10 reasons why fortnite sucks

Fortnite Sucks

There are plenty of reasons why Fortnite sucks. I wouldn’t mention all of them because they’re inexhaustible. However, I’ll consider the major reasons shared by a majority of players. Although it is most popular among kids and teenagers, this does not make it a good game. Check out the top 10 reasons why Fortnite sucks below.

  1. It is in Third-person

It’s one of the laggiest games ever and uses the third-person shooter. First-person camera would have been used and might have made this PUBG ripoff game better. It also has lots of bugs and glitches, especially for players who spend hours playing it. The building mechanic of the game so basic. The Building has senseless playstyles, and the builder seems quite clueless.

  1. Poor Gameplay and Graphics

Graphics-wise Fortnite is a joke compared to other mainstream games. The cartoons have lame faces and are quite unreal. This game is about fighting to death, but I wonder how there’s zero blood in the game. I find the decision to use hit markers instead of blood quite dumb. I’m also baffled that you can take up to 10 shots without dying. The Bullets are also unrealistic, to be honest. Who has ever seen a bullet that resembles a spear?. Let’s not even mention the ridiculous sound effects. There needs to be some realism in this game.

  1. Zero Skills Needed

No skill needed, just spam and you’re good to go. Moreover, it doesn’t come with difficulty levels making it a game for noobs. That means if you’ve played for months and another gamer plays it for a few hours, the only difference would be the player count. Otherwise, there’ll be no such big difference. It’s not like you’ll be in level 64 and he’ll be in level 2. The ranks don’t really matter; this is because you can jump through the ranks.

  1. Repetitive

You’ll find that the gameplay is completely repetitive and RNG-based. I guess that’s why kids enjoy playing it. With this in mind, I wonder why an adult in his right mind would waste his time on this game. The hype behind it is uncalled for and completely satirical.

  1. You still have to pay for it

Battle Royale is still the only free to play Fortnite game. You still have to pay for the original Fortnite game mode. Also if you want to customize the player character, you still have to pay v-bucks for it, in-game currency. Cosmetic skins are also available at a price. Fortnite sucks and entirely depends on Microtransactions to earn revenue. Microtransactions are the small value transactions that you make or small amounts of money you pay to progress in the game. Since it’s release, this game has duped its players and earned over a billion dollars from Microtransactions. So it’s not a completely free game as they would like you to think.

  1. Inappropriate

One of the reasons why many schools and parents banned Fortnite is because it contains inappropriate content. There’s a new craze in town for those who stream Fortnite on Youtube called Strip Fortnite. In Strip Fortnite, players are required to strip a layer of clothing for every player killed. Desperate Fortnite Youtubers have actually engaged in this craze. It is even getting out of hand as teenagers desperate for extra views and likes on Youtube begin playing Strip Fortnite. Even worse, some have introduced sexual dares and other inappropriate content while playing this game. The fact that young children play this game makes the game even scarier. This game should just get banned or fade from existence. It has absolutely nothing good to offer.

  1. It is Addictive

It’s highly addictive, especially for children. When you begin playing it, you’ll get yourself only thinking about it. One of the reasons why Fortnite is popular among young children is because it is absolutely free. It affects the mental perspective of young children and some copy the violent acts portrayed in the game. As a result, some parents have completely banned their children from playing this game. There have been reports of Fornite players contemplating suicide due to the game’s nature. Neither can we confirm nor deny this reports but one thing I’m sure of is that Fortnite sucks and should be off the grid. For various reasons, a number of schools and public institutions have banned the game in their premises. Reasons given were that it supports Violence, disruption, and murdering innocent people to gain points.

  1. Lacks Originality

It’s important to realize that Fortnite copied PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) gameplay. PUBG was released in 23rd Match 2017 and Fortnite in 21st July 2017. If you compare the 2, you’ll find out that the game mode and gameplay are quite similar. In fact, PUBG went to court over the claim that Fortnite copied its intellectual rights. PUBG claims that Epic games (Developers of Fortnite) copied its core elements, weapons, map features, and other similar concepts. Epic games completely lacked originality when developing Fortnite. They changed a few features here and there to escape a lawsuit.

  1. Boring

The game mechanics are the same as those of Minecraft and lots of other games out there. As a matter of fact, Fortnite looks like Minecraft with mods. Check out other battle royal games, and you’ll find out they’re much better than Fortnite. Otherwise, there are a lot of video games better than Fortnite in the game world. It has a spawn-die then spawn-die in the next game type of gameplay, which is quite boring.

  1. Overrated

About 1.6 percent of the earth’s population play Fortnite. You want to know the reason why? A few celebrities here and there have come out to proclaim they play Fortnite. For example, Drake was rumored to play the game. Hence it became a bandwagon game. The people who take these celebrities as their demigods started playing the game too. That’s why the numbers skyrocketed, and it became one of the most popular games in 2018. Other than the fact that celebrities play Fortnite, there’s no other reason to back the numbers. People are dumb enough to idolize celebrities and mimic everything they do.

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