Top 10 Best Normal Monsters in Yugioh

Yugioh normal monster

Pioneer Yugioh players would not miss a Yugioh normal monster card in their decks. Back then, normal monsters used to be popular among Yugioh fans. For starters, the cards have great ATK and DEF stats. However, they became unpopular because they lacked effects and thus replaced by newer cards. Below are the best normal monsters you can find in Yugioh.

  1. FrostosaurusYugioh normal monster

This is the most powerful normal monster card that is summonable by one tribute. It has a water attribute and has a metabolism built to withstand long cold periods. Hence don’t expect it to be a victim of a glacial rampage. Harness the power of this level 6 monster with incredible ATK and Defense stats. They’re plenty of cards that you can use to search for Frostosaurus. Dogu, Temple of Kings and Fossil Dig to name a few. Also, there are plenty of cards that you can use to special summon this card. Ancient Rules, Silent Doom and Swing of Memories, to name a few.

  1. Angel TrumpeterYugioh normal monster

Angel Trumpeter was the first level 4 card released as a Normal Tuner Monster. That was close to a decade after the initial release of Tuner and Synchro Monsters. Use this card to summon any Synchro Monster of your choice to the field. It has incredible ATK and Defense stats, definitely deserving this spot on our list. Angel Trumpeter is a member of the Plant Monster cards and has an earth attribute. It belongs to the Brugmansia genus in the family of Solanaceae. This powerful monster card will keep your enemies at bay. It’s highly toxic and has frightening hallucinations. When building a deck, the Angel Trumpeter shouldn’t miss in the deck.

  1. Neo Aqua Madoor

Easily summon this card using A Legendary Ocean and make it a level 3 monster. You can switch between Attacking and Defense Position with this card using the Shield & Sword card. Hence would be able to take down multiple monsters controlled by your opponent. It has also had one of the highest Defense compared to other Yugioh Normal Monsters. Moreover, it requires only a single tribute for summoning. Making it one of the easiest Yugioh normal monster to summon.

  1. Dragon Core Hexer

This card is one of the few Tuner Monsters at level 8 that have made it to this list. The Dragon Core Hexer can be used to normal or special summon a few cards in the Hieratic and Blue eyes deck. Moreover, there are plenty of cards that can search this card in the deck. Temple of the Kings, Phantom of the Yang Zing and Dogu are some of the cards. This card is a successor of the Dragon Horn Hunter Monster card. When compared to all the other Normal Tuner Monsters, it stands out with highest ATK and DEF stats.

  1. Gogiga Gagagigo

Although this card may not be that popular with new players, it is an incredibly powerful card. It is a classic card that was many players favorite in the past years. Gogiga Gagagico was a powerful card, especially on the field. It is one of the few reptile type Monster cards made in Yugioh. However, it is not an easy card to summon. Also, it lacks a bit of support and Konami hasn’t released any support cards yet. Its high ATK and DEF stat makes this card settle at this position on our list.

  1. Skull Servant

Over the years many players have begun adding Skull servant to their Yugioh decks. This is because Konami has given skull servant more support. It is also a pretty good card when it comes to link summoning. Besides, you can use Skull Servant to form perfect combos with other cards. It is a level one monster card with a dark attribute hence is accessible to new players. If you’re starting in the game, Skull Servant shouldn’t miss from your deck.

  1. Red-Eyes Black Dragon

This card cannot be Normal Summoned. Tribute one Red eye monster card from the hand or field to special summon this card. In case this card gets destroyed while you possess it or your opponent destroys it, then it gives you a few options. Thus you can special summon a Level 7 monster from your graveyard. It has plenty of support cards; hence summoning it wouldn’t be an issue. Also, it’s ATK points are not that bad for a level 7 card, 2400 points are moderate.

  1. Phantasm Spiral Dragon

The Phantasm Spiral Dragon evolved from the Spiral Serpent card. It comes reprinted with new effects added to it. What makes Phantasm special is that it has lots of support cards. This makes it an easy card to normal or special summon. Making it one of the easiest Yugioh normal monster to summon. Its high ATK and DEF stat makes this card settle at this position on our list. When building a deck, this card should definitely not miss in your deck.

  1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

This legendary card is a master of destruction. If you have this card in your deck, your opponent will always dread you. This is because the card is virtually invisible. Hence launching this card will wipe off your opponent’s monsters from the field. It’s the Yugioh Normal Monster with the highest ATK stat of 3000. Also, it belongs to the highest level of normal monsters. It’s a powerful level 8 dragon with a light attribute. Blue eyes white dragon has plenty of support cards. Making it one of the easiest Yugioh normal monster to summon. This is a mighty beast that shouldn’t miss in your deck.

  1. Dark MagicianYugioh normal monster

This is the ultimate Level 7 Yugioh normal monster card that shouldn’t miss from your deck. It is an extremely powerful monster card. You can use it to summon any monster from the deck and replace it with a trap card in your hand. However, it cannot attack once summoning occurs. It is an iconic classic card since it being launched as one of the first Yugioh cards. Even though newer players may not prefer this monster card to the latest cards. It is one of the best monster cards ever.

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