10 Best Electric Pokemon

Best electric pokemon

Choosing the best electric Pokemon is quite a hurdle. There are plenty of good electric-type monsters among different generations in the Pokemon universe. This list includes awesome creatures from all generations. Electric-type Pokemon are most effective against Fire and Water-type creatures. Without any further delay, check out the top ten best electric-type Pokemon.

  1. Mega AmpharosBest electric pokemon

This creature has the most Underused physical offensive tank. It has one of the best offensive typing amongst all dragon and electric type Pokemon. However, this factor makes it more vulnerable to attacks. It has a special attack stat of 165, which is one of the highest that I’ve ever seen. 105 Special Defense points do not disappoint. Even though it has one the best offensive and defensive stats, its only downside is its speed. A speed of 45 is a considerably low speed; that’s why it has a low rank in its list. When compared to the likes of Jolteon in terms of speed, Mega Ampharos becomes a complete joke.

  1. EelektrossBest electric pokemon

Eelektross belongs to the Armophous Egg Group family. It is the rarely used Pokemon among its family members. Also, it has a unique ability that makes this creature special. That is, it has Levitate but still stays strong. Most often Levitate doesn’t work on Electric-type Pokemon. Indeed it makes them weak. Its physical attack goes up to 115, and its special attack is 105 making it one offensive electric type Pokemon. This also means it can work perfectly in a mixed or physical set. However, its defensive stats are quite poor.

  1. MagnezonBest electric pokemon

This amazing electric Pokemon belongs to the Mag family. The Mags are a powerful electric type family with great stats. This family consists of Magnezon, Magnemite, and Magneton. Magnezone is the best of them all because it has combined features. Magnezone has good special attack stats and the highest among all the steel type creatures. Anyway, the reason why Magnezon made it to this list is not because of its incredible stats. This electric Pokemon stands out because of its immunity and resistance power. It has the highest resistance ever recorded among all the electric and steel type creatures.

  1. ElectivireBest electric pokemon

If you’re using electric type moves with this Pokemon, you’ll surely win any Pokemon game. This is because of its motor drive ability, which enables it to be extremely fast. With this ability, it can ice punch your opponent’s creature off the game. Also, it has great special attack stats, which makes it a creature to dread. Make this Pokemon more powerful by using Life orb to power it up. Besides, you can boost its motor drive ability using thunderbolt and opposing trainers wouldn’t stand a chance.

  1. Zekrom

This is a legendary dragon Pokemon making it to our list. The fact that it is an electric dragon makes it a force to reckon. It has one of the best electric Pokemon designs that I’ve ever seen. Its outer body generates light that makes it a glowing fiery dragon. Its red eyes will surely frighten your enemies off. Not only is this electric Pokemon legendary but also a great physical attacker. What makes this dragon Pokemon special is its signature moves. It comes with fusion bolt and bolt strike moves that can demolish even the strongest defense.

  1. Raikou

This is a 2nd generation electric type and legendary Pokemon. It has decent offensive and defensive stats. This creature has a unique ability that allows it to fly by forming storm clouds. Often you’ll find it in areas prone to thunderstorms. It has a great speed that it uses to sprint like lightening. Another powerful ability exhibited by Raikou is the Calm mind, which in turn boosts its firepower.

  1. Thundurus

Thundurus is a legendary creature and also belongs to the thunder genie. This genie type consists of several amazing Pokemon cards. The likes of Thundurus Formes, Thundurus Incarnate and Thundurus Therian belong to this list. That said, let’s consider the factors that lead to the inclusion of this creature to our list. Although the stats vary depending on the thunder genie type, overall they have a good Attack ranging from 115 to 145. Also, it has exceptional moves.

  1. Pikachu

Pikachu is a fan favorite Pokemon. Some even consider it as the flagship card in the Pokemon Franchise. Many players love its design, not forgetting it has the cutest face in the Pokemon universe. Also, Pikachu has one of the sweetest Pokemon moves. Anyway, let’s put the cuteness aside and consider the stats. Depending on the version of your game, Pikachu stats can vary. For example, if you are playing Let’s Go Pikachu, this electric Pokemon is the best in the game. It has the best offensive and defensive stats in the entire game.

  1. Jolteon

This is the fastest electric creature I’ve ever seen. It can sweep your opponent’s Pokemon cards in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it gains HP by activating its swift moves. It even beats the likes of Electrode when it comes to matters speed. With a speed stat of 130, Jolteon is the best electric Pokemon in terms of the base speed. This electric Pokemon does not disappoint when it comes to attacking too. It has a special base attack of 110, which is incredible considering that most creatures don’t pass the hundred mark. The defense stat is at 95, which is great too. Overall this electric Pokemon has great stats, and the design does not disappoint.

  1. Luxray

Luxray belongs to the 4th Pokemon generation. Actually, the 4th generation is one of my favorite generations in the Pokemon Franchise. It has an epic creature collection, including the likes of Infernape, Lopunny, Gastrodon, and Leafon. Luxray is one of the best electric Pokemon; it has great attack stats. Its physical attack goes up to 120, and its special attack is 95. This means it can work perfectly in a mixed or physical set. Also, it has incredible Thunderfang, Wild charge and Discharge moves able to strike and kill your enemies instantly. It has a defense of 79 which is fair enough to withstand a few hits. When it comes to the design, I think Luxray has the best design among all the electric type Pokemon.

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