warriors

This deck adds Gemini monsters, equip cards and trap card effects to aid monsters during gameplay. It works best when combined with Evocator Chevalier monsters that have a special ability to destroy any card on the field. Gemini warriors have lethal combo force when used with the Gemini Scorpion monsters which can special summon a monster in your hand.

  1. Warrior Toolbox Deckyugioh warrior deck

The Toolbox deck has been used for many years and is still popular even today. This deck works around in finding cards that counter any move that your opponent may make against you. It’s given the name toolbox because of its functionality that searches for the perfect tool to deploy depending on the utility monsters loaded in the deck. Some of the popular utility monsters used are; Goblin Attack Force, Don Zaloog, Bull Bladder, Twin-Sword Marauder amongst others. Majority of the cards used in Warrior Toolbox Deck were used in very specific situations in the game. A player can survive in the metagame with this deck because it searches for the perfect monster to utilize in any situation.

  1. Warrior Swarm Deckyugioh warrior deck

This warrior deck has been around for quite some time now and has been used by the majority of players for years now. This deck helped players stay afloat during the game and prevented the opponents from wiping them out using mass destruction cards. Basically, it provides the player with as many lifepoints as you would need to remain in the game. Its main strength comes when you use 2 Marauding Captains in the field this will indeed make your opponent incapable of launching an attack against you. When used with the United We Stand effect, it became lethal to the opponent. For instance, using Command Knight will restrict the opponent from launching direct attacks on you.

  1. Warrior Equip Deck

The Warrior Equip Deck primarily uses the Equip card principle during gameplay to weaken the opponent. Equip cards to use their spell effects even when negated to attack the opponent’s monsters until it’s no longer a direct target or loses face up in the field. This cards are equipped to the monsters and will only be destroyed when the monster becomes invalid. They can’t be destroyed by other card effects which normally destroy monsters. The Warrior Equip Deck work by overwhelming even the strongest opponents monsters by using monsters which are generally considered weak. This deck can form perfect combos when combined with cards such as Megamorph, Double Summon, and Tune Warrior, among others.

  1. Rat Toolbox Deck

One of the most popular decks in today’s Yugioh games. This deck combines the power of the giant rat monster card with the warrior toolbox deck power in gameplay. The Giant rat card with a dark attribute can special summon an earth monster of 1500 ATK or less from the graveyard when it has been destroyed in battle. By combining the power of the Giant rat card and warrior toolbox, it forms the perfect combo against attacks launched by your opponents. It works by the principle of summoning appropriate monsters depending on the type of move your opponent makes to counter an attack from them. This card combines elements of different cards such as the; Card Trooper, Nimble Momonga, Card Trader, among others to form the perfect attack combos.

  1. Stardust Warrior Deckyugioh warrior deck

The deck is formed by a combination of 2 Stardust monster cards with a Wind attribute.  The Stardust warrior deck consists of Stardust Assault Warrior and Stardust Charge Warrior cards. These two level 6 cards form the perfect combo when to attacking the opponent’s special summoned monsters. Both cards have one or more Tuner and non-Tuner monsters. Upon synchro summoning, the player is allowed to draw 1 card from the deck. This Stardust combo utilizes the Stardust Charge Warrior effect to attack all the opponents’ special summoned monsters.

  1. Spyral Warrior deckyugioh warrior deck

This deck works around the principle of summoning the Spyral super-agent then maneuvering around him with other support cards. You can only summon Spyrals upon reaching level 4. You can go around this by guessing the type of card that tops your opponent’s hand, and if your guess is correct, you get a free special summoning session. This deck forms the perfect combo with cards such as the Spyral super-agent, Spyral tough and the double helix cards. They come with the Spyral super-agent effect which you can apply once in every turn.

  1. Gouki/Dark Warrior deckyugioh warrior deck

Main deck monsters of Gouki are animal-based while the extra deck monsters are ogre based. The main deck monsters are single colored while the Link monsters are neutrally colored. Gouki monsters use aggressive tactical strategy to fight against the opponents. Besides, they use effects such as Gouki the great reduce the opponents ATK while increasing theirs. If any of the cards is banished from the graveyard from the field, you can add an extra Gouki card to avoid losing unnecessary card advantage. This works best with cards such as Transmodify, downbeat, etc. This is by far the strongest link summon deck and perhaps the best deck.

  1. Samurai Warlords Structure Deckyugioh warrior deck

This deck comes with a combination of 41 cards. The Samurai deck presents the latest theme and by far the best theme in Yugioh. It comes packed with six incredible Samurai cards like the Musakani Magatama, among others. Not forgetting that it offers other dynamic and versatile cards like the Dark Hole. This deck will you give a chance to enlist in the most popular Samurai tournament if you haven’t joined the wagon yet.

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